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Infinite Stratos: Shenlong is an Spin-off Anime with 12 episodes and Video Game starring Lingyin Huang as the protagonist. She gets into contact with an IS named Shenlong when the original one (Tianlong) was needed an upgrade before she got admitted to IS Academy and started to control her new IS, meeting her childhood friend Houki Shinonono, and meeting allies and enemies. The Opening Theme "Straight Jet (SHENLONG Remix)" will be sung by Minami Kuribayashi. The Ending Theme "PHASE: Koryu" will be sung by Aki Misato.


Lingyin "Rin" Huang[]

Voiced by: Asami Shimoda

The main protagonist of the series. She underwent the procedures by her parents which makes her have the strengths of a superhuman. She befriended Houki Shinonono since childhood. Her IS is named Shenlong, unlike its original counterpart, Its an 4th-generation IS. She is similiar to her original counterpart, except she does not forget her wallet as a habit and not lose her temper. She never acts without thinking about her action and problems, due to having also her intelligence enhanced.

Houki Shinonono[]

Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa

The childhood friend of Rin. Her IS is Akatsubaki, an 4th-generation IS like Shenlong. Her personality is similiar to her original counterpart, except she does not have a serious emotional problem. Like Rin, Houki also possesses the strengths of a superhuman.

Cecillia Alcott[]

Voiced by: Yukana

The representative candidate of England and pilot of the IS Blue Tears.

Charlotte Dunois[]

Voiced by: Kanazawa Hana

Representative candidate of France and pilot of Rafael-Revive Custom II.

Laura Bodewig[]

Voiced by: Marina Inoue

Representative candidate of Germany and pilot of Schwarzer Regen.


Episode 1: First Contact Shenlong[]

Lingyin Huang, who has the strengths of a superhuman when her parents used careful and legal procedures to make it successful, finds an IS with the name "Shenlong" when she was in the military and was found to have an S-level potential and compatibility, which brings her to the IS Academy where she meets her childhood friend Houki Shinonono.

Episode 2: Blue Lady[]

Houki and Rin meet Cecillia Alcott, the representative candidate of England. When Cecillia was shocked that Rin didn't flinch when she kicked her left leg and challenges her to a duel, which Rin wins with ease. After the Duel, Cecillia apologizes to Rin for her actions.

Episode 3: Unknown Stratos[]

Charlotte Dunois, the representative candidate of France and Laura Bodewig, the representative candidate of Germany transfer to the IS Academy on the request to collect data. That alarms Rin's suspicion, because she has information about the Dunois Enterprise and Laura's background, and Houki, who realizes that something seems fishy. During an duel between her and Cecillia, an unknown IS appears and intercepts them, but Rin defeats it with no trouble with Cecillia. Rin and Houki learn that Charlotte was transfered because of her father and the Dunois Enterprise going through troubleful problem in the IS production.

Episode 4: Schwarzer Valkryie[]

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  • Squall Meusel, Autumn and Madoka Orimura or "M" are on the good side in the Spin-off.
    • Shenlong is an 4th-generation IS in the Spin-off.
    • Rin and Houki are very powerful in the Spin-off.