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Golden Children are Cyborgs that were genectically enhanced with N.I.C.R.O cores. Golden Children were initially made by the Kazime Corporation led by Joseph Kazime.


Golden chilldren are Cyborgs that have been fitted with a Nanite Inducing Controlling and Reacting with Organism core. The core is made of a medium sized Ore of Kogataki no Ishe, which can constantly produce Nanite's if unchecked. The whole esssence of a N.I.C.R.O core is to allow the Golden Child to mentally control the Nanites and effectively control Nanite production in the body as well. In short, Golden children have the ability to control Nanites that they produce and use them to their hearts content. They can use the Nanites to create machinery and weaponry, evolve already created gadgets that they encounter and deconstruct machinery as well.


Golden Children were originally manufactured by the Kazime Coproration under the secret super-soldier project titled, Project K.N.I. Project K.N.I involved the use of the recently constructed N.I.C.R.O cores (made out of the more recently discovered Kogataki no Ishi)