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"How do I understand them, without having any idea on what I am?"

-Maxx talking about the others.

Maximlian Miles
His Power armor


Maxx, Maxi.


Mad Maxx, Underdog, Merc, Argus


Personal Mercenary for Senator Gray


156 (Chronologically, 28 (Biologically)


Trojan IX Project

Home Planet


Marital Status



Senator Gray


6'5" (Without armor), 7'5" (With armor)




Gunner Wright


A human colony occupied by a variety of species, due to the size, it has 5% more gravity than Earth, making most humans who adapted here at their Peek condition. The Air is breathable and much more cleaner than Earth's, being able to sustain different kinds of species. Many new Elements were found strong, hard, light and non-magnetic, but a bit metallic. One of these elements, Carbonadium, the most abundant one is the ideal form of their power armor materials, due to its strength, weight, regenerative and extreme durability. But the strangest part of this planet is not the fauna. It's the parasites that lie within it. A species that came from E.D.N III known as the Akrid, a hostile species which comes in many forms, unknown how they arrived. Some parts of the planet has extremely lower gravity, marked as deadzones, military facilities and training grounds, but sometimes the Deadzone's gravity suddenly shifts, from being that of Mars, to that of Earth's. Alot of species have shared in technology to colonize it. The total number of species that occupy this planet is estimated to be around 988, 000, 000, 000, with space for even more.

Trojan IX Project[]

The Trojan IX Project, Vex's special pet project. After the government found an old program, Spartans, they decided to update it and rename it. Their first step was gathering DNA from multiple species, Human, Meta, Yautja, Na'vi and Xenomorph. These supersoldiers looked like regular humans who are in Peek (Or above) Condition, but they are much more stronger, faster, agile, durable, instinctive and intelligent. These “Trojans" were then given further augmentations from their height being 5'11"-7'5", having their bones made unbreakable, having a meidum-level healing factor, being able to lift a car easily and survive fatal things. Their senses have also been enhanced greatly, even adding a sixth sense. The sixth sense acts as a Psuedo Spider sense, making him an extremely excellent combatant. Also Trojans stop physically aging at twenty eight. There are over ten-million Trojans.

Maxx's history[]

Ever since he was made, he was thought a military lifestyle. As such, at age twelve he took down ten veterans, not easily, but with his bare hands, this proved himself to be an important asset. At age sixteen he was already being sent on missions, this provided a reputation for him, but in two years the government disbanded the Trojans and killed all, but missed one. One of the senators smuggled him out, Senator Harvey Gray, thanked him for his services, he gave him weapons, armor and information that he'd need, and that the Greys will continue this until the government can accept him. 138 years later the descendant of Harvey Gray caught up to him, a senator as well, Esme Gray. He's now her gun in charge of her Hyperion Program, recruiting potential agents and soldiers. In return he was given a ship, alot of money, alot of weapons and some armor upgrades. Now he is a force to be reckoned with.


Even for his chronological age, He still acts his biological age. He was shown to look usually serious, yet he can crack a slight joke or two, but he can also be a party animal, hard to believe it, he was actually caring, even if it doesn't look like it. He actually has a very strong will, everything he went through motivated him. But he was actually usually happy, a bit cocky, snarky and honor bound.


He is as a guy would look in his late twenties. He has Hazel Blue eyes. Brown hair, made into a military cut. A light stubble. He has a wide jawline. He also has a scar down his right eye. He has a well conditioned body.

The picture above is him in his power armor. Except it would be darker, a bit bulkier, less thin, more armor and much more streamlined with the structure looking like a jet, buggy and tank. The helmet's visor is also leading down to where his nose and mouth would be. The sectioned armor parts would be the Helmet, Shoulders, Body, Pecs, Abs, Back, Scalpulas, Spine, Elbows, Arms, Thighs, Knees, Shins and Feet. The Body suit would be Pitch black and would match his muscle strands. It also has multiple holsters, sheats and ports for his weapons.

He usually wears a white shirt, camoflauge cargopants and combat boots, with black fingerless gloves.



-Enhanced Strength: Without his power armor, he is beyond stronger than the average man. He is approximately able to lift 3-7 tons at best and jumping sixteen feet off the ground, bending metal bars, destroying concrete and dismembering a normal opponent easily. His power armor greatly enhances him.

-Enhanced Speed: Without his power armor, he is faster than an ordinary man, reaching 60+mph.

-Enhanced Agility: Without his power armor, his balance is perfect on anything, and rarely messes up.

-Enhanced Durability: Without his armor, he's able to take 14 megatons of force, but bullets can still pierce his skin and flesh. But his muscle mass, skin and organs were hardened to a degree where he can barely feel normal attacks. But it does have serious limits.

-Enhanced Stamina: He is able to fight for an entire week without rest.

-Enhanced Healing: His healing is advanced as he is able to heal from normal gunshots, stabs, slashes and extreme kinetic force and heal one of his wounds in a matter of minutes, but his healing stems from his brain. It also has extreme limits.

-Enhanced Rexlexes: So far he has shown to dodge missiles, some gunfire and was able to tag a super sonic target. This also applies to his combat skills as the usual reason on why common enemies touched him, is when he hits them.

-Enhanced Senses: His senses were enhanced to a radical degree. He can see miles away, smell targets like a blood hound, hears the slightest sound, taste the air for differences and practically feel invisible targets' pressence.

-Enhanced Intelligence: He has an IQ of 225, learning fifteen more languages and can be pretty creative, strategic and adaptable in combat.


-He is an excellent chef.

-A great melee fighter.

-An expert gun fighter.

-A Legendary Soldier.


He comes equiped with his bare essentials, his pistol, Assault Rifle, Shotgun and Bazooka. The Pistol he uses, resembles the combination of an FN-Five SeveN, Desert Eagle and Hardballer and has futuristic texture, it uses 13mm magnum rounds, eight bullets per magezine. His Assault Rifle, looks like Halo's Assault Rifle mixed with a Halo's DMR, using 18mm bullets, has a scope and grenade launcher under barrel, it carries forty rounds per clip. His Shotgun looks like Halo's Shotgun, it has a scope attached and can carry up to ten shells, each shell has a spread and range it's almost like you don't have to aim. His bazooka resembles Halo's Bazooka, holding up to two anti-vehicle weapons.

His Achilles armor though, is his most versitile tool. Able to protect him to an intense degree to an unknown extent. This suit allows him to generate force bubbles, personalized energy shields and extreme overshields if given enough time to recharge. It has its own AI, Pixie, who is basically his personal JARVIS and/or Cortanan, she keeps the suit ready, spiff and clean. The suit also has jet boosters, which allow for a double jump, gliding, slowing down a fall, travel in zero-g areas or flight if enough velocity has been gained. It can also change its gravity to adapt to different planets. It can also afd on multiple extra modular parts for various situations for taks it cannot handle all on its own. The HUd, mini-map and scanner are it's default recquirements for this armor.

He always adapts weaponry and armor, always looting off of opponents, you would be surprised at the update he'hmplanning.

He also owns a ship which is five times bigger than Starlord's Milano, being able to occupy personal ships of staff member, but easy enough for one person to handle it all on their own. It has automatic plasma lazers, explosive projectiles, a pod cannon, slipspace engine, anti-personel guns, Paladium core, escape pods, submersible functions, Anti-gravity torpedoes, smart bombs, smart flares, undetectable cloak and an extremely powerful Proton cannon. It resembles the Milano and the alien ship from Battleship. It has a main bridge, solo piloting, group piloting, autopiloting, where most of the main crew would stay and for meetings. The science section, for R&D. The Medbay. The exit is also a storage room for vehicles and cargo. The armory is where excess weapons are kept.