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An anime film based on the game with the same name.



  • Gene - Though outspoken and a constant complainer, Gene has a keen sense of justice. Unfortunately, this gets him into trouble when he comes to the aid of Olivia only to get his right arm cut off by Bruce, Conchita and Felix and replaced with one of the fabled Godhands. He likes to imagine he has a gentle, kinder side despite his rough, macho exterior. In the end, he slays the demon Angra by taking control of both Godhands. Voiced by Beng Spies.
  • Olivia - Nineteen years old, this beauty is a descendant of a family that protected the Godhands for centuries, until demons hunting for the arms wiped out most of the family. As the sole survivor, she fled with one of the Godhands, allowing fate to carry her to a small town where she crosses paths with Gene and entrusts the Godhand to him. Now, she acts as his director, accompanying him as they hunt down demons wherever she senses them. She always convince Gene to go after the demons with her kindy voice, but she can be quite bossy, pulling a tomahawk out of nowhere and threatening him. The player can access sensual pictures of her on the pause menu, and will gain more as progresses in the game. Voiced by Bettina Bush.


  • Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver - The Siegfried and Roy from hell, these homosexual identical twins dress in bizarre flamboyant Las Vegas-style costumes. If they get a hold of Gene, they perform a combination move which is quite damaging. Naturally, it is best to concentrate on defeating one first, and then the other. They serve as sub-bosses on Stage 1 to their master, Elvis. Funny fact: both of them are immune to the Roulette Technique: Ball Buster, suggesting they have no sexual organs. Gene even makes a comment that they may have lost their balls during the war (if you check their bodies with the circle button after the fight is over). Voiced by Wally Wingert.
  • Elvis - Possessing amazing strength and a huge appetite, Elvis likes to chase the ladies when he's not kicking butt, particularly Shannon. Despite being a demon, he has acquired some nasty human habits. He appears in "human" form as a fat, yet heavily muscled Mexican/Cuban man in a poor fitting white vest and pants, with a giant set of purple Buddhist prayer beads around his neck. He is relentlessly and constantly chewing on an enormous cigar. He uses the smoke from it to blind his enemies in battle and breath fire. His demon form is giant and purple/red, with a chomping face on its belly, mouths for hands that shoot fire, and a retractable head that Gene pounds into its body when he performs the "Pummel" action command on it. Despite being a demon, he considers Gene a worth opponent (Gene even says, after killing him, that they could have been friends if the occasion was different). His prayer beads may be a reference to Akuma from Street Fighter, and he also releases purple flames from various attacks, similar to Akuma's Hadoken and Shoryuken. Voiced by Jamieson Price.
  • Bruce, Conchita and Felix - Three bounty hunters who are under Belze's command. They were responsible for Gene losing his human arm before the beginning of the game, with Bruce cutting it off with his sharp boomerang. When fighting Gene, they attack one at a time (but the player has a limited time to defeat them, otherwise the others show up), starting with Felix, a bulky man with spiked balls for hands wearing a helmet with sharp horns. When angered, Felix charge like a bull and toss Gene up in the air with them. Next comes the much faster and skinny Bruce, who can blow green smoke to blind Gene (like Elvis) and wields a razor-sharp boomerang. Lastly is Conchita, who seems to be some kind of lion-tamer and doesn't mind inflicting the cruel pain of her deadly lashes, which have a great range. They're killed by Azel later in the game while searching for Gene. Voiced by Sam Riegel (Bruce), Melissa Fahn (Conchita) and Fred Tatasciore (Felix).
  • Shannon - The life of the party, this ravishing hedonist hides cold, cruel instincts. In the pursuit of satisfying her own hunger for pleasure, no sacrifice is too much. She see Gene as an object of desire, wanting him for herself. Appears as a coquettish, lithe female in an outrageous maroon and yellow outfit, with candystriped horns and green tattoos. Fights with a fairy wand that shoots energy blasts and heart-shaped energy balls that temporarily turn Gene into a harmless Chihuahua while she kicks him. Her demon form is a cyclopean female form, melded with a four-legged monster with a mouth like a Predator and a single eye on its rear. Due to her status as an attractive, blonde, promiscous, caucasian female, and her association with Chihuahuas, some take her as a parody of Paris Hilton. She is eventually beaten to death by angry peasants with folding fans that she previously enslaved. Voiced by Susan Chesler.
  • Azel - Mysterious, cold and supremely confident, his left arm is one of the fabled Godhands. Though human, he joins the demons in order to further his own ambitions, calling himself the Devil Hand. He fights the same way as Gene does, having variations of Gene's roulette moves. Azel was engaged to Olivia by arrangement of her family, to become the Guardian of the Godhands. However he betrays the deal and kills her clan, as well stealing one of the Godhands (while Olivia escaped carrying the other). On his death throes, he launches his Devilhand at Gene, giving Gene the power of both Godhands, which's the only power capable to defeat Angra. Voiced by Sam Riegel.
  • Belze - Cold as ice, the leader of the Four Devas is deeply loyal to Angra and very proud of his demon heritage. He doesn't fight against Gene in his usual human form, but transforms into his demonic form in the only boss fight against him. Belze's demon form is a giant, purple praying mantis with Belze's face shown in between two big bug eyes that turn purple whenever he attacks. When he has 50% health remaining, he grows wings and separates himself from his thorax, resembling a fly. His attacks include blinding Gene with acid, swiping at Gene with claws glowing with purple energy, charging at him, and slamming him into the ground. Voiced by Daran Norris.
  • Angra - The fallen angel who was slain by the Godhand Warrior years ago. He was almost resurrected by Azel, using Olivia's body as a host. He is the final boss character with two health bars to drain. He battles Gene in his true demon form, which is gigantic, flat with 2 spikes on his tail, which is erected over his head. His head has 2 ram-like horns; he has 2 hands with opposable thumbs; and he is covered with dark red scales. He teleports around the edge of the tower top, and attacks by flicking off Gene like a booger, swiping with his right hand, striking the ground in his path with his tail-spikes, and generating an energy ball that fires blades that resemble Gene's 'Shockwave' God Reel attack. He occasionally summons demons that can easily be killed and almost always reveal an item (boost or healing). Angra's most powerful attack is a blast of flame from his mouth, but if you press the circle button when the 'Counter' command appears, Gene performs a jumping ball buster on Angra in the jaw, preventing the attack and leaving Angra stunned for a few moments. The ending cutscene shows Gene slaying Angra with a flying swarm of energy fists. Voiced by Jamieson Price.


In the days before time, an angel filled with pride fell from the heavens to a life in exile as the Demon King Angra. Filled with spite and hatred, Angra spearheaded an army of demons and specters to overthrow the world of mortal men. His plan was foiled, a man appeared with the power of God sealed in his arms, and used this power to once again send Angra into exile.

The people, grateful that the Angra's threat had subsided, bestowed upon the man the title of Godhand. Legend states: "Although the man is long since gone, a single clan continues to this day to defend the Godhands, and the power held within". "Those who possess this power are capable of becoming either god or demon."