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Mir washing blood

Mir Yusuf at a lake. Abstract portrayal of Iran (2019).

Iran (pronounced: "Ir-anne") is a region in the specieswapped Pokémon universe, Mioo, Dorost Ast!, created by VampireMeerkat. It's based on real-life Iran and partially the Middle East as a whole.
The land is shaped like Iran itself, but consists out of two distinguishable halves; the rich West and the poor East.

Persian is the country's native language and the Muslim faith appears a common practise, but in this universe, the belief revolves around Arceus. Many women are seen wearing hijabs or loose shawls, though it appears not a must.

The most common wild Pokémon in the area are Meowths and their evolved form. They're considered pests opposed to pets and few trainers care to catch one for themselves. The creatures are dangerously hostile towards humans.

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West Iran[]

The West is home of many large and luxurious cities, like the version of Hollywood as portrayed in the original Pokémon series. These aren't free from problems, as thieves with a disdain for the rich hide out in alleys or slums they've set up themselves at the far outskirts. A few criminal organizations have sprung out of this hatred

These gangs are notorious, but "looking out of place" or begging on the streets of West cities hasn't been made illegal over it, since West Iran argues to be a modern state of acceptance. Still, residents and police officers are free to inflict abuse under the guise of feeling threatened, meaning poor people/non-residents have less rights.

West Iran has English as its second language, though is only spoken by the wealthy and educated, and only to foreign visitors.

East Iran[]

The East exists out of scattered desert towns. The people have just below-average wealth or less, and live in clay or stone buildings. They try to make a living by trading with their neighbours, and some families own outdated devices and machinery they share with fellow villagers. Having that said, these communities are close with each other and cautious of unfamiliar faces.

Pokémon in Iran[]

More Pokémon are being revealed as the original series progresses, but since Iran is the home of a 1st generation character, most its wildlife is revealed later in time - even though this character stated to have learned the language of the original first 150 only; making it seem like these other generations did not roam the land at that time.

The Pokémon below match the wildlife that can be found in Iran. Western pet owners have a preference for Pokémon that are not native, which they also don't catch themselves or battle with.

From the 1st generation[]

From the 2nd generation[]

From the 3rd generation[]

From the 4th generation[]

From the 5th generation[]

From the 6th generation[]

From the 7th generation[]

From the 8th generation[]

Region-only Pokémon (Fakemon)[]


  • Iran was actual Iran at first. The dubbed version of Pokémon has acknowledged some existing countries, but the Pokémon universe is supposed to be a reimagining of Earth; where its regions are merely inspired by real countries. Iran was altered to fit this trend.

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