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Hinamori Raikuro
Name Hinamori Raikuro
Romanji Raikuro Hinamori
Nickname Raihime (Lightning Princess)
Voiced By Chiaki Omigawa
Race Japanese
Birthday Feburary 20

16 (S.U.H.)

18 (S.U.H. 2)

20 (S.U.H. 3)

40 (S.U.H. 4)

Gender Female

5'2" (S.U.H.)

5'6" (S.U.H. 2)

5'10" (S.U.H. 4)


110lbs. (S.U.H.)

117lbs. (S.U.H. 2)

Unknown (S.U.H. 3)

Eyes Brown
Hair Brownish Black
Blood Type B
Personal Status
Birthplace Unknown city in Japan

Sousuke Raikuro (Father, deceased), Hanabi Raikuro (Mother), Yusuke Raikuro (Uncle), Sakura Yamasaki(Uncle, boss), Ryo Sakurai (Husband (S.U.H. 4), Daishi Sakurai (Son (S.U.H. 4)


High School

College (beginning (S.U.H. 3)

Doctor's Degree (S.U.H. 4)


Waitress at Sakura Maid Cafe

none (S.U.H. 3)

Traveling Doctor (S.U.H. 4)

Fighting Style
Fighting Style

Raikuro-style Karate


Sousuke Raikuro

Rival Ryo Sakurai

"No one can defeat the Legendary Raikuro Dojo!"

Hinamori Raikuro is a character from the Strongest Under Heaven anime and game series.


Hinamori is a tomboyish young girl who always wishes for a strong opponent to fight against. She dislikes school and usually slacks off in classes, normally seen sleeping or looking out the window.


Hinamori has short brown hair and brown eyes. She wears her school uniform (sailor suit) as her fighting gear along with her father's red headband, purple fingerless fight gloves, red sneakers, short socks, and also navy blue bloomers under her skirt.

In S.U.H. 2, Hinamori wears the same outfit as she did in S.U.H. but has longer hair and also wears black knee high socks along with her school uniform shoes instead of sneakers.

In S.U.H. 3, Hinamori does not wear her school uniform as her fighting gear anymore, but it is in the game as an alternate costume. Hinamori has a short boyish haircut and has a more womanly figure. Hinamori still wears her father's headband but changed her entire outfit; she wears a short half-zipped up black sleeveless jacket, black matching shorts that goes to the top of her knees, red tanktop under her jacket, black fight gloves, and short black boots that goes half way up her shins.

Though she does not show up in S.U.H. 4, she does show up in the anime. Hinamori has long darker hair that reaches half-way down her back and a more taller figure. She wears glasses, a labcoat, a black t-shirt under her coat, blue short jeans, white knee socks, and hiking boots.


At the age of 10, Hinamori had witnessed her father's death at the final match of a Strongest Under Heaven tournament 6 years ago. Before the death of her father, Hinamori had always been training with her father in the Raikuro Dojo since she was 5 years old and had always competed with her childhood friend, Ryo Sakurai. Hinamori and Ryo were the best of friends when they were young, until they were 9, where they started arguing with each other and had then turned into rivals. After the death of her father, Hinamori was cheered up by a girl whom she had used to bully, Natsu Hoshino, and not soon after, they had became friends with personalities so different from each other; Hinamori is loud and boyish, while Natsu is quiet and feminine. She had started working for her uncle Sakura in his maid cafe at 15.

Season 2[]

After two years had passed since her first S.U.H. tournament, Hinamori had became less violent and grew her hair longer and had also became the new seventh of the school's "Seven Idols" after a new transfer student had created the list. She still works for her uncle Sakura in his maid cafe and is still embarassed when she sees students from her school. She had joined the World S.U.H. tournament because she was convinced to by Ryo to once again fight and also because she wanted to test her skills again to see if she was getting rusty in martial arts.

Season 3[]

Another two years has passed and now Hinamori is an adult who went to the USA in order to go to college but with no knowledge that the next S.U.H. Tournament was going to be in America. After graduating high school, she had cut her hair shorter because she had gotten back into fighting more and sees her long hair as an annoyance, now becoming more like her old self before her second S.U.H. Tournament. She had joined the S.U.H. Tournament again due to the tempting of Ryo making fun of her and making her wish to beat him up again. She beats Ryo in the semi-finals because she was the last standing. She had also beaten Rikuo in the final match, giving her the will of Rikuo and making her the new owner of the S.U.H. corporation, but she did not want it so she passed it on to Ryo, who also didn't want it but accepted it anyway because Rikuo was getting older and closer to dying.

Season 4[]

After marrying Ryo 17 years ago, she had also given birth to Daishi, whom she loved more than her husband. She had retired from fighting after she injured her leg training for her fourth S.U.H. Tournament; the doctor had told her that her leg was never going to be able to heal if she ever fights again. Even with her handicap, she is still able to defeat many strong people but she can't be reckless otherwise it'll break her leg. She had began to travel around the world as a doctor after Daishi had became five years old and she graduated college. Unlike her old self, she has become more feminine and motherly but is still a tsundere character around Ryo and a strong tomboy around people she hates.