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"HERE I COME YOU GANGLY OLD HAG!"-Human Sentry (Makoto Ito) going after the announcer

Human Sentry


Makoto Ito




Big Blue, Cobalt Colossus


Strength, Rocket Launchers, Mounted Sentry Turrets, Rocket Boots, Mini Guns, Flame Throwers, Napalm Canons, ARK reactor beam.


Retro Ace Corps


Everything Merges With The Dark(Virtual On! Cyber Troopers)

The Sentry-Man is powerful remote controled robot built by Blu Engineer and is now controled by Makoto in battle(who controls it from HQ, surprising enemies that this giant mechanical man is controled by a small teenaged boy).

Donning the Suit[]

When the Administaror began to control her Secure-and-Destroy 5000 from her booth she took Sekai as hostage forcing the corps to hold fire. Makoto and Blu Engineer stuck in bellow find the Colbalt golaith. According to Blu Engineer, it was one of his Grandfather's designs thought it would be a "Gone darn shame to let it rust away" Makoto asks Engineer to turn it on but he refuses to fearing it would be too dangerous for the boy to handle. But Makoto said he is tired of being unable to make up for what he has done and if he doesn't do anything now it will cost the life of his girlfriend. Understanding this, B. Engineer activated the bot and Makoto rushed to the controls. Next thing both sides above knew was the Human Sentry coming in and tearing the machine apart, killing the Administrator by blowing her up in her booth and catching Sekai saving her from falling to her death


Sekai-Makoto has really improved himself and getting rid of his womanizer-syndrome, and channeling his urges into a constructive way to make Sekai happy(very passionate things). They both seem very happy together and Makoto is very protective over her. But sometimes their shinatigans can be very disruptive(keeping the others up at night, Makoto tickling Sekai forcing Ace to get them to the meeting, not paying attention to the Ace) but the others know they are trying to mend some wound's of their past so they don't repeat them again.

Blu Engineer(Dell Conagher)-Dell and Makoto seem to have a very strong family like freindship. Makoto even one time choked up saying that Dell was closest thing he had for a father since his father walked out on him, his sister, and his mother. Makoto's statement is downright true, One time at the inventory Dell also heard Makoto's creepy father trying to call him and influnence him Makoto begged him to leave him alone, Dell picked up the phone and threatened Mr. Ito "Listen here. If I don't leave that boy alone, and even DARE try to lay one of your filthy Goddamn fingers on him, you will get me angry, you NEVER want to anger a Conagher, because when you do, I am going to find you, and I will not kill you. I will BREAK YOU." Makoto's father never called again.