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Galaxy Mew Mew is a series created by Annika and was one of her first major Tokyo Mew Mew AU stories. It was originally posted in 2012 with chapters being worked on until about early 2017. The series was first posted to the Tokyo Mew Mew Fanon Wiki and began with recolored images of the Tokyo Mew Mew before original art was made for it. (Note that the author does not do recolors anymore).

The series is set in space, on massive colony ships that humans have fled to since alien monsters called Chimera Anima overtook their planet. The Galaxy Mews are a team of Mews formed to combat these creatures and cleanse the Earth of them. But, as they fight the Chimera Anima, they soon learn of a greater threat that awaits them...


An Overrun Earth

In the near future, hordes of parasitic jellyfish-like creatures that infect living hosts and transform them into monsters have been released throughout the world. This results in the Earth being overrun by what became known as Chimera Anima. While the infections began happening in a small area, the creatures soon started to rapidly pop up all over the globe, and nobody knew exactly how to stop them or where they were even coming from. The jellyfish-like creatures infected hosts so quickly that nobody could successfully capture any of them to study, and samples from the already-infected Chimera Anima were too risky to obtain.

The Rush

A man named Akio started working on a project that would transform five people into biological super-weapons. The aim was to infuse and enhance these human bodies with animal DNA and other elements from the world around them in order to boost their strength enough to fight against the Chimera Anima. He'd hoped to complete the project in time to save the Earth, but was unfortunately unable to do so.
Because the need for defenses against the Chimera Anima was so high, the urgency for the Mew project's completion was too. With so much pressure and not enough time, Akio failed to deliver what he promised, and world's governing powers that met repeatedly and made plans while he worked had to implement a backup plan of theirs. Colony ships had been built at the same time that Akio had worked on his project, created to allow the human race to survive outside of their planet, far from the creatures that overran it. People were schedule to board ships at a specific time, but as the Chimera Anima's population grew wildly, things got dire enough to where worldwide evacuations had to occur ahead of schedule. With so many Chimera Anima running free and rampant, humans had no way to stop them anymore. With failing weapon defenses leaving few options left, the humans fled their planet in the colony ships in an event known as the Rush.
Each colony allowed only a certain number of people on board, excluding scientists and world leaders who were guaranteed a safe passage. So, not everyone was able to escape—families were separated because of massive crowds, people were getting hurt and left behind, and others were just not physically able to make it onto the ships in time. Anyone who had escaped, especially with all their loved ones intact, was considered lucky. Even then, many people suffered injuries due to the Rush, and because they were unaccustomed to suddenly being thrust into space under questionable conditions or were weak to begin with, not everyone survived on the ships, and populations dwindled quickly for the first year or so.

The Galactic Mew Project

Akio was considered lucky. Not only was he deemed important enough to be boarded on the ship before anyone else, but he also managed to escape unscathed. He did, unfortunately, only manage to escape with whatever research and essentials he could and was forced to leave everything else behind. As such, his Galactic Mew Project had to be reconstructed almost completely from memory while aboard the colony. Akio had been granted permission by his Colony's captain, head scientists, and other important figureheads to initiate the Mew Project as soon as he could and, in case of actual success, find five subjects to use. Reconstructing the Galactic Mew Project ended up being a four-year endeavor, but with luck and the support of others, Akio managed to complete the project as promised.
Akio had wanted to use earthen elements in his project, but instead had to draw from the space around him. Subjects would thus be transformed via infusion of animal DNA and galactic elements instead. The animals chosen were random, but all had traits that he deemed useful. Akio meant to have a way to reverse this process of transformation, but he had little time to create one, as even on the colonies he was still placed under immense pressure to finish. Though he finished the project, he did not create a way to reverse its effects, opting to work on a reversal method while the Mew team he gathered worked to clear the Chimera Anima threat. Despite an imperfect project, Akio felt it ready to be tested and was given the green light to begin recruiting team members.



The Galaxy Mews[]

  • Niji Harada: A feisty but kindhearted young Japanese woman who is living a rough life in the colony before being approached by Akio. She is the first to become a Galaxy Mew, and is known as Mew Spectral Galaxy.
  • Hikari Yamamoto: A kind and radiant, but terribly shy and timid young Japanese girl. She lived alone with her grandmother after the Rush, but lost her not long after living on the colony. She was then adopted by a man named Soren, who gave her a job and served as a father figure to her. She is the second Galaxy Mew, known as Mew Radiant Sun.
  • Chrysalis Müller: The third Galaxy Mew, a hardheaded German girl but one loyal to her friends. She lost her sight during the Rush, and lack of proper equipment at the time prevented her from getting the surgery she needed to get it back until years later. She is awfully headstrong, but brave and loyal. Her alias is Mew Lunar Dream.
  • Hotaru Kojima: The fourth Galaxy Mew, a bubbly, energetic prankster of a girl who has fun with everything she does. She is sometimes a tad excessive with her energy, but usually means well. Her alias is Mew Onyx Storm.
  • Nexus: A young alien girl harnessing an immense amount of energy which she uses to fight with. Her people were destroyed by an enemy race, and after escaping it, she wound up on Earth and met the Mews. She is the fifth and final Galaxy Mew, known as Mew Nebula.


  • Akio Fujioka: A scientist and the creator of the Galactic Mew Project. He trains and guides the Galaxy Mews on their missions, but he has a rather personal relationship with them too, acting as a close friend.
  • Alexander Knudsen: An oddly-natured but close friend of Akio (and later, Niji) whom he supported and aided during a majority of the Galactic Mew Project's recreation on the colony.


  • Ehne: The main Antagonist of Galaxy Mew Mew—a gelatinous alien lifeform known as an Ajra who has created a subspecies of parasitic beings that essentially become Chimera Anima.



  • Ze'ena: The former queen of Ecoria and Nexus' aunt. A kind and gentle spirit with a dedication to her people.
  • Cale: A young, intelligent male Ecorian who served Queen Ze'ena and was romantically involved with Nexus.
  • Aeie: A carefree, spirited princess and cousin of Nexus, with whom she had spent most of her time.
  • Qis: Nexus' father, a proud soldier for his people. Though kind, he tended to be extremely serious and formal about most things.


  • James Garrison: A close friend and father-figure to Niji. He works alongside her in the boiler rooms during her time on the colony, before she becomes a Mew.
  • Emi Yamamoto: The late grandmother of Hikari, whom she raised from a young age up until a few years before the main story.
  • Soren: A young man and father-figure to Hikari. He runs a shop with her as an assistant before she becomes a Mew.
  • Jason Müller: Chrysalis' older brother—he tends to be overprotective of her at times, but also tries to be understanding of his sister's need for independence.
  • Arisu Kojima: Hotaru's older sister. Much like Jason, she is overprotective of her little sister. She has a very cautious and nervous personality, though takes charge as the older sibling and is very responsible.


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Main Chapters

This is a chapter hub for Galaxy Mew Mew's main story. There are 12 chapters in total, and you can read brief summaries of them here! Alternatively, you can jump straight into chapter one on the TMM Fanon Wiki.


This is a chapter hub for all epilogue chapters, which include various interactions between the main characters of Galaxy Mew Mew that take place after the events of the main story. These are very short side stories and are meant as complementary literature to the conclusion of the story. It is highly recommended that you read the main story before jumping into these!


The series has only two major locations: The Colonies and Earth. The Galaxy Mews visit a variety of places when they go to Earth to fight Chimera Anima, but otherwise live on the colonies with everyone else. Please see the colonies page linked above for more information about the ships such as workers and colony layout!


This is spoiler free and excludes character / chapter art, which is on their respective pages.

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