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Hatsune Miku And Friends Is an Japanese-Comedy-Romance-Drama series


Hatsune Miku is a girl who is secretly a office girl, Manga artist and singer but doesn't want to tell her friends because she doesn't want to become the popular girl in school, she just wants to have a normal ordinary school life


  1. This series ran from 2009 - 2014
  2. This series has 6 Seasons
  3. The actor behind hatsune miku Potrayed in this series
  4. There had been some changes Seasons 1 - 6
  5. The series featured one of her songs for the Opening and the Closing
  6. In 2014 at the end of the series, it hit 238 episodes
  7. In Season 3 the creators made a very fourth wall breaking comedic episode in April 1st when it hit 119 episodes. But turns out it turned into a tradition every time they hit a epic amount of episodes
  8. Hatsune Miku's Birthday is a tradition for the series


Season 1 (2009) - The characters have some oval eyes, Funimation had added a dub contract for the rest of the seasons.[]

Season 2 (2010) - New characters and students had been added in, Flashbacks is added in for the rest of the Seasons, TV Tokyo has set Hatsune Miku And Friends into TV Tokyo, a Halloween tradition has been set to when every Halloween month the episodes are the genre Spooky/Horror.[]

Season 3 (2011) - Characters eyes are shaped comfortably circles, and quality has set to 1080p with lining over the characters, Hatsune Miku's Childhood is featured for the rest of the seasons, Hatsune Miku And Friends. Her series is now added to Netflix and the most oldest series to be alive on Netflix.[]

Season 4 (2012) - Action had set into the genre in episodes 14 - 23.[]

Season 5 (2013) - Crossovers are added in 8 episodes.[]

Season 6 (2014) - All the students including Hatsune Miku graduated and went to college but coincidentally they all go to the same college, this season features new characters and Hatsune Miku's College Life, the last episode includes Hatsune Miku now having a boyfriend.[]