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I applied as a swordsman but my magic appitude is 9999! Solar Light & Lunar Shadow is an anime series with 12 episodes. It focuses on Rola Edmonds (Laura in western version), who was enrolled in the Royal Capital Adventurer School due to her 9999 magic appitude, encounters an shadow spirit that has also a very strong magic appitude like her, but when its magic went out of control she almost wiped out everything and sealed itself to protect the humans. Now that she became its owner, Rola, now 10 years old, along with Anna Arnett and Charlotte Gazard, she will uncover the Shadow Spirit's mysteries. The Opening Theme "Rebirth Magic" will be sung by Hashimoto Miyuki. The Ending Theme "Chibi Trouble" will be sung by Nao.


Episode 1: An Secret Discovery[]

Episode 2[]

Episode 3[]

Episode 4[]

Episode 5[]

Episode 6[]

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