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"My wife was killed, no, murdered in the explosion of a bomb sent by another planet, they attacked us for the same reason we raid other planets. My race causes pain to other races. Pain that cost me my wife. My son is all I have left. I can't let him suffer the same fate." -Cysalis Raekhon

Cysalis Raekhon
Cysalis' appearance plus clothing

Full Name

Cysalis Yvorn Arthro Raekhon


General Raekhon, Reno-Raekhon, Taiko-Dun (AKA 'The Feared One')


Invasion Leader, Military General


48 (Kraxon Years), 144 (Earth Years)


Kraxoniphordium (Kraxon for short)

Home Planet


Marital Status

Single, Widower


Kalain (pronounced "Cah-Lane") is the home planet of the Kraxon species. Its dominant species is Kraxon however, Kalain is inhabited by millions of different species, 90% of which are hostile carnivores and 10% of which are equally hostile herbivores. Kalain is mostly red in colour thus a running theme of Kalainian life are the colours red and black. Kalain is reletively small, only 60% bigger than Earth, and orbits a blue star, called Tyrant, that is 7 times the size of the Sun. Kalain isn't the only planet to orbit Tyrant. It shares the star with 14 other planets, all with intelligent life. Kalain is the second planet from its Star meaning it is really close by, making the planets atmosphere very very hot most of the time, yet it is far awat enough for life to be supported. Kalain has 6 different seasons: Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn, Yoni and Tanir. Summer is the longest of the seasons and lasts 2 Earth years (one Kalainian year is equal to three Earthly years because Kalain takes three times as long to complete a single orbit around Tyrant), the rest of the seasons are divided nearly equally with Winter lasting the shortest and Tanir the longest of the rest. All the Earthly seasons are the same, Yoni is when animals typically mate and birth while Tanir is when the most hostile non-intelligent species raid the Kraxon societies in order for an increase in territory. One Kalainian day is close to Earth days, 23 hours long.


Kalain as viewed from space

The terrain on Kalain is mostly mountains and rocky jagged landscapes. There are open areas and the rocks and soil are mostly dark red, if not they're light red or the traditional Earthly colours. There are streams, rivers and waterfalls on Kalain however this is not essential for most Kalainian species. Kalain bears forests and trees dispite its mosrly desert terrain. The sky is orange with dark clouds however Kalain is a very beautiful planet with amazing views. The animals on Kalain have adapted and evolved to support the strong gravity (which is 5 and a half times that of Earth's) and the rocky ground. The largest predators tend to appear rock-like and have jagged appendages. The animals in total are populated at an estimate of 62 billion altogether with over 4.7 million different species. The average temperature on Kalain is 110° celcius at night, during the day it is a lot hotter. Of course the wild life is alive due to evolution.


Kraxoniphordiums (pronounced "Cracks-on-if-ord-eyum") AKA Kraxons are the dominant species on Kalain dispite them only being a mere 7% of Kalain's animal population. They are humanoid in shape yet bare the jagged appendages of most Kalainian life. Kraxons are well known throughout the galaxy as a highly advanced race in terms of weaponry and war tactics. They are a violent and cruel race, only looking out for their own kind. They tend to raid other planets for resources and territory, even ones that aren't in their solar system. The males on Kalain appear much more bulky than the females (who have a slimmer physique similar to human females) yet bear resembalance in physiology. Most Kraxons are born with a muscular body with abs yet some are born weaker. Kraxons are omnivorses that hunt for food via daily hunting squads. There are many Kraxon-owned continent-sized cities on Kalain that are all connected yet are branched out to find more resources on Kalain. Kraxons have evolved to adapt to the planet's tough conditions. They are very strong to support themselves through the gravity, have very strong and thick skin to be comparable to the rocky terrain, and are extremely heat resistant due to the high temperatures. Kraxons' skin colours vary from a dark white, a light black, a plain grey, a muddy brown, a jet black and red-brown. The picture used for my OC is generally what all Kraxons look like, except for the head which will be explained later. The spikes may be larger or smaller or positioned differently. Kraxons reproduce every Yoni if they do not already have kids, if they do it's optional to have more, if not they will find a partner and mate on a Yoni. A Kraxon couple typically has three kids which will be trained. Kraxon young are trained from a young age to be soldiers in the military or a similar productive job. Most Kraxons aspire to be in the Kraxoniphordium Empire as a soldier though. The native language of Klaxons is "Kren" this language has multiple variations such as language on Earth. It is written as a bunch of lines, dots and curves. Kraxons have no religions and have their own version of unnamed Atheism because of their preference of science over philosophy. Male Kraxons are called with "Reno" before their surname as a sign of respect and a replacement for "Mr", the female equivalent is "Seno" as the prefix. The Kraxon colonies are raided every Tanir by animals so they are well trained and prepared every year until the time comes. Every Kraxon has hidden Phychokinetic powers that are unlocked through training. Every military soldier has unlocked them yet very few regulars have them. Kraxon minds are very strong yet they have never come close to breaching the Negative Zone so they depend on strong PK skills and advanced technology to help them win their wars. The Kraxons have one of the most advanced weaponry in the galaxy due to constant wars and struggle for survival, due to this, they are very primitive in nearly all other aspects of technology meaning they leave in plain metal armoured houses.

Cysalis Raekhon[]


Cysalis Yvorn Arthro Raekhon (pronounced "Sisa-lis Ye-vorn Ar-throw Ray-con") was born to a rich family of soldiers. His father was an ex military sargeant along with his father and his father ect. Being a soldier runs in his family as his mother was one too. He was born as an only child because his parents wanted to focus on him. He began Military School from age 3 (15 on Earth) instead of regular school. This lead him to be not so bright and social as he never had other kids to speak to. Instead he grew to be a destruction loving phychopath. He was trained in military tactics and fighting. He grew to be very strong and fit, he out performed all his classmates. Cysalis was hired as a soldier at age 24 (72 Earth years) and proved to be one of the best. His dedication came from his bloodline as his ancestors were great warriors like him. He eventually aspired to become something more, he wanted to be one of the more greatly honered Kraxons: the planet invaders. He applied and was eventually hand picked to join them in their travels. Throughout his years of experience he became the Invasion Leader: a role that means a single super experienced Kraxon sent to a planet alone to attack it single handedly. Thus would usually be a death wish if Cysalis wasn't so experienced. Once Invasion Leaders introduce the planet to their new enemies, the entire Kraxon army is sent to attack the planet. Cysalis has already lead the invasion of 13 planets. Cysalis had become very popular among Kraxons and has even gotten himself married to a beautiful Kraxon female named Maerva ("Merva") Raekhon. They had a child together called Cymbiir ("Sim-beer") Raekhon who is currently 7 (21 Earth years). Soon after Cymbiir's birth, Cysalis lost his wife during an attack by a distant planet. They attacked for resources and food, killing his wife in an explosion. This caused him to become much more dark and brutal. Only caring for himself and Cymbiir. He realised that his planets actions have done this to many others, that he wasn't doing anything good his whole life. He was working for the badguys this whole time. He stole some of his favourite military gear, took his son, and left Kalain in his Saucer.


Roughly what Cysalis' face looks like


Cysalis looks exactly like his picture above except that he is wearing metal plating armor on all the silver parts (arms, thighs and torso) and he hasn't got the cape thing around his neck. The wire-like things under his arms are veins. Underneathe, his skin colour is grey-black. He is also wearing a solid metal Predator-esque mask over his face exactly like in the picture that is just for design, it has no actual use. His face is the picture next to this paragraph except he has no ears and is bald like the full body picture. Instead he has two small holes/slits to hear from like all Kraxons. On the back of his neck is a green glowing device that activates his shield. His shield is a thin transparent round shid that is faintly green which is around his whole body and only appears when it is touched. He also has a small 1x1 inch 3D metal envelope shaped object on his left hip which contains all his weapons. It can only carry objects made out of Kravonium, a metal common on Kalain, that reacts with the contents of the storage device causing the weapon, its ammo, and any non-metal parts, to shrink until released from it (Kravonium is as strong as titanium and is pretty expensive to aquire outside of Kalain, however, a certain allow can replace this on the weapons if Kravonium is unavailable, but it rusts quickly and isn't as effective as Kravonium). Cysalis is the average height for Kraxon males, 5'6", and weighs 267 lmbs, he is a little heavier than average due to increased muscle mass.

Powers, Abilities and Equipment[]

Mental Powers[]

  • Phychokinesis: Phychokinesis, also known as PK, is the Kraxon's most strongest form of self-defense when their weapons aren't in hand. It is dormant within every Kraxon and is slowly unlocked through training of the mind and body. Cysalis is very experienced in this field as it has proved useful even when he is armed. He can become a one-man-army just with this power.
    • Distract: This ability allows for Cysalis to create a distraction mid-battle to his advantage.
      • Protect: Cysalis' causes an enemy to attack his own friends or protect Cysalis and his allies with its life.
      • Paralysis: This causes all beings in the area to become paralysed temporarily, they cannot move and will not know what happens during this paralasys until its over.
    • Cortex Scan: Cysalis can read the latest thoughts of a single person, even ones incapable of intelligent speech e.g. animals.
      • Forget: Cysalis can make someone forget what they've heard or seen, it helps for stealth missions.
      • Overload: Cysalis concentrates on a single person's mind in order to make their heads explode, killing them, this is ensured death on weaker beings.
    • Body Snatch: Cysalis approaches a being and links both their minds together. Cysalis attacks their mind rapidly as they try to defend. If they fail, Cysalis is absorbed into them via their forehead and can control them. He can use their powers fully but this only works for a limited time. The time limit is longer for weaker beings as it is easier to enter them. When Cysalis is forced to leave, the victim usually dies, however if he chooses to leave early before the limit, they survive. It is almost certain Cysalis will win the mind duel however very strong beings have been known to resist.
    • Telekinesis/Force: Telekinesis, also known as TK or Force, is the ability to move objects with the mind. Kraxons can only use TK to push, pull or crush objects, as true TK is nigh impossible in their current state. As such, Kraxons have re-named TK to Force, as it is not fully developed and can only force objects.
      • Force Direct: Cysalis causes all surrounding matter/objects to become attracted to a single object, creating a singularity effect and magnetically pulling everything and attaching them into a ball, effectively crushing the object in the middle.
    • Cranial Freeze: The ability to basically slow time till it no longer moves in the surrounding area, except for Cysalis, so that he can perform tasks while it is stopped. Other Kraxons are immune to this and can move too, this only lasts for 15 seconds, longer if Cysalis concentrates hard. He could also slow time but not drastically for way longer than 15 seconds.

Physical Powers[]

  • Super Strength: Kraxons have evolved to support themselves in Kalain's strong gravity, this has granted them increased muscle mass and denser bones and structure. They have been recorded to lift several tons and punch with great force.
    • Super Durability: Kraxons can survive high G-Forces, strong gravitational forces, heavy fire and extreme forces such as point blank explosions with reduced damage. Kraxons also live for a very long time, 240-400 years long in fact. They can survive the vacuum of space forever too.
      • Healing Factor: Kraxons have a superb healing factor, they can regenerate lost limbs in under a day and regular deep wounds in hours, they can heal from most fatal hits to avoid insta-kills too.
  • Heat Resistance: Kalain is extremely hot so Kraxons are resistant to very high temperatures, able to withstand 110°C on an average night, which is a lot colder than day, meaning they can withstand temperatures high enough to boil water without feeling different at all.
  • PK Resistance: Kraxons are immune to their own PK powers, even ones caused by other Kraxons.
  • Immovability: Kraxons have a firm skeletal structure and a strong grip, they can maintain a very stiff figure without flinching if attacked by powerful forces.


  • Expert Tactician/Leader: Cysalis is an Invasion Leader, so his job consists of him leading a small army to war against an entire planet with only days of prep.
    • H2H Combat Specialist: He has trained in above average martial arts from around the galaxy.
  • Expert in Advanced Weaponry: Cysalis is trained to use many advanced Kraxon weaponry to its max potentential. He is the most skilled in his own weapons as he has endless training and gets better everytime he uses them.
    • Advanced Weaponry Knowledge: Cysalis kniws his weapons inside-out, he is a Kraxon and knows how to repair, rebuild and operate his weapons better than anyone.
    • Expert Marksmanship: Cysalis is an experienced soldier and has very good aim with his weapons and regular weapons.
  • Multilingual: Cysalis has visited multiple planets around the galaxy and, in order to announce his attack on a planet, is forced to learn the native language before hand. He is fluent in over 19 languages including Kren, English, Uri, Martian, Narvan, Dedeka and Druhir.
  • Brutality: Cysalis has been through tough shit. He is not afraid to brutally murder someone for no reason. His only rule of no murder is children or innocent parents.



  • Arc-Charger V-82: This gun shoots out a continous bolt of lightning that, upon hitting a target, arcs to other objects or people that are conductive. The bolt is light blue and glowing. The weapon is loud and shocks the target to death or overcharges it. The stream lasts 15 seconds before it gets overheated and needs to recharge for 5 seconds. It looks like this.
  • Desintegration Blaster A80: A gun that fires a small ball of orange plasma that desintergrates most objects after hitting them. More durable objects take more shots before desintergration. If an object is immune, it heats up very quickly. The gun fires 2 "fireballs" per second and has ammo cartridges that will run out and new ones will need to be created on the ship after a mission. It looks like this.
  • Ionic Launcher: A grenade launcher that shoots a glowing red metal "lantern" shaped grenade that creates an explosion that destroys everything. The longer the weapon is charged the stronger/bigger the explosion. It can be exploded using PK or after a 10 second timer. The gun has limited ammo and needs to have more created after a mission on the ship. It looks like this.
  • Tremor Constructor: A gun that creates tremors in the earth, water or even air. It vibrates all particles surrounding it and could cause earthquakes or weaken an object or structure. Great to make a fight easier. It needs time to charge up after it has been used. It looks like this.
  • Triple-Shot Blaster 240: This gun is a basic laser assault rifle that shoots a triangle of three "laser bullets" at rapid speeds. It acts like a regular rifle meaning it uses ammo cartridges. It looks like this.
  • Aerial Drop-Bomber WD280: A gun that is like a portable SAM turrent. Cysalis aims it at the sky then fire, three missiles shoot out and home in on a target. They are very destructive and are usually an instakill. Only one round can be carried on a mission. It looks like this.
  • Negative Baller: This gun, when charged, slowly collects Negative Energy in then fires out a red-black ball of NZ energy. The ball is explosive and VERY powerful. As long as there is still NZ energy, the gun has infinite ammo. The gun first needs to charge up by holding down the trigger, which could take a long time depending how big and powerful you want it, then it can be used. It looks like this.
  • Light Cannon D4: This gun is like a Triple-Shot Blaster on steroids. It charges up for a few seconds then fires a big beam of light that punches through all in its way. It is useful to punch a hole in something. It has infinite ammo. It looks like this.
  • Heavy Shot Mini-Gun: This is the Kraxon equivilant of a mini-gun. It resembles a regular mini-gun and shares the same parts. It shoots out small bullets at rapid speeds with strong power. It is great for dealing a lot of damage to something big or taking down an army. It requires ammo that needs to be taken with before a mission. It carries 500 bullets. It looks like this.


  • Serakate Shield: A faint green round shield that emits from the back of Cysalis' neck device. It surrounds him and is his size. It blocks every projectile by destroying it imediately or can block melee attacks. Projectiles van be shot from the inside-out so Cysalis can still shoot. The shield takes a lot of damage before it is destroyed, after it is destroyed it will take time to regenerate. It can be toggled on or off via PK.
  • Holo-Camo Disguiser: A device which can turn Cysalis into any being by copying it. He can only copy a specific person so he'll need to kill the real thing first to avoid being exposed. He uses this when body snatch is unavailable. It can't store a being's data, only when it is in use. Triggered Phychokinetically.
  • AW Kravonium Miniture Storage Device: A storage device shaped as a small envolope box on his left hip. It is composed of a special element on the inside that when it touches Kravonium, the metal which the weapons are made of, it causes it to shrink. All Cysalis' weapons are stored here in their miniture state and as soon as he uses PK to choose a weapon, he pulls it out and it expands again to full size.
  • Kraxon Military Standard Titanium Plating: Regular plating to protect him better from attacks. Nothing special. Better for clothing than armor. Standard for all soldiers.
  • Kraxon War Mask: Just to scare enemies like battle paint. Standard for all soldiers.
  • Kraxon Military Standard Grenade Set: A set of grenades stored in his storage device. 3 each. But he can make more. They all look like little metal balls and are triggered or thrown via the mind.
    • Shock Grenades: Shock everyone around it.
    • Force Grenades: Sends everything flying.
    • Black Hole Grenades: Opposite of Force Grenades. Sucks everything in.
    • Regular Grenades: Creates a small and powerful explosion of intense fire.
    • Time Grenades: Slows time down in a specific area.
  • Dual Thruster DX-2 Jet Pack: Two small wing shaped thrusters that are connected to his back. They fold into a small patch that can also send out a small jump boost to make him jump higher. The jetpack lasts 5 minutes before having to recharge itself for 20 seconds. This works in the vacuum of space too for full manuverability.

    The Jet Pack when opened into wing form

  • Kraxon Empire's War Saucer: A Saucer used in all-out war after an invasion fully begins. They are super durable, can fly VERY fast, have a lot of strong weapons and is combatable with Deonida by parking into a huge disk slot in the rear. It is 9 feet long and round. It is entered from beneath in the Abduction Beam when it is landed and can fit max two people. It is great for space and aerial travel. It is only used for emergencies and is repairable.

    The Saucer

    • Death Ray: A single orange laser fired from the front of the Saucer that incinirates everything it touches. Useful for cutting buildings or destroying a single target.
    • Plasma Cannons: Two pairs of guns exit the sides if the ship. They are Tron styled neon purple and shoot purple plasma bullet-lasers. Great for hordes of enemies due to its rapid fire.
    • Quantum Deconstructor: A small rotating wheel shaped thing comes out of the front of the Saucer which has a green glow emitting out the front. It shoots a green ball of Negative Energy which causes a mini nuclear explosion destroying everything in the area. It must first collect the energy to charge up and takes a long time to recharge.
    • Abduction Beam: A faint white beam emits from a circle below the Saucer that picks up objects and people. It can drain the victim or object to replenish its ammo, energy or health too.
    • Cloak: The Saucer can go invisible for a certain amount of time. It cannot attack during this state however.
    • Anti-Gravity Field: The Saucer can make most objects thst are near it float randomly.
    • Sonic Boom: Shoots out compressed sound bombs from the front that cause mini explosions.


  • Cysalis is infamous around the galaxy as one of the most successful Invasion Leaders ever.
  • If Cysalis was ever to return to Kalain, he most likely would be arrested for Grand Larceny due to stealing powerful weapons.
  • Cysalis is HEAVILY based on Crypto from Destroy All Humans! because that game series was freaking epic.
  • Kalain is unintentionally similar to Hell.
  • I put too much detail into this.
  • The Emperor of the Kraxon Empire respects Cysalis as he had done so much for him so he allowed him to leave without an intergalactic bounty or sending Kraxons to assassinate him.
  • There is an exception in the galaxy's law that allows Kalain to do its mass kilings because it is "neccessary for survival", most rumors say that Kalain is just too big of a threat to deal with.
  • I made all this up on the spot. Except for the DAH! stuff I "stole".
  • Cysalis is wanted in over 50 different planets.
  • Cysalis can speak over 70 languages, but he's only fluent in 19.
  • The Saucer is parked in the back of the team's space ship and completes a part of it. It is only disconnected when used by Cysalis. It has a DNA lock on it.
  • The Saucer has a communication device to contact Kalain, and after a few mods, the main ship, without being hacked. The Saucer's tech is unhackable and only able to be controlled by a Kraxon Soldier due a telepathic link needed to be created between the Saucer hub and the pilot.