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Godzilla jr design for ged by raptorrex07-d39w96u

Despite the name it is not biologically realated to the Godzilla that adopted him. In prehistory a godzillasaurus laid an egg in a ptranodons nest. After the great climax the eggs some how when into habernation. In 1954 the eggs were on a island that was bombared with radiation from man, were awaken their habernation. The surviving ptrandon egg hatch and the kaiju Rodan was born. Rodan waited until in "brother" hatched. In 1993 Godzilla came to take the egg somehow knowing that another Godzilla was to be born. However Rodan disapprove. A group of scientist took the egg and later hatch in Jr. Unlike the other Godzilla's before him is was very docile. Perfering to eat plants over people. Miki Saegusa a scientist knew this one was special because of not only his nature, but his limited telepatic abilities. Jr evenuallty was released to Godzilla, and was raised by him as well. Over the years of his development he saw many monster, MechaGodzilla, Gigan, Megalon, Destroyah, but the one that scared him the most was SpaceGodzilla. In 2000 his step father died by his own power after the comfornation of Destroyah. While Jr was knock out he had a vision from the Grand Cosmic Fairy (the grandmother of the 2 mothra fairies) told Godzilla Jr of his destiny as an Earth Defender. Godzilla Jr had to fellow his heart in order to find his human partner. Unfornatly when he found young Ash Ketchum he and his friend were in a battle for there lives againt a juvinal Destroyah. Jr scared it off, but on of Ash's friend was killed by the abomination. Ash and Godzilla met up again and discovered they were able to communicate with one another. Jr. and Ash sore to become Earth Defenders and to make Destroyah pay for what it did. 10 years later both Ash and Godzilla are Kids and are ready for the may battles head.


Atomic ray, G-cell, Atomic pulse, Atomic punch, and Limited telepathic abilities

Human Partner: Ash Ketchum