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A childe named Aketsu is a nerd who was beaten up, spit on, laughed at, and shoved around all his life. He was sobbing about recently being beaten up when a hooded man saved him from several gang members. The hooded man said his name was Kewaku. He is known as a Gemstone Guardian and their job is to find a Gemstone Warrior, they also protect the gemstone they are in ownership of. The Gemstone Warrior is a person who excepts the stone the Guardian offers. The Warrior protects their squadrant of Earth. Aketsu agrees to be a Gemstone Warrior and this is what happens:

The day the world changed for the better[]

Aketsu said," Yes." He leaned forward, hurting his broken ribs, and took the necklace with a ruby on it. The string wrapped around Aketsu's hand and glowed brightly. Aketsu shotued and, when the light cleared, saw a ruby sword in his hands. The pummel was a ruby spike, the grip was the string that had now turned to leather, and the blade had no cross-guard. He felt more powerful than ever. His wounds had healed, mental and physical. He was the most powerful being in Japan! His smile grew larger when Kewaku said," You are now protector of South Japan. I will meet you at your house for your training to master your power." And so Aketsu walked home, stronger and prouder than ever. His sword became a necklace again and he wore it around his neck, a form of trophy.

The day the world changed for the worst[]

Aketsu woke up and dressed. He waklked outside to see Kewaku training. Aketsu said,"See you after school!" Kewaku nodded and Aketsu continued. At school he was still much prouder. He had bought contacts and stopped wearing glasses. The pack appeared and started shoving around Aketsu. Aketsu stopped and grabbed the wrist of the pack's leader. Aketsu threw him at another bully, knocking the two down. Aketsu jumped up and kicked two more in the face. One was left and Aketsu dodged a punch from him. Aketsu grabbed his hand and kneed his ribs. The leader tried to kick Aketsu but he jumped and roundhoused the leader's face. They were all defeated, knocked out or writhing in pain. Aketsu walked into the building in front of the gaping students. Aketsu aced all his classes unlike usual and went home.

Aketsu didn't see Kewaku and said," Hello?" Sudenly a fist appeared and knocked Aketsu off his feet. Aketsu jumped up and punched back but his hand was caught and quickly shoved behind his back. Kewaku whispered in his ear," You must be faster. And expect more." Aketsu smiled and jumped to his left, freeing himself. Aketsu punched Kewaku in the face with his free hand and twisted Kewaku's hand that held Aketsu. Kewaku was knocked into the air, spinning wildly, and fell face-first. Kewaku said," Good. But, at the same time it is bad. You have gotten a power of 11.5 in one day. The average Gemstone Warrior in one month has a power of 10. Your power will attract some unwanted attention. There is a Gemstone Warrior named Keshi. He is the Gemstone Warrior of Diamond. His power is legendary, 350 in only one month of becoming a Gemstone Warrior. He calls himself the 'Gemstone God' but I simply think he is too powerful. He gains strength by killing and absorbing the energy of Gemstone beings. His minions, the undead Gemstone beings or Diamond Devils, are seeking beings to bring back to him. You will be a prime target when you power up more. He has probably already set sights on you." Aketsu said," What is his current power?" Kewaku said," It is rumored to be 5,000. Some say 10,000." Aketsu gulped," How strong is a Diamond Devil?" Kewaku said," They average 1,000. Some have become as powerful as 4,500." Aketsu said," You should have warned me of him before. But, too late. Train me as quickly as you can. Make me the strongest Gemstone Warrior that ever lived!" Kewaku said," You remind me of my first student. The strongest Gemstone Warrior who ever did live. He battled the evil you must conquer." Aketsu said," Then let's begin my training."

The first enemy[]

Aketsu was up early on Saturday with Kewasu training. Kewasu said," The first step will be to fully control your Gemstone. Your first goal is to cut in half this large boulder," he gestured at the large boulder that was about twice as large as a tall tree," Now to use your gemstone you must clear your mind." Aketsu thought of darkness, there was nothing moving around in his head other than the occasional thought of if he was doing it right," Clear it completely and then focus only on the gem on your necklace." Aketsu thought of his Gemstone and focused only on it," Good. Now grasp it and pull it off of your neck, focusing on the back of your necklace." Aketsu pulled and the back of his necklace detached as the Gemstone glowed and wrapped around his hand," Now you must focus on it completely and imagine it as a sword. Elongate your Gemstone with your mind." The Gemstone became a sword and stopped glowing. Kewaku smiled as Aketsu opened his eyes," Cool." Kewaku said," Now you must focus on the blade," The sword glowed and Aketsu jumped at the boulder. He was quickly behind the boulder as its two halves fell in oppostie directions. He had cut it perfectly in half and in a perfect straight line. Kewaku said," Your power is 20. I didn't even see your ability of accuracy coming. You have mastered percision in one attack, and you can power up your Gemstone. Practice this the rest of the day and tomorrow you will learn how to use a Gemstone blast."

Aketsu spent several hours training and could now transform his Gemstone without even trying. His glowing ability was still hard to control but every once in a while when he powered up he managed to use the technique. As he ate lunch Kewaku said," This is bad. A Diamond Devil has been set up to attack you." Aketsu said," I will die then, right?" Kewaku said," Perhaps not. It has a power of 30 and I have one of 30. We should be able to kill it, thought the problem is that it doesn't seem like the enemy to send after us a weak Diamond Devil." Aketsu said," So it's a trick?" Kewaku said," There are several types of Diamond Devils, three known to us. Black is the strongest. They are fast, powerful, and defensive. The second is red, and they are masters of energy attacks, plus, they are fast. Finally there are the blue ones which always have a custom trick ability that is almost always different depending on the task. Since it is so weak, it is safe to assume that it is a blue Diamond Devil." Aketsu said," Then let's prepare to kill it."

The monster appeared at 5:00. The sun was going down and Aketsu said," Let's go." The being looked like a savage wolf. It was a bright light blue that foamed at the mouth. Its sharp eyes were a pulsating red and it snapped at the two. It said in a low growl," I am sent by Keshi to kill you two and end the abilities you have. Aketsu, you must die for the Gemstone God Keshi!" The beast lunged at Aketsu and was blocked by Kewaku. Kewaku kicked away the monster and it skidded to a stop. Kewaku said," Stay back." Kewaku punched the beast's face but it became a shadow. The shadow mixed with Kewaku's shadow. Tentacles emerged from the shadow and wrapped around Kewaku, squeezing the life out of him. Kewaku croaked," Flee." The sword appeared in Aketsu's hand and glowed brightly. Aketsu slashed the shadow tentacles and the beast reformed, shouting in pain. The beast said," What?! Die!" Aketsu slashed at it but only cut away some of its fur. Kewaku watched in stunned silence, stuttering," His power spiked up several times. 30, 10, 50?! Now it's 35? 40!" Aketsu slashed off the back right leg of the beast. As the blood poured out of it it tried to become a shadow. Akestu's blade glowed and he stabbed the shadow before it touched his shadow. The beast let out a final shreak of pain and reformed, dead. Aketsu's sword became a necklace which Aketsu put around his neck. They took the beast and threw it in Aketsu's fireplace. Kewaku said," Tommorow you will also learn how to read minds." Aketsu said," Awesome." The day ended and the reading of their powers was: Aketsu: 50. Kewaku: 35. Diamond Devil: {was} 40, {now} 0.

The days of training[]

Aketsu was training with his sword when Kewaku said," Ki, or, energy, is built up at your core, near your stomach. It is like your circulatory system since it is constantly spread out through you system. If you can shut down some parts of your body's Ki replenishing, then your Ki moves to other parts of your body. Cut off all your exiting parts of your Ki and Ki will build in your core. Open all your exits and your Ki will burst out of you, giving you a temporary power up, sometimes powering you up 50%. Focus on your core and then move your Ki to your arm. With that you should power up that part of your body." Aketsu's hand glowed brightly like his sword did when he focused on it. He punched straight through a tree and smiled weakly. He was very tired. He asked," How do I read minds?" He said," Focus on me. Now, on my head. Now, on my forehead. Focus in my head, my brain. The frontal lobes of my brain, where the thoughts go. Push with your mind, focus. You should either hear my thoughts or feel them." Aketsu thought," This might not be as easy as I thought. Maybe he isn't as strong as I thought. No, he must be. His power is far higher than normal. I don't feel him, perhaps he's so good I can't feel him. Tsch, of course not. Wait- I felt him for a breif second." Aketsu pulled out of Kewaku's thoughts and said," I didn't do either, I became you. And at around the time of you saying it might now be as easy as you thought. I've got an idea." He pushed into Kewaku's mind," What does he mean? I think he is making me do think things because we have become one. Aketsu is in full control of me. How strong he is. Bow, I will bow. What am I thinking? I am wanting to bow, so I should? Wait, GET OUT!" Aketsu pulled out of Kewaku's thoughts, smiling," I put thoughts in your mind. That was fun." Kewaku said," I didn't even sense you in my head. Good, you can slip into people's thoughts without themn noticing. As long as you focus. I sense several high powers coming here. All stronger than me." Aketsu said," I should handle them. I now can put thoughts in people's heads. What about Diamond Devils?" Kewaku smirked and said," You're overconfident. I like it." So they prepared to fight.

The beasts appeared, there were 8 black Diamond Devils in total. Aketsu said," How strong are they?" Kewaku said," Focus on their bodies and sense their Ki. Then, you can sense it for yourself." Aketsu said," They are all 40, except for the one behind the rest which has 55." Kewaku said," Good. But I got 45 and the other was 50." Aketsu said," Then you're wrong." He drew his sword and Kewaku pulled out his hidden blade in each hand. Aketsu said," Didn't know you had two." Kewaku said," It's in case of emergency." Aketsu swung at the beast which lunged at him and slashed it away. The monster backed away while one jumped at Kewaku. Kewaku cut it in half up to the spine where it was too strong. The beast was still alive! It bit Kewaku's arm, blood pouring in all directions. Kewaku decapitated the mutt. Its head still gripped Kewaku's arm and Kewaku shouted," They only die if you take out the brain." He stabbed it through the eye and it released Kewaku. Another monster bit into Kewaku's leg, forcing him to fall. Three more monsters jumped on Kewaku. The two left with a lower power blocked Aketsu from reaching Kewaku. The final monster walked up to Aketsu said," If you want to save him, follow us. But first, you must get through us!" The two monsters jumped at him and Aketsu slashed at the two. The final one grabbed the sword from him and the two were knocked away by the Ki blasts from Aketsu. Aketsu kicked the leader and retreived his sword. He slashed at the two and killed them by cutting through their heads. The leader bit into Aketsu's neck, ripping off his skin. Aketsu tried in vain to kill it but the leader laughed a growling laugh and Aketsu fell to the ground. Aketsu turned and blasted using his sword at the group of beasts attacking Kewaku. He killed one and harmed the other. The monsters picked up Kewaku and ran off, leaving the injured one to die. The leader laughed and followed. Aketsu slowly bled as his sword became a necklace. He coughed and said," Ke... wa... ku." As he felt the monsters leave, he slipped into the thoughts of the leader. He said," Hold on, let's kill the kid too. I don't care what orders we have!" The group followed and they returned to Aketsu who was in the mind of the leader. The leader turned and killed one of his monster bretheren. Aketsu slipped out of the mind as the group attacked itself in confusion and self-defense. Aketsu smirked but it ceased when he sensed another in the group. He had to chase Kewaku who was still being taken by a Diamond Devil to their leader. That one that was new had taken Kewaku and left. Aketsu tried to stand but fell to his knees. He said," I can't reach the other one, I can't slip into his thoughts." As the final animal died it said," So you just noticed... good. Also you can control minds and read them, that's new. I must warn master." It jumped up and scurried off. Aketsu was too weak to stop it. Aksetu said," Kewaku, if you are trying to read my mind, or if you are unconcious, I really don't care. Please know that I will get you, and kill anyone in my way!"

The next day[]

Aketsu woke up on the ground. His throat burned when he swallowed and his saliva was sticky in his mouth. He wet his lips as best he could and stood up. He stumbled and as he got up a puddle of sticky stuff stuck to his neck. He looked and remembered the previous day. He felt his neck after cleaning up. The wound was almost healed. What hadn't healed was scabbed over. He smirked after drinking a lot of water and ate. He thought," Looks like I am a lot stronger. I will save Kewaku." He opened a trunk that he set aside in case of something like this. He pulled out an orange and blue gi and said," This won't do." He pulled out another that looked just like it but was black and white. He smiled and put it on, it fit perfectly. He tied a black headband around his forehead and looked in the mirror. His clothes fit loosely but didn't make a sound when he moved, the headband was snug and he felt like a warrior. He grabbed the Gemstone around his neck and it glowed. He sensed his power, it was higher, 100. He powered up and his power had become 170. He powered down and said," I'm not even tired yet." He charged to his maximum out put after going outside as not to damage the house. His power was 300. He recovered and felt unstoppable. He grabbed his survival pack and walked into the woods the beast had taken Kewaku. It was simple, he just followed the trail of energy the monster had left behind. He was getting advanced in his power. He thought on the way," I can't belive it. Every time Kewaku expected me to surpass expectations, I surpass even what he didn't know exist. I must be special, only two weeks into training and I've surpassed an elite Gemstone Warrior. Yet, it's not enough to beat him... How can I save Kewaku from Keshi? I can beat him, just I need more time and preperation. This gi, it reminds me of better times. It is my father's. I hope I can beat Keshi." He stopped and said," Who are you? Come out!" A man came from behind a tree. He said," Good. You can detect energy without trying. Can you determine a power without trying?" Aketsu said," No. But I know I can kill you here. Move along unless you want to get on my bad side." The man held up his hands and shrugged," Calm down. Your aura is red. Cool, cool down. I can help you. Also, I am stronger than you, weak little power of 50." Aketsu said," You have a power of 150? Check this." Aketsu powered up to 300 and punched the man's stomach. He fell to the ground, coughing. Aketsu powered down and began to walk away. The man said," Wait! My name is Nuheru. I am a friend of Kewaku, one of his students. I was the former Gemstone Warrior of ruby, the one before you actually. My power may be low, but I know a lot of attacks that might help you get Kewaku back. I want to help save Kewaku and kill Keshi. Those are my reasons." Akestu said," You can come, but it is dangerous. I will not be responsible for any deaths other than my own. And also, leave anyone guarding Kewaku directly to me, they are mine! Also, so is Keshi. You can only help fight Keshi if I am dead or say it is okay." The man agreed and they moved to the forteress.

Keshi's fortress[]

Nuheru said as they saw the fortress in the horizon," So. Do you still think you can take back Kewaku? I mean I took him on and was stronger than you but failed. You realize if you fail and your power is taken from you, no longer will you be a Gemstone Warrior?" Aketsu said," I realize. But remember, I won't fight Keshi." They reached the fortress and walked in. In there they saw two different doors. Aketsu said," I'll go in one, you the other." Nuheru said," Fine. I know from experience if we both go in one door then several traps will be set off. Don't die." Aketsu said," Not like I'll want to die." They seperated and soon found new challenges to test their true power and will to retreive Kewaku.

Chosazu The Topaz Warrior[]

Aketsu ran into a room that was a perfect square, 100 x 100 meters. There was a pillar every meter that held up the roof. Aketsu felt the pillars and realized they were reinforced with steel bars inside each pillar, sensing traces of metal energy. He said as his voice echoed," Why? There are plenty of pillars supporting the roof, why reinforce each one?" He felt a blow to the back of his head, slamming him into the pillar he was feeling. He fell to the ground and his ruby sword elongated. He slashed at the enemy who jumped back. He looked at his attacker who was in a dark green shrowd. Aketsu slashed off the cloak and the man ripped off the rest of it. He was a simple 16 year-old with short black hair and a scar on his cheek. On his right hand there was a golden glove with claws. It wasn't gold, it was topaz. Aketsu said," You are the Gemstone Warrior of Topaz?" The man said," Chosazu of Yellow Topaz. A power of 50? Tsch. I can't even belive I have to waste my time on you!" Aketsu smirked and stood up. He shouted in rage {He learned it helped to power up} and his power rose to 500. He kicked Chosazu through a pillar and into a wall. Chosazu laughed and jumped to the ground. He said," 500 eh? Mine is 1000 and I'm not even using all my power!" Aketsu punched Chosazu but it was blocked. Chosazu kneed Aketsu's stomach and scratched his face. Aketsu looked up with his cheek bleeding and slashed at Chosazu's arm. Chosazu jumped back but got his leg barely cut. Aketsu jumped up and smirked. He said," You think you can just surprize me like that, get all cocky, and then think you can walk away without a scratch? Fine. Your mistake." Aketsu powered up even more to his full output so that even Kewaku sensed it. Aketsu's power rose to 1200. Chosazu's expression went from laughing to surprized and Aketsu launched a barrage of punches and kicks on Chosazu. Chosazu powered up to 2000 and knocked Aketsu into a pillar. Aketsu fell to the ground, near unconciousness, and said," You weren't lying about that using full power thing were you?" Chosazu said," Where's your power now?" Aketsu fumbled to stand and said while blood dripped from himself," Right here!" He put all his power into his sword and he heard a voice shout from behind him," Dorudohan!" An overwhelming power surged through him and shot out his arm into his sword. His sword glowed and grew into a 3.5 foot long sword. It had a full hilt with a proper pummel and grip. He looked astounded as his wounds healed. He looked up to the worried face of Chosazu. He smiled and said," So... my Gemstone is called Duroduhan? Fine with me. Reddogorudo No Ha!" A red blast shot out of Duroduhan and shot through Chosazu. Chosazu held his stomach that was gone and coughed up blood. He fell to his knees and looked up to Aketsu who said," My power is now 3000. Good luck killing me with that hole I just made in your stomach." Aketsu walked through a door and said as Chosazu fell to the ground," You shouldn't have sided with Keshi. He would have done the same thing to you even if you killed me. He is the type to do that." Chosazu coughed," You're wrong. Keshi would never do that. Only if I failed... it's your fault! It's your fault I am to die here! YOU-" He coughed and died there. Aketsu nodded in shame and walked up the staircase at the door.

Nuheru's Mind Challenge[]

Nuheru was walking along a logn corridor that was slowly narrowing the further he walked along it. He reached a small door at the end and walked through it. He was in a large room with nothing in it except a door on the opposite end of the room and a man in a trench coat. The man said under a hat which covered his face," Hello, my name is Kokuwa. I am your opponent, the master of minds!" The room filled with fire that shot at Nuheru. Nuheru focused his ki to his feet giving him the power to speed through the flames unscathed. Kokuwa said," Good, now DIE!" Several bolts of lightning shot at Nuheru, each missing my centimeters. Nuheru shouted and a lightning bolt hit Kokuwa dead in his chest, sending him flying. Kokuwa said," Now... my turn!" The room filled with water instantly, Kokuwa had no trouble but Nuheru was too busy trying to hold his breath. Kokuwa laughed and Nuheru saw he was breathing. Nuheru thought," He can breath, why can't I? Maybe because I'm too afraid to! What if only he can breath? Damn it!" Nuheru took a breath and laughed. Kokuwa looked frustrated and the water dissappeared. Kokuwa appeared again all around the room, there were 10 of him. They all started attacking Nuheru and Nuheru wasn't able to fight back. Several times Nuheru knocked one away but anoth just jumped in his place. Nuheru shouted and they dissappeared. Nuheru looked up, bleeding profusely, and said," What?" Suddenly it hit him; The entire fight didn't happen. It was an illusion that was caused by this, Kokuwa. What happened in there happened in real life though so the pain was real. Nuheru stumbled out the room but fell to the ground, unconcious. The last thing he saw was feet walking towards him.

The Shifter[]

Aketsu ran to another room, this one with random pillars and cliffs jutting out of the many, many walls. The room looked as if it was made by a kindergardener who was bored and very creative. Aketsu climbed to up and hopped to the tallest pillar to see the exit. There was a lock with a box attached to it. Aketsu found a note on the open box that read; Do not open this box for in it lies power more powerful than an army. Beware of its power for you shan't expect it." Aketsu put down the note and a kick knocked him into a wall. He looked up to see Keshi standing over him! Aketsu fumbled to get up, sword drawn when Keshi kicked Aketsu into the air. Aketsu slashed at Keshi who dodged with ease. Keshi chuckled and punched Aketsu's face. The pain was as though a train slammed into your face. Aketsu was knocked at a wall and fell to the ground, face against the wall. Aketsu grasped his sword and it became like it was before, a Level 2 Gemtsone. Aketsu blasted at Keshi who dodged. The blast severed Keshi's right arm and he shouted in agony. Keshi glared at Aketsu and smirked. He turned into a rock, not a gemstone, a rock. Aketsu put in back in the box after reading the back of the letter; The beast becomes what you image is your enemy. It has the power of what you believe is your enemy's power. Should you cause a substantial amount of damage to it, it reverts to a stone which is to placed in this box for the next foolish being to use." Aketsu smirked and left.

The True Power of Chosazu[]

Aketsu walked into a room filled with boxes constantly moving around each other. Aketsu said," Who's there to battle me now?" His voice echoed through the room. Chosazu appeared on one of the boxes which brought him in front of Aketsu. Chosazu said," I'm back! Now to battle you truly with force!" Their weapons clashed. Aketsu was surprized at how fast he drew his sword but quickly was pulled away with a boxed slamming into him. Aketsu jumped onto a rope which maade him kick Chosazu's chest. Chosazu slammed into a wall and Aketsu slashed his knee. Chosazu cut into Aketsu's face. Aketsu grabbed his face and Chosazu stumbled up. Aketsu's face burned as though a hot iron was pushed against it. Aketsu touched it and the wound was gone, leaving three scars each parrelell. Aketsu smirked and threw his sword into the box flying at him. The sword split the box and Aketsu jumped at Chosazu. They clashed again and Chosazu laughed. He cut Aketsu's chest, leaving four slash marks on Aketsu's shirt. Aketsu scowled and punched Chosazu's face. Chosazu fell to the ground and ducked away from a box before it crushed his head. Chosazu kicked Aketsu's wound and Aketsu slammed into a box that slammed into the ground. Aketsu stuck out his feet so he wouldn't get crushed. Aketsu shouted in pain at his legs and stumbled out from under the box. Aketsu writhed in agony at his crushed legs. Chosazu laughed a hidious laugh and Aketsu slashed at Chosazu's ankles. Chosazu's feet were chopped off and he fell to the ground. Aketsu felt like he was on fire as his face and legs were numb with the heated pain that slowly increased. Aketsu and Chosazus' weapons shrunk to Gemstones and they wrestled. Aketsu punched Chosazu's face several times before Chosazu kicked Aketsu off of him. Suddenly Aketsu's right arm was crushed by a box. Aketsu wailed in pain as he was pinned. His body was numb and he felt lightheaded. Chosazu rose up his triumphant hand and a box slammed into Chosazu, crushing his entire body, killing him. Aketsu's body was numb, he felt like knives were stabbing into every part of him. He couldn't move as the pain intensified and his body heated. He felt his wounds rip open more and more, Aketsu couldn't scream any louder from the pain. The box slid away, grinding off Aketsu's right arm, and he rolled over crying and bleeding heavily. Aketsu started to black out and he realized he couldn't swallow. His body felt heavy and he couldn't move, even to writh in pain. He coughed up blood and his throat felt as though he couldn't breathe. Aketsu's vision blurred and he couldn't see anymore. He didn't know if his eyes were closed or not, but soon, he lost conciousness.

Aketsu's Awakening[]

Aketsu awoke in what felt like a lake. He was just floating in the lake's center. All was peaceful. He looked up and saw what looked like the lake's top. The sunlight was bending around the water and made Aketsu feel warm, he had not a care in the world. Aketsu suddenly noticed a box, then another. Eventually there were hundreds of small boxes floating around. A voice sounded that Aketsu couldn't find, it said," You must find the box which holds your power, your Gemstone. Should you not find it within the first box you look in, you will never leave this place. You will never rescue Kewaku." Aketsu thought," It isn't so bad here, that's not a bad deal." Then, he realized that the thought itself was crazy, why had he thought it? It was the lake! He cleared his mind which was easy to do and thought," Okay, perhaps I can notice a box that looks diffirent?" Aketsu swam around and noticed that all the boxes were diffirent shapes, sizes, and colors. Aketsu swore under his irritated breath and thought," Wait, I could sense its power!" He felt around but detected nothing. He barely detected his own power. The lake dulled his senses and he was losing his will to find the box. The lake's water was hypnotizing. He slowly lost ability to move. He practacaly was asleep. His eyes shut up when he heard a shout that sounded like Kewaku," AAAAGGGGGHHH!" Aketsu got mad, powerful. He thought," I have a link to it! It is apart of me! It is MINE!" He reached out and grasped a box that floated towards him. He crushed the box and the Gemstone floated out. When Aketsu grasped the Gemstone it glowed brightly. Aketsu shot up on the floor of the box room. He looked to his left and saw the crushed Chosazu. Aketsu stood up, his power was incredible! 50,000! The Gemtsone around his neck looked diffirent, it was a stelliform. He smirked at his power.

Kewaku was bleeding profusely hanging on chains laying on the ground. Kewaku coughed and Keshi appeared from the shadows. Keshie said," Tell me." His voice was cold and bland, as though he had nothing better to do, yet, he enjoyed it. Kewaku said," No." Keshi scowled," You have one last chance and then I will show you no mercy. You will prove to me you won't do anything and I will kill you." Kewaku said," Then do i-" Suddenly Keshi punched a hole through Kewaku's heart. His heart was still conected to Kewaku's body, it was just outside his back. Keshi whispered into Kewaku's ear," Last chance, for real since that hasn't killed you." Kewaku choked," Never." Keshi said," Tut, tut, tuh. Too bad... DIE!" Keshi crushed Kewaku's heart, killing him.

Keshi VS Aketsu[]

Aketsu walked into a dark red room that was bloody and chains were hanging everywhere. He saw Kewaku lying on the floor. Aketsu ran over to him to check his pulse. Suddenly Aketsu was struck and sent flying through the air, hitting the wall. Aketsu landed on the bloody ground. Aketsu stood, the blood was fresh. Aketsu said," So, hear your power is about 10,000, mine's 50,000 and I'm not even powered up yet!" Keshi snickered which escalated into a sinister laugh. It sounded like a sharp stone scraping against another stone. His voice was peircing," Judge power by sense, not rumor." Aketsu couldn't detect Keshi's power, it was too high. Keshi laughed again," Really? My power is too high for you to sense? BAHAHAHA! Then I'll tell you! My power is currently 85,000." Aketsu looked stunned. He probably couldn't even match that power even when powered up! Aketsu yelled and powered up, he charged Keshi who easily sidestepped. Aketsu didn't even see Keshi move but instantly was on the ground, face to the bloody dirt, right arm behind his back, left arm in a hold so Aketsu was 100% in Keshi's control. Keshi whispered," You aren't even close to my power. Sure you powered up to 90,000 power, but my pure skill tops your pure power. You shall be killed for your ignorance." Keshi threw Aketsu into the air and roundhoused him into a wall. Aketsu was covered in blood but didn't know if it was his or someone else's. Aketsu stumbled up and was knocked off his feet to the ground with Keshi standing over him. Keshi laughed and Aketsu kicked Keshi's tomach. Keshi was sent flying into the other wall. Keshi stood up, his smile fading. Keshi said," So you have some fight left?" Keshi started pummeling Aketsu around the room. Aketsu couldn't fight back because he didn't see anything. He was sent skidding across the floor, hitting his head on the wall. Aketsu looked to his left to see Kewaku. Aketsu whispered over Keshi's laugh," Get out. Escape while I hold him off." Kewaku didn't move. Aketsu sorrowed and asked," What's wrong? What did he do?" Aketsu put his hand on Kewaku and rolled him over. Keshi looked at the scene with interest. Aketsu gasped when he realized Kewaku was dead. He checked Kewaku's pulse several times, each time confirming what he already knows. Aketsu was too stunned to stop. Keshi snickered," I killed him myself. It was fun torturing him here to pass the time while you wormed your way here." At this Aketsu's breaking point was surpassed. Aketsu shot up to his feet and instantly kicked Keshi thorugh the wall. Aketsu screamed in power and anger. His pupils dissappeared and his Gemstone spiked in all directions. It glowed brightly and became two gloves with long claws. Aketsu slashed Keshi with the claws and he easily sent Keshi to the ground. Keshi kicked Aketsu back and powered up himself. Both their powers were 25,000 even. They were slashing at each other {Keshi too activate his Gemstone into claws} and kicking each other. Aketsu pinned Keshi to the ground, their power causing the ground to shake. Keshi shouted," DIE!" He kicked Aketsu through the fortress and knocked him to the forest ground. Nuheru broke out of the building, several Diamond Devils following him. Nuheru shot blasts killing the beasts. He stopped to watch the battle between Keshi and Aketsu. Aketsu shouted," HOW DARE YOU!" He punched right through Keshi's stomach. Keshi broke Aketsu's right leg with a kick to his knee. Aketsu fell in pain with Keshi. Blood covered the ground, both from Keshi and Aketsu. Nuher killed the rest of the Diamond Devils and jumped closer to the fight, saying," I'll get in the way if I battle." Keshi snickered and stood up. Keshi laughed," Now to try." He kicked Aketsu away. Keshi laughed and Aketsu shouted," I give you permission!" Nuheru shouted and Keshi turned around. Aketsu and Nuheru both launched their full-powered blasts that slammed into Keshi. A gigantic explosion happened, leaving a crater. Keshi walked out of the smoke, his clothing ripped up and bleeding profusely. Keshi said," Damn you're tough." Keshi appeared behind Nuheru and cut through Nuheru's stumach. Nuher fell to the ground and Keshi stumbled towards Aketsu, saying," We'll finish this now!" They clashed repeatedly. Nuheru was groaning in pain. Aketsu powered up as did Keshi. Aketsu had no energy left from the blast, neither did Nuheru. Nuheru and Aketsu were weak from the damage, as was Keshi, Kewaku was dead, and everyone else was close to it. The battle lasted for another hour. It was too bloody to go into detail. Aketsu was lying on his back, looking up to the sky. Keshi was on his stomach, staring at Aketsu with surprize for his new power. Aketsu said," Keshi, how dare you do this. Why?" Keshi said," To stop you and Kewaku from forming the next Ruby Gemstone Warrior. The prophecy states the net one will enslave the world. I had to kill Kewaku and get the information from him to see who was the current Gemstone Warrior. It was you so I tried to kill you in case you were the one to enslave the world." Aketsu said," You still have too much evil in your heart to live. You tortured far too many to get to where you are now and I will not let you continue this." Aketsu crawled over to Keshi and slit Keshi's throat, killing him. Aketsu rolled over on his back and watched as rain began to fall.

The Aftermath[]

Aketsu rested there for the rest of the day, it was the longest rain ever. It seemed to heal him. The next morning he left there, everything in that area was dead. The monsters, Kewaku, Nuheru, and Keshi. Aketsu's life went back to as normal as possible. He helped those in need, and powered up. He lived his life surviving on his own. He became popular and a hero to the world. But that time battling Keshi always haunted him.