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Hello,Good-bye Tsukumo no Tsuki is a Visual Novel with no Sex Scenes. It was released in PC, PS Vita, PS4 and Wii and Wii U.


An Visual Novel which the player assumes the role of Saotome Suguri, a student of Cathedral School. Heroines and the protagonist from Tsukumo no Tsuki will be added in the Novel. As she enter the Graveyard and touches a Grave, Suguri lands in a mysterious world where she meets a mysterious girl named Tsukumo who wants Suguri to come to her World. Tsukumo introduces her Ohba Maya and it begins...


Saotome Suguri[]

The Game´s Protagonist


A mysterious girl

Ohba Maya[]

Houjou Akane[]

Washimi Yukina[]

Ohba Keita[]

Yukishiro May[]

Rindo Natsume[]

Kaito Toves[]

Koharu Hiiragi[]