Horokimon is an anime and manga series. It was released in May 2006.


11-year-old Ando Akihiro discovers books that can summon ancient alien heroes. His alien hero is a part-horse, part-lizard monster named Mosuke. His rival ,Qwoshi Qa, also knows what Horokimon are and his alien hero is an electric-girl named Thoranna. Qwoshi has been rivals with Ando since 1st grade. Ando's friend, a girl named Itsu Hi, whom he has a crush on has an alien hero named Kralto, who is part-elephant, part-machine, and part-man. Ando, Itsu, and Qwoshi are 14 by the end of the series. Years later, they are shown as 31-year-olds and their kids recieve Horokimon as well, while they got rid of theirs at 14 because they no longer needed them.