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Hellsing: Iscariot follows the Iscariot organization after the events of Hellsing. With most of their men either dead of critically injured, the organization begins both building back up its forces, and reassigning agents. Father Derrick Mercer, one of the remaining assassins of the group, is sent over to the orphanage to replace the deceased Alexander Anderson. Once there, he finds himself hunting down monsters, contending with Hellsing's latest trump card, Seras Victoria, and dealing with an abomination that the organization tried to hide.


The show starts with Derrick Mercer preaching to a mass. As his preaching goes on, he slowly starts turning towards darker subjects. How one should stay true to God's path, and not worship false idols. That pride always comes before the fall. He starts preaching about Hell, Lucifer, and the ends of days. He talks about the war in England, how that is but a small taste of what is to come if they stray too far from God's path for humans.

As the mass leaves, Derrick is approached by another priest, Father Alessandro. The two men greet each other, before going into a back room. There they begin talking about business. Alessandro informs Derrick that he will be transferred over to the orphanage where Alexander Anderson use to work. At the mention of that name, Derrick makes the sign of the cross over his chest. He insists that his help is still needed in America, that there are still some monsters that need to be put to rest. Alessandro reassures him that those creatures will be taken care of. Much Derrick's dislike, he agrees to go.

As the plane lands in the Vatican City, Derrick quickly steps out, mumbling of how he hates flying. That he always feared that something was on the wing of the plane. A group of priests were already lugging his large and heavy bags off of the plane. Telling them to be careful with his luggage, Derrick then meets Sister Bonfilia. Greeting her like a gentleman, with a bow and introducing himself, the two make small talk while going over to a car.

The two talk of the current leader of Iscariot, Makube. How it was odd that no one has seen him yet. But then they start discussing about the death of Enrico Maxwell, which Derrick simply says was sad, but he never liked Maxwell. He found his personality too erratic, and his eye twitch annoying. But he respected him as his leader.

Once at the orphanage, Derrick saw a group of priests talking with the children. (To be finished later.)