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Hopeless Tears

English Dub Script (Japanese subtitled script coming soon)

(Film opens up to Natsumi Kaska singing the classic Vocaloid song "Bad End Night" at a concert. Lots of cheering, no dialogue other then music. Dialogue starts after the song ends.)

Natsumi: Thank you! Thank you all, you're a wonderful audience! Good night, Texas!

Random Texan Man: (with Southern accent): I love you, Natsumi!

Natsumi: Thank you. Thank you very much. (walks off stage as fans still cheer and heads towards her agent)

Agent: Texans are pretty damn crazy, huh?

Natsumi: Oh, they're not that bad.

Agent: Well, they have one advantage. Texans are suckers that'll buy everything Natsumi Kaska!

Natsumi: You know, if this were an anime, it'd turn out your microphone was on.

Agent: Heh. Then I'd be screwed. (radio goes off)

Voice on Radio: Man still continues to attempt to get in, sir.

Agent: Shit! I'll call backup. (turns off radio)

Natsumi: What was that about?

Agent: Some crazy otaku in his early to late 20's. Keeps trying to say he's got backstage passes to see you, not showing any proof when asked to though. Just knocked over one of the guards. (turns on radio again) Backup, backup, we've got a situation in the VIP section reported by Guard #4.

Backup Man: We're on our way to the VIP, over. (Agent turns radio off.)

Agent: The things people do just to see you, Natsumi.

Natsumi: Still amazes me too. (chuckles)

Agent: Well, I'm gonna head out now. Probably see that crazy otaku get tased. (chuckles) Stay out of trouble, okay?

Natsumi: Sure thing! Good night!

(Agent exits.)

(Natsumi heads to her tour bus, when suddenly grabbed on the arm.)

Natsumi: Ah! What the...

(Natsumi turns around to see a man in a trenchcoat, presumably the otaku from earlier, behind her.)

Otaku: Natsumi.

Natsumi: Ahh!

(Natsumi attempts to run off, but is grabbed by the otaku again.)

Natsumi: S-stay back! I'll scream!

Otaku: I don't want to hurt you, Natsumi.

Natsumi: Well then...w-what do you want with me?

Otaku: Just to try this fresh-squeezed orange juice I made for you. (hands glass to Natsumi) It's made with lots and lots of love.

Natsumi: (smiles) Well, okay then. You could have started with that, though, makes it seem a lot less creepy. (stands on steps of tour bus) Also, trenchcoats creep people out too. Nice gift though! (gets into tour bus and closes door)

Natsumi: (giggles) Poor otaku. Wonder if that was the same guy my agent was talking about. (Natsumi's phone goes off and she answers it..)

Natsumi: Hello, you've reached Natsumi Kanaka's mobile phone, no losers, please.

Agent: You're not gonna believe this! You know that creepy otaku fuck from earlier?

Natsumi: What about him?

Agent: At first, he left the guards before backup came, but now they think he went in the back towards your tour bus!

Natsumi: I know. I already saw him.

Agent: You did? Oh, shit. Are you okay? Don't move a muscle, I'm calling for backu-

Natsumi: It's fine. He just gave me a glass of orange juice and left.

Agent: Really? (laughs)

Natsumi: He also said some creepy crap about how it was "made with love", y'know, typical things from diehard fans. I bet he's a 4channer.

Agent: (laughs) Well, that's a relief. If you see him again though, call me immediately.

Natsumi: Oh, I don't think he'll be coming back. I gave him some advice on how not to be so creepy and he seemed embarassed.

Agent: Well, at least you scared him off. Good night, Natsumi.

Natsumi: Good night. (clicks off phone) Well, might as well try this orange juice. (takes sip)

Natsumi: Hey, this is pretty good. Bet he stole the oranges from his mom though. (chuckles, finishes the rest of the glass)

Natsumi: Ah, refreshing.

(Suddenly, Natsumi's legs begin slipping.)

Natsumi: Whoops! Clumsy me. (vision blurs) Man, I must be really' tired...(attempts to hit couch, but bangs head on coffee table instead) Ow! Fuck!

(Suddenly, through her blurred vision, Natsumi sees the door to her tour bus open.)

Natsumi: Who's there?

Otaku: Hello, Natsumi.

Natsumi: W-what...did you...

Otaku: Like your orange juice?

(Natsumi attempts to stand up, but the otaku pushes her back down.)

Otaku: Now, now, Natsumi. If you struggle, it's only going to be harder for the both of us.

(Natsumi punches him in the face.)

Otaku: Oh, so that's how you wanna play? (covers Natsumi's mouth with his hand, causing her to begin to choke) Hold still, bitch! Oh, I'm sorry, that was rude. Hold still, darling, and this will all be over soon.

(Natsumi's vision blurs more until she passes out.)

Otaku: Oh, she's unconscious. This'll be fun. (removes Natsumi's tank top, exposing her bare breasts) She didn't even wear a bra tonight? Dirty, dirty girl. (opens Natsumi's blouse) White, clean, panties. (grabs ahold of Natsumi by her back) Come on, girly. You're coming back to my place for some fun. Forever.

(Cut to next scene, in which Natsumi is asleep in a bed next to the otaku, scantily-clad.)

Natsumi: Huh? I just had a horrible nightmare...(turns around, screams)

Otaku: Good morning, baby. Would you like some breakfast?

Natsumi: No, I'd like to get the hell out of here!

Otaku: (grabs Natsumi by the back of her bra strap, she yelps) No, no, no, we can't do that.

Natsumi: What do you want from me?

Otaku: Everything. (pause) Well, if you're not hungry, how about we get to our little game?

Natsumi: What little game?

Otaku: Hide and seek. (smirks)

(Cut to Natsumi in the dark, shining a flashlight around.)

Natsumi: Where the hell could he be?

(Otaku jumps out.)

Otaku: GOTCHA! (Natsumi screams, and he grabs her by the breasts.)

Natsumi: Get off me, you piece of shit!

Otaku: Oh, bad choice of words. Now as your punishment, you don't get to eat tonight.

Natsumi: Fine! I wasn't hungry anyways!

Otaku: Oh, you think you're tough, don't you?

Natsumi: You won't get away with this! I'm the biggest pop star in Japan! I'm #4 in America, #3 in Canada, and #2 in South Africa!

Otaku: Heh. (chuckles) You're number #2.

Natsumi: Oh, grow up, you perverted bastard!

Otaku: There you go again, thinking you're so strong. I know my way around the neighborhood. I know how to hide bodies, rob banks, hack government websites...basically, you're an easy challenge. Ha, kidnapping a weak little teenage girl? I could do that in my sleep!

Natsumi: People will notice I'm missing! What will you do then, huh?

Otaku: Missing? Who said anything about you going missing? (smirks)

Natsumi: What do you mean by that?!

Otaku: What I mean is, from now on, you're gonna be my girlfriend.

Natsumi: What? No way!

Otaku: Yes way. I've already sent a story out to a few tabloid sites about us dating under a fake name. I even made up a fake letter that tells the exact time and place we're scheduled for our next date!

Natsumi: There's no way I'm doing that!

Otaku: (grabbing her) Listen, if you don't play along, I'm gonna slit your fucking throat. It may be painful for you to feel and me to do, but I swear to God I will. Shit, I'm so sweaty. (takes shirt off)

(Natsumi blushes.)

Otaku: See, you are attracted to me! You're getting a lady boner! (laughs)

Natsumi: Am not!

Otaku: No use denying it, sweetheart; you're turned on by me.

Natsumi: No one could ever be turned on by you, freak!

In progress! Others are free to write!