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Human Brook

This is Bella's immature image

Iabella "Bella" Brooks is a character from Trinity Vampire

She is referred to "Bella" most of the time.


Name: Isabella "Bella" Brooks

Age: 14

Species: Human

Family: No one


This is Bella's mature image

Hobby: Playing video games

Likes: Eating, meat, video games, dogs, watching fights

Dislikes: Not being in a fight, Not being special, no food, cats

Theme: Ne Ni Ge De Reset by (???)

Personality & Traits[]

Bella is a shy girl, but hyper and energetic most of the time. She thinks she doesn't have much

friends, even though she does. She loves playing video games and watching people fight each other,

while sometimes she wants to be in it, even though she can't.

She has short dark blue hair and light blue eyes. She usually wears a white tee-shirt and

jeans. When she is extra happy, she wears a jumpsuit.

Role in Trinity Vampire[]

Bella is friends with Yuuki while spying on the class Yuuki's in, or even disguise as

a student. She doesn't really have an known powers, but she does like to

fight with weapons like daggers and swords.


Japanese Actress: Kaori Fukuhara (immature) Emiri Kato (mature)

English Actress: Victoria Justice


"I am not an idiot! I am a otaku!"

"I may be random, but also random!"

"Patience is BOOOORRRRINNNGGGG" thumb|300px|right|Her Theme: Ne Ni Ge De Reset

"Chop, Chop, Kick!"

"Hey! Don't call me stupid!"

"America and Japan are epic! Do not make fun of either of them!"

"I like books, and video games, terrible mix...."

"I do not need glasses! -crashes into wall- I still don't need glasses!"

"No one likes me!!!"


"-shakes head- I can never be happy...."