Anime Fanon
Format Manga series
Created by Ghost Hunter 85
Writer(s) Ghost Hunter 85
No. of chapters Ongoing (planned for 23 chapters)
First aired September 2015

Haunted is a manga series created by Ghost Hunter 85. The series centres around a group of high school students from Haruka Academy, perform a supernatural ritual that drags them in a reversed reality of their school. What's even worse they appear in completely different dimensions inside the school.

While searching around the school, they find the corpses of the people who were trapped before them. Trapped in the school, as the students try to escape, they are stalked by haunted spirits who are not willing to let them live. The students must survive from the spirits and unravel the mystery behind the haunted school in order to return to their reality.


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Takuto Toriyama[]

The protagonist of Haunted, is a rebellious and laid back 17-year old student. When he and group of his fellow classmates decided to perform the akuma ritual the night before Halloween. But suddenly a earthquake arupts and drugs them into a reversed reality of their school which is haunted by demonic spirits. Takuto must do whatever it takes to survive and find a way to return to his reality.

Miki Sakamoto[]

The deutragonist or Haunted, Miki is one of Takuto's classmates that attended to perform the akuma ritual on the night before halloween. She is dragged in to the revered reality and shortly awakens in a haunted version of their school. She is beautiful, smart, independent and courageous. During the series she serves as Takuto's love interest.


Shade is the main antagonist of the series. He is the haunted spirt and evil counterpart of Takuto Toriyama. As such, he is Takuto's arch-enemy. His horrifying and psychotic appearance masks his great powers of both fear and darkness. He often uses torturerous methods and brutally murdering other students for his own twisted amusement.

Kenji Nakoto[]

One of the main characters of the series, Kenji is Takuto's best friend since childhood. He attends Takuto and his classmates to perform the akuma ritual on the night before Halloween, who as well get dragged in to the haunted version of their school. Kenji spends most of this time by listining to music and surfing the Internet. He is highly intelligent and occasionally, like Takuto, laid back.


Himiko is one of the main antagonists of the series, a female haunted spirit who bares similarities with Shade. Himiko harbours the almost the same abilities as Shade does, although unlike Shade, she is able to shapeshift and mimics other people's appearances and seduces her prey into a sexual intercourse, then finally strikes.


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The chapters consist of 3 volumes and 26 chapters and is currently ongoing.


Planned Film Adaption[]

Shortly after manga's release a live action film adaption of the manga series was soon confirmed by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Funimation to be in current development. The film is set to feature the original characters from the manga involved in the story of the film. Currently no director has been hired or any actors casted, however a teaser trailer was shown at San Diego Comic Con 2015.