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Hakume (羽久芽?), whose full name is Hakume Busujima (毒島羽久芽?) is one of the minor antagonists of Pop'n Music Lapistoria. She is the leader of the Rinka Bully Club, and is a former bully to Rinka. Hakume has Toxikinesis abilities.

Hakume P1
Hakume Busujima
 Kanji 毒島羽久芽
 Romaji Busujima Hakume
 Alias Poison Delinquent

Delinquent Boss Hakume

 Nickname Haku-chan (Rinka)

Delinquent Boss (Rinka Bully Club Members)
Delinquent Hakume

• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Blonde
 Eye Color Teal
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Blossoming Friend Club
 Occupation Delinquent

Poison Manipulator

 Previous Occupation Rinka Bully Club Leader
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Tae Kanari (Teammate)

Rein Nowa (Teammate)
Ibara Toge (Teammate)
Rinka Kasumi (Former Enemy)

• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Poison Manipulation
 Weapon Baseball Bat
 Equipment Oval-Shaped Lapis (Bluish-Green)
• Debuts•
 Anime Pop'n Music Lapistoria
• Origin•
 Universe Pop'n Music Universe
 Creator Tomoe

She welds a Bluish-Green Oval-shaped Lapis, which shattered after Rinka stepped on it on accident. It was later fixed in Lapistoria's Way!.




Hakume appears to be a roudy girl who has Toxikinesis. Her Toxikinesis Powers awakened while she was walking back to school, after she was bit by her pet cat, Myuki.


Hakume is a minor antagonist in the series, who first appeared in Rinka and The Bullies. When she was younger, she used to be Rinka's classmate who bullied her ever since Rinka showed her powers for her homework.

When Rinka was in the Realm that MZD created, she hears a familiar voice which reminds her of Hakume. Rinka turns around and finds out that Hakume was with some 'new friends'. Hakume says that they are her friends, and they are not allowed to friend people who have 'worthless powers' (which relates to Rinka having florakinesis abilities). Tsugidoka is pulled into this, when Manatsu seeks Rinka with a blond-haired girl. Manatsu inspects the girl, but it pauses when she is shocked by Tae. Hakume and her team challenges Rinka. If Hakume wins, she would bully Rinka until she couldn't take it anymore, but if Rinka wins, Rinka will force Hakume to regret her actions and befriends her.

In Rinka and The Allies, Rinka is strangled by Hakume, as Rinka mistakenly steps on Hakume's Lapis. Hakume is in shock as she lets her grip off of Rinka, as her anxiety starts to rise. Rinka tells Tsugidoka and Akane of what Hakume has done to her, while Tae, Rein and Ibara watched. Hiumi then comes up to Hakume and tries to tell her that everything will be okay, as her anxiety starts to worsen and she starts to blame herself for everything and has a panic attack, which leads to her running off, but she is halted by Akane and Retsu. The Rinka Bully club also regrets their actions, and they comfort Hakume with a big group hug, with Tsugidoka joining in. Rinka then befriends the latter, and they go out for a night stroll.


  • Toxikinesis - Her main power. She can manipulate poison.

NET Self[]

  • Attack: Toxic Mist! (毒霧! Dokumu!?)
  • Damage: Harsh~ (厳しい~ Kibishī?)
  • GOOD Play: This is it! (これでもか! Kore demo ka!?)
  • BAD Play: Damn! (畜生! Chikushō!?)
  • Win: Easy-Peasy. (簡単に Kantan ni?)
  • Lose: You Piece of...! (このバカ野郎...! Kono Bakayarō!?)