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Girly Air Force Sigma is an non-canon sequel with 12 episodes and Manga with 43 chapters. It focuses on Gripen, an 'Anima' flying Swedish JAS 39F Gripen. When she became very stable and a better fighter, she got her jet upgraded with an function to turn into mecha. Then she got brought into the N-JASDF Base along with Eagle and Phantom where she was told the bad, but not really bad for her, news; Kei was killed. Gripen was taking it very well and telling them she was prepared for it, because she warned him that he might be killed one day. She was given an necklace he wore, so she won't forget him. Along with other Animas, Viper Zero, Rhino, Veldt, Rafale, Jurabrick, Laastucha and Dee O, She will protect humanity from the Neo-Xi. The Opening Theme "Shooting Star" will be sung by Mami Kawada. The Ending Theme "Flying Ahead" will be sung by Ayane.


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