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How To Escape A Hentai (Boku no dasshutsu) (変態を脱出する方法 - hentai dasshutsu suru hōhō) How To Escape A Hentai is an all new most viewed anime series in the anime universe because it is what the viewers wanted but they expected to be a short film but it is a series!


So this guy (Oshitase Inemuku) moved to Japan, Tokyo and they have a school for all girls but his mom (Yadakama Wazuki) moves him there because she thought he would like it because it has "hot girls" and IF he gets one she'll act completely normal unlike some moms. So he goes there and everything is normal... A girl introduces him (Natsunashi Yuhana) and she shows him the cafe, the announcements room, the nurses room and etc. But she shows him the dorms at the end of the tour and she locks him into a room with her and she tries to have s*x with him but he escapes and kicks her in the face then she passes out and goes back to his life and pretend that never happened but when so many hentai happens he decides to make a youtube video in japan (yes youtube in japan exists because i bought a computer and made a video there) and makes a short film of how to escape a hentai, he got 3Mil views and nice comments including a easter egg crossover in the comments with a profile pic similar in a anime you maybe know

Transcript For Intro[]

Oshitase Inemuku: Hi im Oshitase Inemuku or you can call me inemuku and im a 16 year old boy in this crazy world, i am a manga artist but not a fully one yet. I post arts on a website called (AnimĪku) is a website where you post art then try to be an art influencer but if you get more views and more dislikes then likes your art is trash, if you get more likes and views then dislikes your art is good, like youtube! But recently ive moved to japan, tokyo but im still in japan so yeah. I heard im going to a new school so lets see how this goes!

(intro now listen to it until 1:45 or listen to the whole song if you want to)

((Intro Ends. At the end of the limit, skip to 4:15 (smoothly only))