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Hundred (Seitenkan) is the genderbent adaptation of Jun Misaki's light novel.


Haname Kisaragi (Eri Kitamura (Japanese); Luci Christian (English)): The female protagonist of Hundred. Originally from Yamato, Haname became a Slayer in order to obtain state-of-the-art medical treatment for her brother. Her previous encounter with a Savage 10 years ago resulted in her becoming a Variant - one of a very small fraction of people (fewer than 10 in the world, according to Ellie) who have survived exposure to the Savages and obtained a greatly increased affinity for Hundreds as a result. She has the highest known compatibility with a Hundred and her Hundred the Flying swallow is chevalier type that takes the form of a sword and a shoulder guard. When she first met Elliot she didn't realize that she was really a boy, but upon discovering the truth, she agreed to keep his secret. She is shown to be slightly uncomfortable whenever Elliot was showing him affection and would always blush when around him or other men who show their romantic feelings toward her.

Elliot Hermit (Megumi Ogata (Japanese), Spike Spencer (English); Cristina Vee (English, Ellie Crossfode)): The male protagonist of Hundred. He is a silver-haired boy from the Britannia Empire and Haname's roommate. He initially poses as a girl under the name Ellie Crossfode with only a few people aware of his secret until he eventually reveals the truth about himself. He and Haname were survivors from the second Savage attack 10 years earlier, which resulted in him and Haname becoming Variants. Haname only has vague recollections of the prior event and it isn't until their encounter with the Savages at Zwei Island that Haname realizes his true identity. He is a citizen of the Gudenburg Empire by birth and eventually reveals that he is Elliot Gudenburg, the Empire's second prince. His Hundred is the Arms Shroud that is an innocence type able to change into any form of weapon, something no other Slayer's Hundred can do. Like Haname, he too is a Variant. Ten years ago he and Haname where fleeing from the Savages' onslaught when he was attacked by one and almost died. The attack left a potent amount of virus in his gaping wound. Haname, in an attempt to save his life sucked some of the fluids out, causing her to become a Variant as well. A substantial amount was still left in his system. He is in love with Haname and is known to be very affectionate towards her and does not care about the rumors circulating about their relationship since everyone believes them to be lesbians. In the final episode, his status as a prince and boy are revealed to her peers, who were shocked at his heritage and finally understand his feelings to Haname.

Clark Harvey (Isshin Chiba (Japanese); Johnny Yong Bosch (English)): The highest-ranked Slayer in Little Garden who is from the United States of Liberia, he is called the King. The newly-arrived Haname is forced to duel him to prevent the expulsion of two students who arrived late to the entrance ceremony because they are looking for her at the airport when she arrived. During the duel Haname accidentally grabs his crotch and he goes all out and defeats her, but the duel is called a draw and the students are allowed to stay. After Haname saves him from a Savage and, later, accidentally kisses him, he falls in love with her. His Hundred is a Dragoon Type which utilizes multiple cannons or transforms into a large powerful rifle, in doing so it drains much of his energy. He is also one of the few people who are aware that Elliot is secretly a boy.

Kaoru Kisaragi (Ari Ozawa (Japanese); Zach Aguilar (English)): Haname's younger brother who is ill. Haname became a Slayer in order to obtain first-class treatment for him. While staying in the hospital he is often seen playing tarot cards, where he has become sort of a clairvoyant. Unlike his sister, Haname, he suspected that Ellliot was really a boy the moment he met him, until he was later convinced otherwise. He later becomes good friends with popular idol Satoru.

Satoru Kirishima (Tetsuya Kakihara (Japanese); Jason C. Miller (English)): He is a popular idol who falls in love with Haname after seeing her defeat the Trenta Savage at Zwei Island. He originally met Haname and Kaoru at a shelter in Gudenberg during the second Savage attack. He remembers Kaoru but wasn't able to get Haname's name at the time. After that incident, he lives with his father whom he never meets. When he later falls ill from an unknown illness, his father sells him to the Warslran Research Facility, where subjects like her are injected with vaccines that are developed from the fluids recovered from defeated Savages. He is the only one of the test subjects to have survived and, like Haname and Elliot, he is also a Variant and a Slayer.

Lazer Harvey (? (Japanese); ? (English)): Clark's younger brother.

Lloyd Steinberg (Sho Hayami (Japanese); Keith Silverstein (English)): Little Garden's student council Vice President who is in charge of enforcement, he is very loyal to Clark and can be very uptight when enforcing the school's rules and regulations. His Hundred takes the form of a lance and a shield.

Eric Candle (Natsuki Hanae (Japanese); Bryce Papenbrook (English)): Also student council Vice President, however, he is mostly in charge of strategic planning, he has a high admiration for Clark, and it is suggested that he has certain feelings for him. His Hundred, the Everlasting, is an Arsene type, which takes the form of a massive chained yoyo that he uses for restraining. Unfortunately his Hundred is ineffective against much stronger Savages. He is also one of the few people who became aware of Elliot's secret.

Fiona Granz (Satsuki Yukino (Japanese); Tia Ballard (English)): Haname's classmate and Laetitia's partner. Her Hundred takes the form of a sniper rifle. She and Laetitia were childhood friends, she often pokes fun at him. She is curious about the relationship between Haname and Ellie and often teases them about their relationship, including sometimes referring to them as a couple on occasion.

Laetitia Saintemilion (Jun Fukuyama (Japanese); Robbie Daymond (English)): Classmates with Hayato and Emilia, he is also Fritz's partner. His Hundred is a close quarter melee type. He is Fiona's childhood friend.

Charlie Dimandias (Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese); Chris Niosi (English)): A child prodigy who serves as the Little Garden's only main technical expert and chief researcher on Hundreds. His authority is equal to that of the student council, that he can go against them or question their decisions. He is best friends with Elliot, and he is one of the characters who knows his secret.

Manman (Lynn (Japanese); Chris Cason (English))

Minato Kashiwagi (Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese); Matthew Mercer (English)): A nurse at the hospital where Kaoru is staying. He is known for his very sweet demeanor and large crotch.

Christa Steinbelt (Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese); Caitlin Glass (English))

Noah Sheldon (Yuichiro Umehara (Japanese); Aaron Dismuke (English))

Xue-Mei Liu (Miyu Irino (Japanese); Aaron Dismuke (English))

Alice Brustad (? (Japanese); ? (English))

Sofiane Clearrail (Rikiya Koyama (Japanese); J. Michael Tatum (English)): Saturo's manager, he is also a genetic engineer who treated him when he is struck by an unknown illness. Both he and Charlie attended the same university and are even classmates.

Judy Harvey (Akeno Watanabe (Japanese); ? (English)): Lazer and Clark's older brother. She is the president of the Warslran Research Facility. She acts professionally but also seems rather sadistic and unsympathetic.

Claude Lowetti (? (Japanese); ? (English)): Ellie's friend from Gudenburg. He is very protective of Ellie and heartily wishes for him to come home with him. When Ellie refuses however, he puts the blame on Haname and is constantly wanting to prove he is better than her to get Ellie to come home. Despite Elile telling him to call him Ellie, he still addresses him as Elliot, his real name.

Krovanh Olfred (Kana Hanazawa (Japanese); ? (English)): One of the three Hunters that have Variant powers injected into them by Viktor. She, along with her two brothers, were originally orphans who were slaves and treated brutally, causing her to hate the world. She is very protective of them and puts their safety at the highest priority.

Nesat Olfred (Akio Otsuka (Japanese); Steve Kramer (English)): One of the three Hunters that have Variant powers injected into them by Viktor. He, along with her brother and sister, were originally orphans who were slaves and treated brutally. When they escaped together, he hurt his eye, and was brought to Viktor for treatment. There, Viktor injects each of them with Variant powers, and gives his injured eye the power to duplicate objects. He is quieter than his brother and sister.

Nakri Olfred (? (Japanese); Todd Haberkorn (English)): One of the three Hunters that have Variant powers injected into them by Viktor. He, along with her brother and sister, were originally orphans who were slaves and treated brutally. As such, he develops an obstinate attitude. He is also very active.

Viktor Tynyanov (? (Japanese); Eric Vale (English)): One of the main antagonists of the series. He was originally a member of the Warslan Research Facility, allowing him to gain much access to the data of the Little Garden and have much knowledge about the technologies. He later developed many Savage-like monsters to attack the Little Garden.

Al Harlech (? (Japanese); ? (English))

Wendell Velvet (? (Japanese); ? (English))

Zane Huffman (? (Japanese); Ricco Fajardo (English))