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Heaven's Teenage Guardian: Chelsea's Journey (天の十代の守護者 Tengoku no Jūdai no Gādian?) is an anime movie inspired by the 1989 Don Bluth movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven. It is produced by Studio Ghibli and A-1 Pictures.


The movie follows the adventures of Chelsea Swan, a 16-year-old girl who finds herself in the realm of Heaven. Tasked with a special mission, Chelsea becomes a guardian responsible for guiding souls and helping them find peace.

As Chelsea embarks on her journey, she encounters a variety of unique and complex souls, each with their own personal struggles and unfinished business. Through her interactions with these souls, Chelsea learns valuable lessons about compassion, empathy, and the power of second chances. Throughout her journey, Chelsea forms bonds with fellow guardians and learns from their wisdom and experiences. These relationships deepen her understanding of her role and provide a support network as she faces the challenges that lie ahead.

The movie's central themes include the importance of forgiveness, the power of personal growth, and the transformative nature of compassion. These themes are interwoven into the narrative, allowing Chelsea and the audience to reflect on the meaning of life, redemption, and the potential for positive change.