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Ichiro Kojiro
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Birth Date

February 2






5 ft.


98 ibs.



Blood type



School of Mountains


White Belt

Shomei Kinou (Signature Ability)



Budou - Episode 1

Ichiro Kojiro is the main protagonist of Budou and is a white belt in training at the School of Mountains. Ichiro is shown to be a very active boy, suffering from ADHD, and is also shown to pay very little attention. Ichiro is also known to have a very short temper.


Ichiro is a young teenage boy, a little bit short for his age. He has slightly spiky brown hair and calm blue eyes and seems to be a bit jumpy but that's only due to his ADHD. Ichiro can be described as a shrimp-like boy as he is rather thin and overall a small child. Like other students at the School of Mountains, he wears a karate gi.


Due to suffering from ADHD, one would initally describe Ichiro as being a very active child who fails to keep focus. Ichiro is however a very determined child and attempts to work hard to achieve his goals. Ichiro feels that he is different than the other fighters at the School of Mountains and pushes himself to try and be better. Ichiro is also known to be rather sensitive about himself and takes most criticism seriously. Ichiro has a rather short temper and will erupt at the slighest insult.


Ten years before Budou begins, young Ichiro was living happily in a village with his mother, father, and baby sister. All was well for young Ichiro but little did he know, his life was getting ready to change in an instant. One night while the young child lay sleep, bloodcurtling screams filled the air of his village. Looking outside Ichiro saw his village up in flames. Ichiro's parents stormed in his room, holding his sister, and grabbed the young child. The family attempted to flee the village but to no avail as masked attackers soon cornered Ichiro and his family. With no mercy the attackers murdered Ichiro's parents and left Ichiro and his sister to die.

Ichiro was now left alone with his one-year-old sister and had no idea if he was going to make it. Young Ichiro and his sister where near dead when Grandmaster Sekine and a group of fighters from the School of Mountains found them. Grandmaster Sekine realized that Ichiro and his sister were orphans and took them back with him to the School of Mountains.

Plot Involvement[]

Powers & Abilites[]

Strong Shiki: Ichiro is said to have strong amounts of Shiki, spiritual energy used to perform both magic and martial arts techniques. When Grandmaster Sekine found Ichiro he immediately sensed the inner power that both he and his younger sister held and knew that enemies would come after the children soon. Although Ichiro has strong Chi he has a very hard time controlling it.

Telekinesis: A very rare ability used by Ichiro is that of Psychokinesis, the power to manipulate and control anything. Ichiro has the ability to move and control objects without physically touching them. According to Grandmaster Sekine, the Psychokinesis ability requires massive amounts of concentration and there are more skills that go along with the ability