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Golden Child
Format Dramedy, Fantasy, Anime Series
Created by YoungEezy27
No. of episodes 23 (5 aired)
Rated TV PG-13
English Network Cartoon Network

Disney XD

First aired March 17th
Last aired TBA

Golden Child is an anime series that was created by YoungEezy27. It revolves around the life of Kobi Rysetsu as a rogue Golden Child who's on the run from the evil Kazime Corporation. Join him and his friends as they try and stop the organizations plans and save the world from what could be global domination.


Many years ago, scientists hired by the Kazime Corporation discovered and underground deposit of a rare, unnatural stone called "Kogataki no ishe" (meaning Stone of small machines). This Stone had the ability to produce small Nano-machines which have the ability to create and enhance machinery. It also had the ability to take it apart and destroy it. The Nano-machines cans also Enhance muscles, regenerate body tissue, optimize sight and many other abilities. Joseph Kazime, the CEO, ordered scientists to create a branch of super-soldiers never seen before called "Golden Children ". Golden Children were created by implanting N.I.C.R.O cores (made from Kogataki no ishi) into humans to give then superhuman abilities and Nanokinises. Everything seemed to be going perfectly, however, one day a Golden Child escaped the evil organization's clutches. Now Kobi Rysetsu (the escapee) must find a way to stop the evil organizations plan.


Kobi Rysetsu is the main protagonist of the series. He's a 16 year old Blackanese (African-American and Japanese) Golden child who specializes in creating rockets and jets and evolving daily appliances (e.g making a 300GB memory stick). His "Gap year" was when he was 8 years old and he escaped the Kazime Corporation at the age of 10. He moved to Japan in order to escape the organization and his best friend since then has been Yoshi Merumi.

Yoshi Merumi is a 16 year old human with above average IQ. He's been best friend with Kobi ever since he was saved by the latter from a group of gang members. He claimed that Kobi is the only friend he can truly trust and was the first of his friends to discover his powers. He's usually a wimp but can be especially brave when needed.

Katashi is an old Japanese man and long time friend of Kobi. He knows an awful lot about Golden Children which remains unexplained. He's known Kobi since he was 10 years old and was the one who told him to come to Japan in the first place. Katashi has a knack for sneaking up on people and can also sneak away from people with expert stealth. Kobi (and later Yoshi) nicknamed him Gramps much to his annoyance.

Mr Sparks is your typical big black drill sergeant for a gym teacher. He's a middle aged muscular man who doesn't take nonsense from anyone. He's also a Golden Child and also works for Kazime Corp. His constructs focus on vehicles such as jet engines and tank cannons. He also used to be a soldier and was a very well known one.

Chris Freeds is another Golden Child that works for Kazime Corp and specializes in constructs that involve cooking appliances. Not much is known about him apart from the fact that he actually goes to the same school as Kobi and Yoshi.


Episode Number

Episode Name           

Episode Airdate Synopsis
1             Welcome to Japan! The Golden Child Touches Down!! [Touchdown in Japan] March 17th 2011

Kobi Rysetsu finally lands in Japan after a long trip from America. After getting an apartment he decides to go for a walk. During that walk he meets Yoshi Merumi being attacked by a local gang. Kobi expertly takes them down without much trouble and the two become fast friends. After a day out the two are then encountered by a Golden Child. Kobi also fights him and Yoshi is shocked that Kobi has super powers. Yoshi collapses from shock after Kobi defeats the Mysterious man.

2 I Wasn't Dreaming? Assault of the Gym Teacher!! [Gym Showdown]

March 24th 2011

Yoshi wakes up, not on the pavement but in his room? Yoshi simply dismisses yesterday as a dream until he finds out that Kobi is now in hos class and has excellent grades! After humiliating the basketball team to avenge Yoshi's days of being bullied the Kobi is challenged to a fight  y their gym teacher. But get this, the gym teacher is also a Golden Child! Why are so many Golden Children after Kobi? And can he even win the fight?
3 On the Run! The Situation is Revealed [Kobi's Situation] March 31st 2011

Kobi manages to beat Mr Sparks the Gym teacher and even manages to repair the Gym till it's juat like new. The day after, Yoshi asks why Kobi is being chased and how he got his powers. Kobi refuses to answer until he finally caves in after tonnes of requests. It turns out that Kobi is an escapee of a super-soldier program which involved the enhancement of his body through the addition of a N.I.C.R.O core and that he is on the run from Kazime Corporation. After the brief explanation Kobi spies on the gym teacher and finds that he works for Kazime Corp and is targeting Yoshi! Kobi then gives Yoshi and emergency button that acts as a calling device and homing beacon which he can press when he's in trouble. Whene get's home however he is met by an intruder and uses the button.

4 The Creepy Old Man! The Rigorous Training Commences! [Training Time] April 7th 2011 It turns out that the intruder is a long time friend of Kobi's called Takashi. When Kobi gets there the to reunite as Takashi was the reason Kobi came to Japan on the first place. Now that Kobi's here it's time for his brutal training regime to begin. Things get dangerous and another Golden Child is closing in on Kobi's training grounds. He happens to attack just after Kobi's finished a tough day of training. Kobi fights well but he is easily over powered by the Golden Child (who's name is Chris). Who can save him now?

Another New Student!? Welcome to The Class Aisha! [Aisha]

April 14th 2011 Kobi is saved from Chris by an unknown sniper whom he thinks may be a Golden Child and Yoshi's getting extremely paranoid due to the increasing amount of attempts on Kobi's life from Golden Children. Things get more awkward when another new student shows up and is in exactly the same class as Kobi and Yoshi. Yoshi suspects that she's a Golden Child but Kobi's not sure. With the upcoming Spring Dance around the corner Kobi's looking to ask her out. Is Yoshi right about her? Or is he just worrying too much?