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House of Hetangelimoon is a parody of Disney's House of Mouse series with characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hetalia, Sailor Moon and many other anime/cartoon/video game series.


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Misato Katsuragi, Usagi Tsukino and the Eva Pilots run a massive clubhouse in the middle of Akihabara. Like its inspiration, each episode features a plot revolving around the mishaps and events involving the staff running the club. Many characters from selected anime series (such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hetalia, Sailor Moon, Honkai Impact 3, the Godzilla anime trilogy, SSSS Gridman, the Fate series, Cells at Work!, Ghost Sweeper Mikami and Black Rock Shooter and many others) have appeared in the series, mostly as guests and attendees.


The owner of the club house is Misato Katsuragi. Other staff members include:

  • Finance manager - Ritsuko Akagi
  • Head waiter - Feliciano Vargas
  • Co-owner - Usagi Tsukino
  • Chibiusa Tsukino
  • Host - Shinji Ikari
  • Co-Host - Mamoru Chiba
  • Reservation clerk - Asuka Langley
  • Mechanical technician - Rei Ayanami
  • Gossip columnist - Mari Makinami
  • Parking valet - Alfred F. Jones

Gendo Ikari and Otto Apocalypse are a pair of landlords who often attempt (and fail comically in all of their attempts) to acquire the club house and convert it into an expensive hotel.


Popular music bands usually performing at the show include the Three Lights and the Vodka Girls. There is a running gag that Vocaloid's Luka Megurine is scheduled to be a guest performer at the club house, but she never appears in the show.


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