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Welcome! InFAMOUS: Dark Hope is a RolePlay based on the inFAMOUS Video Game series. It will be RPed by my friends and I. It takes place in D.U.P. occupied London during 2018, at the same time as the events of Second Son. It focuses on the much darker side of the inFAMOUS series. Here's a guide to the RP:

  • Regular text signifies dialogue.
  • Regular text in *asterisks* are thoughts a character is making in their head.
  • Italicized text represents a change in voice, long distance communication or to stress a word.
  • Bolded and Italicized text is an action a character is making or narration.

These are the current RPers:

  • Infamoussnakegang
  • Thecryingwolf3553
  • Ghostaree
  • TheSuperiorOne


Seven years prior to the events of Second Son, the Beast rampaged through several states. In his rampage, many people were scared and migrated across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe and the UK, thus increasing the overall population. Conduit Positives also travelled with the humans, unknowing of their powers, some of them died when the RFI was activated. When the Department of Unified Protection formed, a large portion was sent by Brooke Augustine to secure England, as many conduits must've migrated there along with the humans. The D.U.P. quickly set up their bases in England, with several new leaders appointed by Augustine herself to rule as she was not there. The most powerful base was in London, as that was the center of the conduit migration. These new leaders were government officials, and were much more hateful of conduits than Augustine. The D.U.P. started to put up properganda about hating conduits, making people hate them, and encourage their genocide. A new law was constructed making it illegal to harbour or aid a conduit, and that all conduits were to be killed. Every suspicous human was tested for conduitism and even engaged on by the police and military. The Conduit Rights League was officially banned in the UK yet a franchise of it was formed called GENE. GENE studies the conduit gene directly and claims to be admirers of Dr. Wolfe's work. The D.U.P. have powers not only consisting of concrete but glass, wood, paper, wire, masonary and a few others. They have grown in numbers and have a huge variety of ranks ready to deal with the menacing conduits that hide within London's shadows. London was officially under quarantine.

In an empty park in London[]

Jeremy Kidd and Albert "Lon" Thayer were walking through an empty park at early morning, to avoid the roads where any D.U.P. APCs may be patrolling.

Jeremy: It's awfully quite today, you think the D.U.P. decided that conduits are too savage and hauled arse?

Albert: You're so delusional Jeremy, nope, I doubt it. We better avoid conflict though, I don't feel like fighting today.

Jeremy: When do you? You always pussy out whenever the DUPs are mentioned.

Albert: I'm more concerned about your safety. You have been a conduit for longer but you are still young, reckless and... Don't get me started. Anyway, where are we going exactly?

Jeremy: Nowhere, just waiting till the D.U.P. stop their patrols and start their searches, then we head inside. Probably visit the pub.

Albert: That'd be grand. We hit the pub so I can drink a couple Fireballs. Why get killed by the D.U.P. When I can die of alcohol poisoning instead.

Jeremy: Lon, why are you so cranky? You know I work in a pub right? And pubs are great to lay low, why would they search for conduits in a pub at the start of the day? A few gunshots are heard from a rifle in the distance That'll be the joy-killers.

Albert: I don't know about you, but duty calls. Oh, don't die while I'm away. He proceed to run toward the source of noise and continues to shapeshift into a wolf-like hound halfway through.

Jeremy: Under his breath Oh this fool is gonna die without me. Hey Lon Chaney, wait up!! He begins running after him then he dive rolls, but while mid-air, he twists his body and turns into a blob of black gooey slime and lands on the ground, then slides quickly near him towards the conflict.

They go into a cul-de-sac of buildings and hide behind one. They see a black and yellow D.U.P. APC with the back doors open and three D.U.P. Agents standing around a body of a young male, probably in his early twenties, with three bullet holes in his back. It appears he tried to escape as there is a cracked iPad-like device laying on the ground with a hand print and written in bold "CONDUIT POSITIVE - 68%"

Agent 1: Bio-terrorist terminated.

Agent 2: This guy was definetely a bio-terrorist, he fled before the scanner even finished.

Agent 3: We should head down the road, search the school. You'd be suprised- An incoming radio signal interrupts them from the main D.U.P. HQ

Radio: Calling any agents patrolling the immediant area, a prime has seemed to have attacked an outpost on 57th, back-up needed.

Agent 2: Sounds like trouble, lets go boys. They all get in the back of the APC and head out the cul-de-sac

Jeremy: Hear that? A conduit is rebelling against these arses. Shall we follow them my furry friend?

Albert: Smirks Alright, but keep on mind that we were heading to the pub a few minutes ago.

They follow the APC until it stops near a D.U.P. checkpoint, they stop just around the corner from the APC to watch. They see a squad of D.U.P. agents running around, firing their guns at one of the guard towers, where a young girl cowers in fear. She leans over and throws a ball of water at them, with no effect. One of the agents throws a barage of concrete at the towers, nearly destroying the whole thing. She screams as it shakes.

Jeremy: What should we do? There's one, two...four...eight D.U.P. dudes there.

Albert: First, we save the girl He ignities a small torch on his fingertips Second, we use our combined powers to burn the whole place down, WITHOUT exposing that we're here in the first place. But now, we make a diversion He uses the flame to shot the tear gas canister boxes, okay now, I go rescue the girl while you spray the checkpoint with your... Flammable..slime..thing and I light it on fire! Any questions? No? Let's go.

Jeremy: This is bad publicity, but who cares? He holds one arm upwards and grapple hooks up a building. He then throws a web of blue slime down to tie an agents gun to the ground. He then holds both arms together and generates a blob of red translucent slime in his hand as it expands. Hurry, save the bird or she goes down with this place! He gets shot a couple times in the face Fuck...

Albert's eyes shift into a cat-like amber and his fangs extended. He moves at a speed that make him appear as a blur, instantaneously appearing behind the girl, he grabs her from the waist and gets her to safety.

Albert: I'll be back, stay here.

He run back toward the checkpoint.

Albert: Jeremy? Jeremy let's light this place up, I heard bonfires are pretty popular around here.

Jeremy: HEY DUPE TROOPERS! BONFIRE NIGHT'S COMING A LITTLE EARLY THIS YEAR!! He throws the huge red blob down as it collides with the floor, it splatters everywhere on the checkpoint and a bit of the road.

Albert: Flame on!

With a snap of his fingers the entire place lights on fire, and with a small explosion, the whole checkpoint collides.

Albert: Jeremy are you roasted in there?

Jeremy jumps from the building landing on his knees out of the fire next to Albert.

Jeremy: It'll take a lot more than a glorified firecracker to bring me down. But that was epic! Oh the dupes will be so pissed...

Girl: T-thanks for saving me. I thought I was dead. I was on my way to college but then they told me I had to pass through the checkpoint. I-I knew I was a conduit, that it was gonna go off, so I attacked them...thank you so much!

Albert: And your name is?

Girl: Faye, Faye Adamson.

Albert: So Jeremy? We can't leave her alone you know.

Jeremy: What, are we supposed to take her to school now? Unless she wants to down a pint then I ain't bothered.

Albert: Faye how old are you?

Faye: Twenty two.

Albert: See? You are an adult now, a conduit, your education days are behind you.

Faye: B-but my family... M-my friends, I should just leave them?

Albert: Faye, I totally understand you, it happened to me too, but unlike me, I promise that you will be reunited with your loved ones, as soon as all of this is over.

Faye: I agree, but... but you will have to teach me how to control... It She shakes her hands as water drips from her fingertips uncontrollably.

Jeremy: So what? You got wet hands, you can still stay low. D.U.P. won't get you unless you walk straight into their checkpoint like you did. Anyway you're 22, you're old enough for a beer right? Come down to the pub, three beers on the house. Trust me it's safer than it sounds, no Dupes there.

Faye: I go for a beer with two men I just met, sure, why not?

Albert: Two men who just saved your life, don't worry Faye, you're safe with us.

Jeremy: Don't worry, we're not fre..frea...freaks.. He chuckles Oh who are we kidding? Sirens are heard, both fire and D.U.P. There's our que to GTFO. They quickly leave to the pub that Jeremy works at. They walk through the double doors as the pub is almost empty A wolf-man, a mermaid and a sewage worker walk into a bar, I sense a bad joke incomming...

Albert: Okay Jeremy, you work here right, and you do know my favorite drink, or in case you forgot: one shot Fireball Whiskey; one pint Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider. Combine shot with pint and a twist of lemon or lime, I feel like burning myself tonight.

Jeremy: I never forgot. I just needed a reminder...He walks behind the bar Hey, pub's closed. takes a glass out of a guy's hand, the only guy in the pub.

Guy: But you just opened.

Jeremy: And now we're closing.

Guy: But at least let me finish.

Jeremy: It's the middle of the day! And you might wanna think about quitting.

Guy: But this is my first pin-

Jeremy: What are you glued to the chair? Get out!

The man leaves as Jeremy gets everyone's drinks.

Jeremy: Alright, the pub's safe, no-one comes around here much. So who the fuck are you again?

Faye: Let's see here She gets a notebook and a pencil from her handbag and starts to write: Faye Adamson, female, water conduit, twenty two, curly blonde hair, green eyes and... Yup, that's it She rips the paper off and hands it to Jeremy, Keep that as a reminder, oh also, I'm not into dating, so don't you dare even think of it.

Jeremy: Looks down and smiles and he scrunches the paper up and puts it in his pocket Yeah I'm gay, and he's my boyfriend. Suprise suprise!

Faye: Seriously? That's so cool!

Albert: Girl, I don't think you know what that means...

Faye: It means that both of you are in a same-sex romantic relationship, oh also, you both are conduits, in other words, you got nothing to lose right? You don't give a damn about what other people think. Let's see now, if I'm going to live with you two from now on, where am I staying?

Jeremy: Woah what? Living? With us? We could train you but we barely have places to stay ourselves. I mean we stay at a motel sometimes but uh...

Albert: Of course Faye, I'll find you a place He flashes a smile.

Faye: I think I'll just be a burden.

Albert: We're all in this together, either Germ here likes it, or not.

Jeremy: Well this will so not suck.

Outside, an APC stops on the sidewalk, two armed D.U.P. guards come out and grab a man who screams. They pull him inside and close the doors then drive off

Jeremy: Leave it. We can't save everyone.

Albert: Smacked his money down onto the table Alright, pass me another whiskey, I want to knock myself out...

Jeremy: Haha, sure thing. They all drink till they're drunk as hell. Except Faye. It is now night and the patrols are small Damn I'm soooo fired after this...

Faye: I think he is sleeping... Wow, he looks so peaceful, by Firebreathing monster-werewolf standards. Should I wake him up?

Jeremy: Nah...I-I need to..blurgh. He walks into another room and comes out in a black hoodie with a red interior hood I-I'll be back...soon...

Jeremy leaves the pub and walks around at night. He sees someone walking in front of him and follows him. The man turns his head then walks faster. He heads down an alleyway to lose him as Jeremy follows. Now in his "Jack" persona.

The man turns around in fear

Man: Why the fuck are you following me?! Back off you freak!

Jack: You should really watch your tone, if you struggle it's not as satisfying...

Man: What the- who are you?!

Jack: The news headlines will figure it out by tommorow.

Man: New- what?! What do you want?!

Jack: That's an interesting question. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Man: I sware I know how to fight, so you better fuck off or I'll kill you.

Jack: I was hoping you weren't gonna say that. Because now you're pissing me off, and that just makes things messier.

As Jack talks he approaches the man who walks back

Man: Piss off or I will k-

Jack: Shut up! Jack lunges at him, and is now ontop of him, then he keeps punching his face a lot, making him bleed heavily. As he punches, slime leaks onto his face. SHUT. THE FUCK. UP!! Jack then pulls his arms outwards causing slime to rip the man's face apart and splatter across the walls in a web shape. Jack then lightly punches his dead remains as he bursts out crying.

Back at the pub, Faye is scared and wakes up Albert.

Albert: Ahhhh, Faye, dearie, please don't wake me up so suddenly again.

Faye: Jeremy went out and I was scared, sorry.

Albert: Was he wearing a black hoodie? Stuttering and...

Faye: Yes.

Albert: I gotta go He dons his wintercoat and shoulder holster, and heads to the exit.

Faye: So... I'm staying alone?

Albert: Can you?

Faye: Definitely.

Albert: I'll be right back.

Albert uses his senses to track down Jeremy, only to find Jeremy, or Jack, laying on the concrete floor, next to a man's body teared limb from limb.

Albert: Man, and I though dating a guy would save me the periods. Okay now... cliché son of a bitch, you had enough killing tonight, now give me back my Jeremy, it's almost his bed time.

Jack: Looks half back at him Oh, it's YOU. The hero to the people huh? That's bullshit. There's no hero in ANY of this. Smirks' Spare me the inspirational crap and beat it. 'He begins to walk away.

Albert: Jackie, we're not done yet, oh and by the way, serial killer is so last century, you're a conduit, if you want to murder someone, do it in style, or not at all He is trying to be sarcastic, forcing a response out of Jack.

Jack: Style? Have you not seen any of my previous victims? The kills are about presentation. To leave a message. You're just too stupid to see it. He looks annoyed at Albert's ignorance and carries on walking away.

Albert: Listen here, things won't change if you keep on killing innocent people in Whitechapel. You are only giving the D.U.P. more evidence against us He uses Pyrokinesis to ignite his fingertips on fire and I won't let you keep it up this w1ay.

Jack: The D.U.P.? laughs manically Who gives a shit about the D.U.P.?! They can kill conduits all they want, it doesn't effect me much. And you think I'M the one giving them evidence against us? What about that stunt you pulled this morning?! Setting a fucking checkpoint on fire?! Because that's very fucking subtle!!

Albert: The only difference was: I was saving a life instead of taking it. Jack, if you don't give me back Jeremy right now, I will have to beat him out of you His eyes shift to amber, his fangs extended.

Jack: Oh Jeremy, one of the names to describe, the... less fun side of me. My lesser half. You know, if you would just look deeper into my murders, actually, not murder, art, then you'd see the true meaning. You'd encourage it! I mean, just take a look here, at my latest master piece... Points to dead body Can't you see? This man is...dead! There you go! But that's not what the dead bastard represents. What he represents is a hole in the system. Oh I'm revealing too much. Let the public figure this out.

Albert: What I see here is homocide that make you no more than a murderer, Jack, can you take a moment to imagine his family's reaction, tomorrow, when they discover he was murdered by the infamous JACK THE RIPPER, what if he had a daughter? Sleeping soundly tonight not realizing her father was killed on his way home? You know something? He extinguish the flames and his eyes return to normal A man in his right mind would've killed you on the spot, but not me, not today, you're everything I have left He turn back, heading "home" Nothing would justify what you will do tonight, just promise me you won't be late okay?

Jack looks down with his hands in his pocket. Tears run down his face

Jeremy: Al, me...It happened again didn't it? his voice breaks up as the slime on him retracts away and he looks less sinister.

Albert: Yes Germ, it happened again, and that poor man was the victim, c'mon, let's go home, I left Faye there waiting for me.

Jeremy: Okay...looks at the body I'm so sorry...Takes his hoodie off and walks next to Albert Jack is never gonna go away, isn't he?

Albert: Wrap his arm around Jeremy and gives him a tight hug it will go away, but if it doesn't I will have to kill it, one way or another Jack has to go. But most importantly now, we have a paranoid condey waiting for us, so I suggest we hurry.

The following morning[]

The trio are in the pub around the bar at 7:00, it's closed currently

Jeremy: Lets check what shit is being said on the news today... He turns on the T.V on the wall to the news channel, a reporter is there with a picture of a burnt checkpoint in the background

Reporter: And then the bio-terrorist was aided by two more bio-terrorists. They ambushed the D.U.P. and set fire to the checkpoint in civilian territory. Many brave soldiers were burnt alive in the blaze including two buildings. The bio-terrorists then escaped but the D.U.P. promises to capture all three of them to ensure an incident like this is never repeated. They ask for your support by dialing this number whenever you discover a bio-terrorist in sight. The picture changes to an alleyway with a covered dead body, with several police officers and police tape blocking the enterance And now Jack The Ripper strikes again. Just last night the infamous serial killer brutully slaughtered a father of two leaving little trace except for a strange black substance. Police suspect that Jack The Ripper is a bio-terrorist as it is the only explanation for such voilent and untracable crimes. However they promise that all evidence has pointed them further into unmasking Jack The Ripper. The picture changes to a silent interview video of a man in a suit And finally Department of Unified Protection Representative Austin Parks was interviewed by one of our journalists today. Here is the interview: The screen changes to a man being questioned

Interviewer: So Mr. Parks, what were the D.U.P.'s reaction on the attack of the checkpoint yesterday morning?

Austin: We are further motivated to protect the people of London as the bio-terrorist threat has increased. That attack yesterday signifies a new coming of danger, and what we introduce is a new plan of defense.

Interviewer: Interesting, so what are the D.U.P.'s thoughts on Jack The Ripper?

Austin: We offer our condolences to the victims and their families and have decided to aid the NLPD in capture of the supposed bio-terrorist. We have currently taken samples of the substance left behind and are trying our best to identify the murderer.

Interviewer: Okay and finally what are the D.U.P.'s ties to the genetic research franchise G.E.N.E?

Austin: As of now I am not permitted to mention much of what the D.U.P. and the Genetic Engineering and Natural Enhancment franchise's connection is but I can assure you it will revolutionise bio-terrorist capture and control.

Interviewer: Okay, thank you for answering these questions. That will be all.

Austin: Anything to help the public know that we, the Department of Unified Protection, are here to keep you safe and are currently achieving that. Secure plus Protect equals Safe.

The interview ends and the news ends, Jeremy switches off the news

Jeremy: Wow, what bullshit.

Faye: I'm pretty sure these bodies are fake. We didn't kill anyone yesterday, just burned the whole thing down their heads.

Albert: If one thing the Dupes are good at is manipulation, they will do anything to support their agenda.

Faye: So who is this Jack the Ripper?

Albert: Just a conduit turned serial killer.

Faye: Oh jolly... and I thought shit is bad as it is.

Jeremy: Who the fuck is G.E.N.E.? Isn't that the Conduit Rights League thing? Isn't that banned? What does the D.U.P. have to do with it?

Albert: Me and Shawna Spencer went... infiltrated a G.E.N.E. laboratory before, where the hell do you think I got my Pyrokinesis? They have some nifty stuff Germ.

Somewhere in Seattle[]

A man with an eyepatch was just with his wife at an aprtments, He was holding one of their twins, while his wife was holding onto him, until a Walkie Talkie looking thing rang.

Man: Juno, you know I have to take this.

Juno: It's alright Jin, I understand it is your job to make the world a safer place for our kids.

Jin walks over to where the device was and pressed its center.

Jin: Roh here, what's the mission?

Contact: Job in London go there and take out the D.U.P there.

Jin: Alone?

Contact: You were a legend...

Jin: Of course, as usual no evidence of ARMOR's existance and location is not to be known right?

Contact: Yes.

Jin: I'll do it.

After explaining to Juno his mission she nodded at her and embraced him tightly.

Juno: Just come back alright, it's already enough you can't use your right eye anymore. She giggled

Jin: Yes maam'.

Thirty minutes later he was already in some militaristic armor and hid in a cargo container beins shipped off to London.

Harbor at London[]

As the Ship arrived, He exited the cargo container, having his essential weapons, and snuck past anything there, ranging from guards to D.U.P, He was ableto sneak past there and got to the location which was an abandoned apartment building filled with weapons computers and an information wall that started as a line, with point a being D.U.P and Point B being G.E.N.E., It also had a web that lead to people and a picture that had a silhouette of a man with a questuon mark in the middle and the name said Jack the Ripper.

Jin: Okay London, show me what ails you.

He then quickly searched for an entire ten hours, for latest news of everything.

Jin: Looks like I'll be here for a while Looks at old tapes he can use as recordings and a recorder for those exact tapes Maybe I can leave a few Dead drops for some rebels or conduits, maybe some information...or allies.

He then exited leaving his weapons and armor, but brought a stun knife and an FN-Five seveN, dressed in a baggy hooded jacket, pants, bandana for his mouth and shades. He pulls up his hood. He then traveled to the closest D.U.P checkpoint and he was going stealthily at the checkpoint eyeing it, seeing weakspots. That's when he made his move, He planted some explosives, waited for the right time then BOOM, checkpoint went down and he got out.

Hours Later...[]