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Isami Ōmiya is an office lady, fashion model and college student. She is the younger sister of the 15-year-old Shinobu. She has rivalries with Akari Kuzehashi due to both having a crush and love interest on Naofumi Iwatani, Satou Kazuma and Nagisa Kiryu.


Isami appears to be an average beautiful teenage girl (maybe even a year younger than her regular age) with long, dull-green hair reminiscent of a hime-cut with matching colored eyes.

She is normally depicted in a school uniform (prior to graduation) or casual attire.

At times when she is working as an office lady, she wears a modified business suit that contains a white shirt with a yellow scarf on and paired with a black blazer. Her bottom wear consists of a black pencil skirt with white stripes.


Isami appears to be a wiser, older Shinobu. She is a 17-year-old who is optimistic and caring for her sister and friends and takes on a big sister role towards them due to her "little sister fetish" she is implied to have. She is kind and helpful though, and she takes over tending to Shino and Alice when their parents aren't home.

However, as an older sister, Isami loves to tease Shino and her friends with a mischievous streak, and she appears to be a bit lazy. She can also be blunt and stern when it calls for it though and tries to teach the girls to do the right thing; even if her own moral is questionable at times.

She is viewed as beautiful and filled with grace by others and has a lot of knowledge when it comes to modeling for pictures.



As an older sister, Isami cares deeply for Shino; so much that she frets when her little sister doesn't actually need her and goes through depression. She adores Shino, even if she has to be blunt with her by demanding to see her grades or telling her not to do something. She does enjoy teasing Shino from time-to-time though.

Akari Kuzehashi[]

Both her and Akari have a crush on Naofumi Iwatani, Satou Kazuma and Nagisa Kiryu due to their handsome looks. They are intended to be rivals on love interests. However, both of them seem to be good to each other.