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Hunter Gunboy Herbie
Format Anime
Surreal humour
School life
Magical boy (Mahou Shonen)
Created by Seiho Akiyama
No. of episodes 54 per season
4 seasons
Run time 22 minutes
English Network TV Tokyo (Japan)
Starring Urara Takano
Mayumi Tanaka
Ikue Otani
Naoki Tatsuta
Ryou Horikawa
Yumi Toma
Etsuko Kozakura
First aired Spring 1993
Last aired 1997

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Hunter Gunboy Herbie (ハンターガンボーイハービー Hantā Ganbōi Hābī?) is a Japanese children's manga and anime series created by Seiho Akiyama.

The series was quite popular in Japan as well as in numerous other countries around the world, which led to many inspirations.


The story follows a 9-year-old Lambian boy named Herbie Weisheit, son of the legendary treasure hunter Asgard Weisheit, who came into modern-day Earth as a 4th grader at a local elementary school in Toichicho City (or Toshi Town in the West), Minato-ku, Tokyo, as an official student where no one has gone before.

To do it, he has to face many everyday survival skills and issues throughout his life with his smart, goofy, generous, and hard-working best friend and sidekick Kenta Tomizawa, his super-peppy, cheerful, and happy-go-lucky friend Akemi Nishikawa, and his part-yet-loyal talking pet rabbit Rabby, to come along on their gunslinging, blasting adventures throughout the entire series and onward.



  • Herbie Weisheit (CV: Urara Takano)
    • The main character of the anime, he is mainly a normal, quiet and goofy 9-year-old boy whose dream to become a treasure hunter and a junior archaeologist with stealthy moves and his .38 Special gun with "laser-powered" bullets instead of real cartridge bullets called Fireblazer. However, he came into a modern-day world (which is set in Toichicho City (or Toshi Town in the West), Minato-ku, Tokyo) as a 4th-grade elementary school student, alongside Leon Abbott and Rabby to save both the Earth and Lambia from the wrong hands of certain events. He uses his gun to blast through enemies and villains when mischief goes around throughout both worlds at the same time. He has a sweet tooth for American-style hamburgers (the ones that he liked during the first episode and throughout the entire series as well).
  • Kenta Tomizawa (CV: Mayumi Tanaka)
    • Herbie's best friend and sidekick, he is very smart, generous, hard-working, and very light-hearted as well. He used to teach Herbie's survival and everyday life skills on Earth.
    • Gun type: .357 Magnum (Sangoshichi)
  • Akemi Nishikawa (CV: Ikue Otani)
    • An energetic, cheerful and outgoing young girl and a total fashionista, which she is Herbie's friend and crush. She is particularly good at math, social studies and even language arts. Unlike most elementary school girls, Akemi is quite fearless, mature, brave, and was sometimes dealt with everyday elementary school issues.
    • Gun type: M1911A1 (Ikuichi)
  • Rabby-kun (CV: Naoki Tatsuta)
    • Herbie's talking pet bunny rabbit, he is very loyal and smart and goes along with Herbie on his journeys. He was into classic literature, and even though he could understand most of the times that Herbie has troubles when on Earth.
  • Leon Abbott (CV: Ryou Horikawa)
    • Herbie's caregiver, assistant and archaeologist. He used to take care of Herbie as his babysitter since Herbie's parents are away due to his father going on long journeys and his mother as a bartender. Since he was Herbie's caregiver on Earth, he usually goes on teaching him new things that Herbie tries to learn about as an archaeologist on both Lambia and Earth. However, he was later married to Jenna Law in Season 3.
  • Jennifer "Jenna" Law (CV: Yumi Toma)
    • A huntress, part-time negotiator and Herbie's second caregiver who is smart, serious, stoic, strict and sometimes bossy and grumpy. Due to her trainer's death, she moved to Lambia before she went to Earth along with Herbie and Leon (her love interest), and thus protecting Herbie and company from danger. She was also into cigarettes, as long as she doesn't smoke in her mouth. In Season 3, she was married to Leon Abbott on her first honeymoon.
    • Gun type: P226 (Nifutatsu)
  • Enzo Duraray (CV: Etsuko Kozakura)
    • Leon and Jenna's adoptive son and an orphan who is also a hunter (like Herbie). His parents were killed by racists when he was little, and thus grew up as an orphan and was later adopted by Leon Abbott. He likes to goof off all the time and is a bit of a "class clown" in his blood.
    • Gun type: Ingram MAC-11 (Panzer)


  • Lord Gabriel Omegatopo (CV: Akio Otsuka)
    • The main antagonist of the series. He is the conqueror of Titan and used to be an enemy of Asgard Weisheit. He was mainly foiled by Herbie Weisheit and his no-good friends for not letting him take over both worlds and turn Lambia into his own world and Earth into an emerging planet. He also has a bad childhood, but he also has an ability to fly, although he is half a bat and has very strong bat wings.
  • Metal Silk (CV: Mami Koyama)
    • Omegatopo's scatter-brained android assistant who plans on focusing on his plans to take over both Lambia and Earth without decency. Although, she does follow Omegatopo sometimes but can be sexually attracted to herself as well, much to his jealousy.
  • Ninku (CV: Kunihiko Yasui)
    • An evil snake-eyed miser who follows Omegatopo's orders. He was very anxious and also mean-spirited.
  • Jack Fiddler (CV: Nobuyuki Hiyama)
    • A selfish mad hatter who used to be an arch-enemy of Herbie Weisheit. His special powers are to make bizarre objects and things come to life as to be a servant for himself. He can be a sort of an ally, although he can be responsible for anything and hates people who act as childish as their personalities, much to Herbie's annoyance.
  • Ita (CV: Ryusei Nakao)
    • Jack's pet Cheshire cat, who is mischievous, sneaky and annoying.
  • Patricia Langley (CV: Noriko Hidaka)
    • A murderous magician who tricks people into doing deadly magic tricks, especially Herbie. She is also the "femme fatale" of the series.
  • Syria (CV: Chieko Honda)
    • A selfish, spoiled and greedy Sphynx cat-human hybrid creature who is a princess of the kingdom. She also has a huge crush on Kenta Tomizawa.
  • Kyuketsuki Ka (CV: Chisa Yokoyama)
    • A stealthy blood-obsessed vampire-mosquito hybrid who can transform into a mosquito instead of an actual vampire bat.
  • Ayako Takiguchi (CV: Akiko Hiramatsu)
    • A very intelligent and a very quiet 9-year-old girl who suffers from high-functioning autism, who is also a genius, just like Wataru. She often likes to go to classes, be responsible and do academics without making any mistakes or distractions. However, she gets anxious and grumpy sometimes when people make fun of her or things that don't go her way, her autism could lead her to meltdowns and violent temper-tantrums and forces everybody in Toichicho City to listen to her bad behaviour instead of forcing her to be nice, which could lead to her unnecessary and misleading thoughts that will become true and probably destroy Toichicho City and the rest of the world as well. Apparently, she can be friendly to her classmates at Class 4-B with her friends (especially Kenta, Akemi and Rumiko).
  • Gokiya (CV: Toru Furuya)
    • A crazed Yamato cockroach who wasn't killed but made him smarter by a radioactive boric acid dango that Jack put in instead, which makes the cockroaches and the entire cockroach nest inside the Tomizawa house free to live their lives as their own. He likes to take over the world which involves killing humans with cockroach-proof plans that no roach can stand alone (food and cardboard boxes).
  • Gokiryu and Gokikyo (CV: Shigeru Chiba and Kenichi Ogata)
    • Gokiya's minions, they're very dumb and are aggressive over things. Gokiryu is a dimwitted and stupid one and Gokikyo is the sour-tempered and selfish one.
  • Wendy Torres (CV: Chisa Yokoyama)
    • A psychopathic vampire huntress who tries to kill Kiba Kimotsuki, but gave up by Herbie Weisheit and his no-good friends. Her grandparents died because they were killed by vampires when she was little.
  • Daimao and Phoebe (CV: Megumi Urawa and Miina Tominaga)
    • Kenta and Akemi's evil doppelganger twin brother and sister, which were created by Lord Omegatopo as an attempt to get rid of Kenta Tomizawa and Akemi Nishikawa respectively. Although, they use knives as their weapons instead of pistols, Daimao is the aggressive child who is a troublemaker of the pact and Phoebe is the one who is interested into beauty products.
  • Okami (CV: Tomohisa Asou)
    • A twisted wolf who tries to marry Princess Melba.



  • Tomohiro Ozawa (CV: Ai Orikasa)
    • Kenta's best friend and childhood friend since preschool, he is a very intelligent person of the group and can commonly be able to both have academics together. He can be very kind and also has a brave heart as well.
  • Ryuu Yukimura (CV: Minami Takayama)
    • Kenta's second-best friend and also a good athlete. He is very good at soccer and a pro at school marathons at all times. He also has a crush on Akemi, much to Herbie's absence when he is not dating Akemi due to his confusing love between her and Herbie, and vice versa.
  • Chou Hayami (CV: Satomi Korogi)
    • A red-haired vegetarian girl who is a friend of Herbie Weisheit and Akemi Nishikawa. Her family owns a farm one million miles away from Kenta's house. She is very likely about and kind to the animals, although she doesn't like anything that could harm animals such as slaughterhouses, especially not her parents could do that to her (especially at Christmas time, where she got steamed vegetables instead).
  • Wataru Hayashino (CV: Michie Tomizawa)
    • An intelligent friend of Herbie Weisheit and Kenta Tomizawa. He is a scientific genius and is also a master computer scientist. He is also the team's strategist.
  • Rumiko Uchiyama (CV: Yūri Kojima)
    • A popular girl in Herbie's school, she was peppy and was very friendly to the girls. She is also good at math, art, language arts and even social studies.
  • Yuji Komatsu (CV: Kappei Yamaguchi)
    • A student council president of Toichicho Elementary. He can take control of every student in the whole school, he can be both goofy and serious at all costs.
  • Iori Minaguchi (CV: Masako Nozawa)
    • A school bully who is a serious threat to Herbie, Kenta, Tomohiro and Ryuu and always acts like a jerk to other people. He usually beats up the boys and usually gets into trouble a lot of times and never notices.
  • Yui Matsuno (CV: Yukana Nogami)
    • Bestie of Akemi and Chou, her parents had raised her in South Korea since she was a little child, thus she generally liked hip-hop and spoke Korean fluently.
  • Hoshi Katagiri (CV: Akiko Yajima)
    • An energetic and cheerful girl who is a complete fanatic! She is a friend of Herbie Weisheit and is usually more into cheerleading.
  • Yayoi Takanashi (CV: Miina Tominaga)
    • Kenta's childhood friend since kindergarten, she was a very good reader and is quite a genius. She is also good at math.
  • Hito Takeuchi (CV: Megumi Ogata)
    • Emo but a cool-looking child who is usually into horror literature.
  • Eizou Hiroshima (CV: Junko Noda)
    • One of Kenta's friends and Tsubasa's best friend from school, who is literally a practical joker of the group.
  • Tsubasa Hojo (CV: Yuko Mita)
    • One of Kenta's classmates and friends from school, he is good at softball.
  • Momoko Asou (CV: Houko Kuwashima)
    • A classmate in Class 4-B who was into punk pop and skateboarding. She also forms a band called "Candy Skullz".
  • Nobuhito Kujiya (CV: Chika Sakamoto)
    • A boy who was into toy robots.
  • Sawashiro-sensei (CV: Wataru Takagi)
    • Herbie, Kenta, Akemi and the other kids' classroom teacher. He is quiet and serious and always a good role model, Herbie and Enzo mess around with him sometimes.
  • Principal Eiichi Yamanaka (CV: Shigeru Chiba)
    • A curious and goofy principal who runs the school.
  • Vice-Principal Mei Miyamoto (CV: Ai Orikasa)
    • A cheerful vice principal who runs as a supervisor of the school, she was pretty much into kids for some reason (including the new and foreign exchange students like Herbie, Kai, Emilia and Enzo).
  • Toshihiro Tomizawa (CV: Hochu Otsuka)
  • Sayaka Tomizawa (CV: Kikuko Inoue)
    • Kenta's erotic mother, caregiver and a former supermodel. She was a middle-class woman who works around the house and cares about her husband and her son for a lot of times, she also has a strict allergic reaction to dogs.
  • Lila-chan (CV: Rei Sakuma)
    • The Tomizawa's family cat, usually she is Sayaka's pet British shorthair lilac cat. She usually doesn't talk, unlike most Lambian pets like Herbie's pet rabbit Rabby and often acts like a normal Earth cat.
  • Tasuke Nishikawa (CV: Yoku Shioya)
    • Akemi's idiotic and clumsy father, he works at home and never has a job in his life.
  • Meguru Nishikawa (CV: Masako Katsuki)
    • Akemi's mother. She is apparently into yoga classes, exercising and taking care of her daughter very well often alongside her husband.
  • Officer Moe Toshima (CV: Megumi Ogata)
    • A serious and strict police officer, she usually watches for crime when it happens in town. She can be also on night patrols.
  • Misa Kisaragi (CV: Yuko Mizutani)
    • One of Rumiko's friends from school.
  • Ryo (CV: Mitsuo Iwata)
    • A curious man who doesn't work but works as a bachelor.
  • Maria Aoki (CV: Junko Iwao)
    • A kindergarten teacher of Toichicho Kindergarten and Mr. Sawashiro's love interest.
  • Rika Toshima (CV: Hiromi Tsuru)
    • A cute red-haired girl who is mainly a tomboy. She is usually Officer Moe's niece and hangs out with Herbie on some awesome adventures.
  • Emi Kasakara (CV: Miki Takahashi)
    • Kenta's love interest, she apparently lives in Paris, France. She was into art (especially painting) and French immersion.
  • Mutsumi (CV: Rikako Aikawa)
    • One of the employees and a waitress at MOG Burger.
  • Shion Takiguchi (CV: Emi Shinohara)
    • A news reporter of Toichicho City who is apparently happy-go-lucky in style. She is a fan of Herbie Weisheit and his little friends and usually stars them in one episode, she was also Ayako's mother.
  • Hina Tomizawa (CV: Hisako Kyoda)
    • Kenta's grandmother, she works at the Shinto shrine.
  • Haruka Yukimura (CV: Kikuko Inoue)
    • Ryuu's mother, she works at a toy store called Kiddy World.
  • Kouichi Yukimura (CV: Koji Tsujitani)
    • Ryuu's father.
  • Akira Hayashino (CV: Akio Otsuka)
    • Wataru's father, he is a very clever and benevolent multi-billionaire who owns expensive stuff to make himself and the entire family proud.
  • Midori Hayashino (CV: Naoko Matsui)
    • Wataru's mother, she is a woman who is very sweet and very generous to everybody in Toichicho City. However, she also owns a cafe in the middle of the town square.
  • Keiko Ozawa (CV: Wakana Yamazaki)
    • Tomohiro's mother. She is a housekeeper and Brazilian jiu-jitsu artist.
  • Kaoru Kiguchi (CV: Chieko Nanba)
    • A pretty, rich girl whom Herbie fell in love with, she was orphaned and her parents moved away to Okinawa and her butler runs a luxury billionaire home with a fancy dining room and loyalty with everything in it (including a swimming pool and an arcade).
  • Motoko Igasaki (CV: Shiho Niiyama)
    • Herbie's current and Kenta's former babysitter since she came back from New York City for a community. She loves children, she used to babysit Kenta all of the time when he was a baby since his parents moved away for a holiday.
  • Sakura Sawazaki (CV: Maya Okamoto)
    • A teenage Harajuku girl who also studies to be an archaeologist, just like Herbie (also attends to be a hunter).
  • Rei Hayami (CV: Yuko Nagashima)
    • Chou's mother, she was a housekeeper.
  • Tadashi Hayami (CV: Yasunori Matsumoto)
    • Chou's father and owner of Hayami Farms.
  • Natsumi Hayami (CV: Ai Orikasa)
    • Chou's little sister.
  • Genta Yukimura (CV: Rica Matsumoto)
    • Ryuu's 9-month-old baby brother.
  • Keiji Kiguchi (CV: Nobuyuki Hiyama)
    • Kaoru's grandfather who is a chauffeur and a butler.
  • Sumire Hiroshima (CV: Megumi Hayashibara)
    • Eizou's mother who works as a baker.
  • Shinji Hamada (CV: Taiki Matsuno)
    • Shion's cameraman.
  • Sadao Toshima (CV: Norio Wakamoto)
    • Rika's father, he has a very strict personality.
  • Masako Toshima (CV: Rumiko Ukai)
    • Rika's mother, she used to be abducted by a North Korean refugee until she was rescued by her husband.
  • Aika Uchiyama (CV: Rei Sakuma)
    • Rumiko's mother, who works as a housekeeper.
  • Hiromitsu Uchiyama (CV: Kazuki Yao)
    • Rumiko's father.
  • Nozomu and Karin Hojo (CV: Hiro Yuki and Maria Kawamura)
    • Tsubasa's parents were both computer game programmers; his father was a computer game programmer, while his mother was a former model.
  • Eiichiro Ozawa (CV: TBA)
    • Tomohiro's long-lost father, who works as a travel agent.
  • Eiko Takagi (CV: Chiemi Chiba)
    • Sakura's best friend.
  • Ryouta Komatsu (CV: Toshio Furukawa)
    • Yuji's father.


  • Queen Alma Neptunia (CV: Sumi Shimamoto)
    • The queen of Lambia. She is nice, genetic and very quiet.
  • Emilia Manhart (CV: Rumi Shishido)
    • Herbie's female friend and former arch-rival, she is typically WAY smarter than him and her father's fate was last in second place because of the Weisheits.
  • Mii-chan (CV: Wakana Yamazaki)
    • Emilia's pet talking white kitten, she is joyful and has a very good eye.
  • Miya Evans (CV: Megumi Hayashibara)
    • An intelligent, green-haired girl who used to be friends with Herbie when she was little, she was a young weapon expert and an excellent lab partner along with him. She often wears glasses because of her astigmatism.
  • Kai Weisheit (CV: Fujiko Takimoto)
    • A punching child, he is Herbie's long-lost brother. He is mainly mature and awesome and has a sweet tooth for chocolate bars, and was two years younger than his big brother.
  • Asgard Weisheit (CV: Takehito Koyasu)
    • Herbie's realistic and legendary father, he is a true hunter and famous hero and archaeologist of all of Lambia.
  • Angela Weisheit (CV: Yuko Kobayashi)
    • Herbie's mother, she is usually Asgard's love interest and damsel-in-distress in the family. She works at the saloon before she had children and was always a good caregiver for Herbie and Kai Weisheit.
  • Simon Manhart (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa)
    • Emilia's father, he is a rival hunter to Asgard and also an archaeologist. He can be goofy sometimes and make life easier to be in number one as he could make jokes and gags but lost to a hunter with a serious attitude.
  • Tiana Manhart (CV: Hiroko Kasahara)
    • Emilia's mother, she has appeared to be missing.
  • Sir Crystalis (CV: Tohru Furuya)
    • A loyal knight who is in charge of using a mystical crystal sword, he is also a co-leader of the Weisheit Sky Force and a sidekick of Asgard Weisheit.
  • Jean Beausejour (CV: Keiji Fujiwara)
    • A swashbuckler from Beaucomp City who is part of the Weisheit Sky Force.
  • Lisa (CV: Yoshiko Sakakibara)
    • A femme fatale of the Weisheit Sky Force.
  • Hans Baumann (CV: Ikue Otani)
    • Friends of Herbie Weisheit, he had a nice attitude and had a nice German nationality to his style.
  • Christian D. Kaiser (CV: Yuriko Fuchizaki)
    • A childhood friend of Herbie Weisheit and also an aviator. He seems to be a Lambian equivalent to Wataru Hayashino along with Pepe-kun (CV: Yoshiyuki Konno), his robot pal made out of machine tools and his latest invention yet.
  • Prince Seeds (CV: Bin Shimada)
    • A serious tween knight who avails himself of an amethyst dragon sword as his opponent to make him all-mighty and powerful. Word on the street says that people had made fun of his name which is given by his father, which makes it a running gag in anime history.
  • Rotoko Woods (CV: Akiko Yajima)
    • A Robin Hood-like boy who is also an ally of the Weisheit team.
  • Ruri (CV: Mika Kanai)
    • An elf who is a classmate of Herbie Weisheit.
  • Nettoyant (CV: Kae Araki)
    • A young maid who is obsessed with cleaning, she usually cleans with a mop and a bucket of water.
  • Paul (CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa)
    • A bartender.
  • Zachary (CV: Masami Kikuchi)
    • A sorcerer who recently sent Herbie Weisheit to Earth as an exchange student.
  • Scarlett Agnus (CV: Masami Suzuki)
    • A female hunter.


  • Kosaku-san (CV: Kenichi Ogata)
    • An Omnibot (mainly an Omnibot 2000 model) and Wataru's robotic assistant, he is very joyful and helps Wataru with his inventions.
  • Kiba Kimotsuki (CV: Mayumi Tanaka)
    • A conflicted vampire boy who lives in a rural area outside Neo City. He is a vampire with ambitious dark powers and refuses to drink blood (not like his parents predicted for him), he used to be a nighttime friend for both Herbie and Kenta.
  • Koneneko (or Libya as her real name) (CV: Kazuko Sugiyama)
    • A Titanian cat/human hybrid girl with a sassy attitude, she can use her nails as her claws to slash through enemies.
  • Khiaan (CV: Mika Doi)
    • The queen of Ganymede, she is a fine ruler and the nicest alien on the entire moon.
  • Shouta Aizawa/Super Shouta (CV: Akira Ishida)
    • One of Kenta's superhero manga characters, he is a teenage who transforms into a superhero.
  • Prince Sudan (CV: Ryou Horikawa)
    • The prince of the Gaza Kingdom.
  • Tunisia (CV: Megumi Hayashibara)
    • A cat-human hybrid who is the ambassador of the Gaza Kingdom.

Minor Characters[]

  • Henry Leighton (CV: Tomokazu Seki)
    • A scientist and time detective who has a grandfather clock time machine in a similar fashion to Doctor Who.
  • Reynolds (CV: Katsumi Suzuki)
    • Henry's pet papillon and a guard buddy.
  • Chigusa Asou (CV: Hiromi Tsuru)
    • A police patrol officer who works at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.
  • Princess Melba (CV: Mami Koyama)
    • A princess who has been kidnapped by Okami and forces to marry her, but suddenly Herbie, Kenta and Seeds saved her from Okami's wedding ceremony. She has a crush on Seeds.
  • Xiuying (CV: Yuko Mizutani)
    • A tourist guide of Teiping.


Earth/Toichicho City[]

  • Weisheit Resident
  • Tomizawa Resident
  • MOG Burger
  • Toichicho Elementary
  • Nishikawa Resident
  • 7-Twenty-Four
  • Kiddy-World
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
  • Ozawa Resident
  • Yukimura Holdings
  • Hayami Farms


  • Neo City
  • Beaucomp City
  • Marchenville
  • Gaza Kingdom
  • Nohin
  • Bhaja
  • Teiping
  • Yorbian Republic


  • Castle Malicious

In Other Languages[]

  • Korean: 헌터 군보이 허비 (Heonteo Gunboi Heobi)
  • Cantonese Chinese: 獵人槍手赫比 (Li yan Cheung sau Haak bei)
  • German: Hunter Gunboy Herbie: Das Verfolgungskind (Hunter Gunboy Herbie: The Pursuit Child)
  • French: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Spanish: Cazador Gunboy Herbie
  • Portuguese: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Italian: Cacciatore Gunboy Herbie
  • Polish: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Dutch: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Greek: Χερβιε το κυνηγόσκυλο (Chervie to Kynigóskylo; Herbie the Hound)
  • Thai: เฮอร์บี้เด็กล่าสัตว์ (Ḥexr̒bī̂ dĕk l̀ā s̄ạtw̒; Herbie the Hunting Boy)
  • Swedish: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Russian: Хантер Ганбой Херби (Hunter Gunboy Herbie)
  • Hindi: हंटर गनबॉय हर्बी (Hunter Gunboy Herbie)
  • Hebrew: הרבי של המרדף (Herbie the Pursuit Kid)
  • Arabic: هنتر غونبوي هيربي (Hntr Ghwnbwy Hirbi)
  • Turkish: Avcı Silahşör Herbie
  • Finnish: Metsästäjä Gunboy Herbie
  • Icelandic: Veiðimaðurinn Gunboy Herbie
  • Norwegian: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Hungarian: Vadász Gunboy Herbie
  • Indonesian: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Croatian: Hunter Pištoljdječak Herbie
  • Danish: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Ukrainian: Мисливець Ганбой Гербі (Myslyvets' Hanboy Herbi)
  • Malay: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Filippo/Tagalog: Mangangaso Barillalaki Herbie
  • Vietnamese: Thợ Săn Súng Ngắn Herbie
  • Slovene: Hunter Gunboy Herbie
  • Bulgarian: Хънтър Гънбой Хърби (Khŭntŭr Gŭnboĭ Khŭrbi)
  • Mandarin Chinese: 獵人槍手赫比 (Lièrén Qiāngshǒu Hè bǐ)
  • Telugu: హంటర్ గన్‌బాయ్ హెర్బీ (Haṇṭar Gan‌bāy Herbī)
  • Estonian: Jahimees püssipoeg Herbie
  • Latvian: Mednieks Gunboy Herbie
  • Lithuanian: Medžiotojas Gunboy Herbie

Video Games[]

There has been a number of video games based on the popular anime series of the same name. Platforms including the Super Famicom, Mega Drive, PC Engine CD-ROM2, Game Boy, Game Gear, 3DO, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Bandai Playdia, PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox.

  • Hunter Gunboy Herbie (1994; Tomy; Super Famicom)
  • Hunter Gunboy Herbie: The Titanian Artifacts (2003; LSP (Europe), Ubisoft (North America); PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox)

Voice Cast Lists[]


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    • 2x2
  • Sweden
    • SVT
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  • Scandinavia
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  • Israel
    • Arutz HaYeladim
    • Nickelodeon
  • Philippines
    • TV5
    • Cartoon Network
    • ABS-CBN
  • Singapore
    • Central One
    • Cartoon Network
  • Malaysia
    • Cartoon Network
    • TV3
  • Southeast Asia
    • Cartoon Network
  • Norway
    • NRK1
    • Cartoon Network
  • Iceland
    • RÚV
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  • The Netherlands
    • Yorkiddin'
  • Mainland China
    • CCTV-14
  • Finland
    • YLE TV2
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  • Denmark
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  • Turkey
    • ATV
    • TRT 2
  • Arab World/Middle East
    • Spacetoon
  • Kuwait
    • Kuwait Television
  • Croatia
    • Nova TV

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  • When it comes to children's manga and anime, the blood, the gore, coarse language (which has been replaced by censor bleeps), some nudity (throughout the world excluding Japan for their sex organs/genitals and female nipples (including female breasts were leaven alone too as in hot spring bath scenes) have been taken out in the original dub), while the international dubs have certain changes, alcohol and sexual themes were taken out, even the bullets the main characters use were replaced by "spark bullets" to make it look safer for older children, they use it to store in the guns and shoot evil villains and monsters around to make it more like a "paintball" than a real bullet so no one could get shot dead by one of those.
  • The series is known in nationwide Germany as Hunter Gunboy Herbie: Das Verfolgungskind, which means the German adaptation of the series is meant to avoid controversy and harm for young people by the BPjS/BPjM (a.k.a. the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons). However, the German adaptation of the series has been highly edited and censored for German audiences.
  • The large popularity of the series inspired many Japanese children and adolescence (mainly boys) towards ages 7-18 and became their introduction into anime and manga fandom as well.
  • Hunter Gunboy Herbie is one of the most popular Japanese series to be popular exported outside the country, those countries include:
    • Hong Kong
    • Taiwan
    • South Korea
    • Thailand
    • the United States
    • Canada
    • the United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • Latin America
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • France
    • The Netherlands
    • Spain
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Portugal
    • Croatia
    • Russia
    • India
    • the Philippines
    • Malaysia
    • Singapore
    • Indonesia
    • Vietnam
    • Greece
    • Israel