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Harmony in Provincetown: A Magical Adventure is a Japanese-American anime OVA produced by Toei Animation.


Fallon, Karen, Alexandria, Jacqueline, and Timothy are five friends who embark on a summer vacation in Provincetown, Massachusetts. As they explore the town, they stumble upon an old book that holds mysterious powers. Intrigued, they decide to create a story called "Harmony in Provincetown" using the book's magic.

Unbeknownst to them, a mischievous character named Craig decides to use the book to summon an enigmatic dark princess named Belladonna. She a curse Timothy, which causes him to fall into a deep slumber. Belladonna then plans to use her dark magic to take over the city.

Determined to save Provincetown and awaken Timothy, the girls discover that they have been granted magical powers. Fallon becomes the Blue Magic Princess, Karen becomes the Yellow Magic Princess, Alex becomes the Pink Magic Princess, and Jackie becomes the Purple Magic Princess. Together, they must unlock the true potential of their magic and defeat Hikari.

Through their trials, the girls learn the value of friendship, the importance of working together, and the strength that lies within them. Using their individual powers, they combine their magic to create the "Harmony Princess Power" that ultimately overcomes Belladonna and restores peace to Provincetown and awakens Timothy from his slumber.

As a result of Craig's actions, he is scolded by the police for using dark magic, violating the peace of Provincetown. Craig faces consequences, including being grounded by his parents, Sarah and James, losing privileges to TV and video games, and missing out on a planned outing with his friends.