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The Irish Citizens Expeditionary Forces (Fórsaí Taistil Shaoránaigh na hÉireann) was a expeditionary Force made up of Irish Citizens Army, Irish Citizens Navy, and Irish Citizens Airforce personal to fight alongside the Socialist Republic of Vietnam during the third Indochina war (Feb 17, 1979 – Mar 16, 1979). Founded in 1979 and under the command of WW2 veteran Micheal Costello, the Expeditionary Forces fought the People's Liberation Army on numerous occasions.


Founded on February 1st, 1979, the Irish Citizens Expeditionary Forces were deployed to Vietnam on behalf of the Soviet Union in light of the Shino-Soviet split, their mission was to assist the Vietnamese against possible Chinese aggression.

They assisted Vietnam with the invasion of Cambodia on December 25,1978, later they worked with the Vietnamese to prepare for Chinese attacks. They later assisted the Vietnamese against the Chinese forces, and worked heavily with the Soviets to provide intelligence and aid. Following the end of the war on March 16th, 1979 most of the Irish Citizens Expeditionary Forces were recalled expect for 400,000 soldiers. These were recalled in 1982.

Gate-Thus the JSDF fought there[]

Like the JSDF the Irish Citizens Expeditionary Forces are shown to have an overwhelming advantage in terms of technology advancement with their modern weapons compared to the Empire's, as well as the Special Region's generally primitive level technology, making them mostly overpower the Empire multiple times.The Irish Citizens Expeditionary Forces have been seen using guerrilla warfare against the Empire, and along with Vietnamese and Laotian troops have been setting up booby traps and digging underground, taking advantage of the Empires reliance on outdated tactics and lack of understanding of modern tactics.

The Irish Citizens Expeditionary Forces unlike the Japaneses have no restraint when it comes to use of heavier ordinances. Irish soldiers have made perfect use of Flamethrowers, Napalm, and heavy bombs and have launched airstrikes against Imperial fortifications and even used naval Bombardment against an island prison where Japanese, Irish, Vietnamese, and Laotian prisoners were held.

The People's Republic of Ireland also has a larger population than Japan and is able to hold more territory, and deploy more soldiers which after seizing control of the Special Region they deployed additional army units including the 867th Air Defense Battalion and the 56th Artillery Battalion.