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Jaaku Beasts are the main monsters of Zettai Muteki Raijin-oh. These being are formed from Akudama balls when they hear a certain thing which people find to be annoying, and then transform into a form based on said thing. They change into their true form when Belzeb and Falzeb give power to their beasts or perform Super-dimensional Fusion.

Name Trigger Form motifs Abilities
Ekizosuto exhaust gas muffler shoots exhaust gas into the air and heats its own body to prevent attacks.
Dustron garbage can, caterpillar (normal form), can, fly (second form) grows bigger when eating trash (first form), shoots trash to block enemies' opponents and attacks with its arms (second form)
Desutora test test papers, pencils (form 1), test papers, school clothes, stationery (form 2) eats test papers, shoots test paper shuriken (form 1), 0-shaped energy beam, stationery arms (second form)
Dezatosu deforestation drill, heavy machinery (form 1), chainsaw, heavy machinery (form 2) uses chainsaw arms to cut down trees (form 1), attacks with its chainsaw head and dives into the ground with its drill to attack enemies from below (form 2)
Yakuzado mafia dagger, gangster (form 1), muscled thug, dagger (form 2) enhanced intelligence and charisma, attacks enemies with blades (form 1), arm blades, tattoo dragon which shoots fire (form 2)
Akushiden runaway truck truck (form 1), Dekotora, robot (form 2) runs into enemies and bites them with its bumper mouth (form 1), shoots arrow-shaped missiles (form 2)
Biggu Taiga drunk beer bottle, tongs, shot glasses (form 1), tiger, wine barrel, shot glass, Masu, squid tentacle (form 2) drinks up alcohol to breathe fire (form 1), shoots fire from the bottles on its back and attacks with its claws (form 2)
Dokunoizu noise speaker (form 1), loudspeaker, amps, microphone (form 2) emission of loud sound waves (form 1), sonic waves, echolocation, sound barrier creation (form 2)
Kabirian mold mold (form 1), moldy being, monster (form 2) moldy touch (form 1), mold shooting, mold manipulation, creates shields made of mold (form 2)
Abura gas shortage oil puddle (form 1), oil refinery, gas tank sucks gas from cars (form 1), flaming oil blasts, flight, oil slick (form 2)
Deddo-bea teddy bear teddy bear (form 1), teddy bear, gremlin (form 2) hate absorption (form 1), attacks with claws and ribbon tentacles (form 2)
Atsuidon heatwave sun, metal ball (form 1), sun lamp, sun (form 2) heat emission, water boiling (form 1), heat beams (form 2)
Yonakingu crying baby baby bottle, jumper, baby buggy (form 1), baby bottle, mobile, walker (form 2 ) rides in a baby buggy that can extend its wheels to hit enemies or trip them, absorbs crying noises to grow bigger (form 1), attacks with a spinning mobile (form 2)
Itaizo injection syringe, eye (form 1), medical equipment (form 2) injects objects with air to make them explode (form 1), attacks with pill bombs, syringe missiles, and a large syringe rocket on the back (form 2)
Sukaida airplane accident airplane (form 1), monster bird, fighter (form 2) flight, sonic boom creation (form 1), flight, guided missiles (form 2)
Baikin-debiru disease epidemic Bacillus personification, mask (form 1), virus, ice bag, thermometer (form 2) sprays pathogens which make people sick (form 1), energy beams from its thermometer arm, capsule missiles (form 2)
Obouda summer school teacher teacher (form 1), blackboard and chalk (form 2) enhanced strength (form 1), sonic wave emission by scratching on its face, toxic chalk dust shuffle (form 2)
Takobomu discarded fireworks octopus (form 1), octopus, helmet (form 2) fireworks consumption (form 1), fireworks blasts (form 2)
Gotoron bank robbers safe, drills (form 1), safe, spider, drills (form 2) enhanced safe-cracking, money devouring (form 1), drill arms, money attack (form 2)
Jaaku Raijin-oh Raijin-oh Raijin-oh Has the abilities of Raijin-oh, plus shooting fire from its mouth.
Jaaku Bakuryu Bakuryuu Bakuryuu Has the abilities of Bakuryuu, plus shooting fire from its mouth.
Bosoru motorcycle gang motorcycle (form 1), ATV (form 2) enhanced speed (form 1), enhanced speed and smog production (form 2)
Ikaruda spider spider (form 1), tarantula, fingers (form 2) possesses people to make them angry (form 1), nail-like talons, spits thread to entangle people
Noranegon stray cat cat's head (form 1), stray cats, trash can, fish tail (form 2) uses its whiskers to manipulate animals (form 1), acid gas, long tongue, extendable tail (form 2)
Taifun typhoon cloud, typhoon (form 1), fan (form 2) typhoon creation and manipulation (form 1), tornado-shooting (form 2)
Raifura animal poaching upright vacuum cleaner (form 1), rifles, canister vacuum (form 2) wild animal suction (form 1), electric cage creation, shoots nets from its rifles (form 2)
Yurasu quaking pile driver pile driver (form 1), wrecking ball, hammer (form 2) creates earthquakes with its pile driver head (form 1), wrecking ball hammer (form 2)
Darumanda Dharma Doll dharma doll (form 1), Dharma doll, Daruma-otoshi (form 2) changes objects into Daruma dolls (form 1), attacks enemies by hitting Daruma-otoshi pucks with its hammer arms (form 2)
Satan Junior Jaaku Satan Jaaku Satan has twice the power of Jaaku Satan, as well as the same weapons.
Okaman cross-dressing pot, fairy (form 1), butterfly, pot (form 2) creates butterfly bows and mustache moths to make people act the opposite gender, flight (form 1), flight, scale dust, wind creation
Natton Natto Natto beans, straw wrapper, bagworm (form 1), Natto bowl, natto beans, straw wrapper (form 2) thread to suspend itself from the air, spits natto stink bombs (form 1), chopstick rods, natto bombs (form 2)
Enbarian UFO hanging lamp, UFO (form 1), alien, flying saucer, hanging lamp (form 2) flight, sonic waves (form 1), tractor beams, flight, lasers on its arms (form 2)
Tsutomu Computer Study computer, computer mouse (form 1), computer, keyboard, computer mouse, scanner (form 2) information analysis and scanning (form 1), scanner beam, attack copying (form 2)
Chanbara sword-fighting Japanese Ronin swordsman (form 1), Samurai (form 2) sword-fighting (form 1), enhanced swordsmanship, flies on a kite (form 2)
Suigara cigarette butts lips, cigarette (form 1), ashtray (form 2) mouth cigarette missiles which explode with toxic smoke (form 1), heat beam gun, smoke ring capture (form 2)
Bejibeji vegetables green peppers, carrots (form 1), green pepper, eggplant, carrots, shiitake mushrooms (form 2) creation of carrot minions to steal veggies, vegetable empowerment (form 1), bell pepper flail, beans which grow into vines to wrap enemies (form 2)
Furufuru fruits apples, bananas (form 1), apple, banana, strawberries, watermelons (form 2) creation of sentient fruits to steal other fruits, fruit empowerment (form 1), strawberry seed blasts, banana sword (form 2)
Terenodon tv tv, antenna, remote control (form 1), monitor, parabola antenna, plug (form 2) fake news creation, traps enemies inside of TV shows (form 1), electric plug arm, parabola waves (form 20
Bakayashikin haunted house abandoned mansion (form 1), mansion, robot (form 2) object animation and manipulation (form 1), pillar arms, chain shot (form 2)
Odoru festival traffic regulation drum, loudspeaker (form 1), paper lantern (form 2) waves which make people dance (form 1), sound-wave creation, fire-breathing (form 2)
Samuidon blizzards snowman (form 1), fridge (form 2) snowstorm creation, traps people in igloos (form 1), icicle sword arms, blizzard creation (form 2)
Mushibasuki cavities cavity germ, dental tools (form 1), rotten tooth, dental tools (form 1) cavity inducement beams, dental tool arms (form 1), cyclone-creating fan, light beams, dental drill arm, and claw (form 2)
Denki power outage light bulb, fluorescent bulb (form 1), power line, fluorescent lamp (form 2) electricity drainage (form 1), electricity-shooting, fluorescent lamp sword (form 2)
Ossekaiza superhero superhero (form 1), super villain (form 2) flight, enhanced strength, beams (form 1), enhanced strength and durability, flight, flame-throwing (form 2)
Rakugakingu graffiti colored pencil (form 1), graffiti, brick wall (form 2) graffiti realization (form 1), colored pencil sword, graffiti creature summoning (form 2)
Gantan New Year's sale kagami-mochi (form 1), Hagoita, kadomatsu (form 2) spins people on his umbrella, cracker mouth (form 1), hanetsuki missiled (form 2)
Suberu ice-skating ice skate (form 1), hockey player (form 2) grows larger the more it skates (form 1), attacks enemies with his hockey stick, shoots hockey pucks (form 2)
Gokiburon cockroaches cockroach (form 1), roach motel (form 2) trash consumption for growth, egg missiles, antenna sound waves (form 1), adhesive glue trapping (form 2)
Batoru tank turret, tank (form 1), tank (form 2) turret blasts, treads, (form 1), tread legs, arm cannons (form 2)
Hakkaru body measurement height chart (form 1), tape measure (form 2) makes objects grow with its measuring tape (form 1), measure whips, tools (form 2)
Sumora smallness microscope (form 1), microscope, opera glasses (form 2) shrink rays (form 1), light beams (form 2 )
Ojisan strangers cloaked man, energy drink (form 1), fat man, belly, Acephalous being (form 2) bad breath, toothpicks, nose hair tentacles (form 1), golf club arm, beer bottle club (form 2)
Oyaji father father (form 1), briefcase, father (form 2) captures children with a beam and changes them into business cards (form 1), business card throwing, golf club (form 2)
Kodomosuki children baseball, baseball cap (form 1), kindergarten, baseball bat (form 2) uses baseballs to change people into children (form 1), baseball bat arms, baseball shot (form 2)
Hatsukoi first love cupid (form 1), postboxes, flowers, heart chocolate (form 2) causes people and objects to fall in love with others (form 1), love letter shuriken, chocolate bombs (form 2)
Naishon Dark Chocolate chocolate heart (form 1), chocolate bar, chocolate candies, vacuum cleaner, gas mask (form 2) creates chocolate minions to steal chocolate to eat and change into a chocolate gas, chocolate empowerment (form 1), chocolate bombs, vacuum which converts chocolate into a toxic gas which melts chocolate (corm 2)
Yakutatazu incompetence incompetent worker (form 1), pink slip, angry manager, office building (form 2) shoots beams which cause people to be "fired" and rampage through the city (form 1), pink slip shuriken, fire punches (form 2)
Dorodoro mud splashing mud puddle (form 1), muddy rice field, shovels (form 2) mud shooting, mud manipulation (form 1), shovel arms, changes the ground into a rice field (form 2)
Iotoron sulphur in hot springs hot spring symbol (form 1), hot spring, sulphur ore (form 2) uses its dril-like hands to create hot spring geysers (form 1), sulfur shot, splashes enemies with hot water from its ladle (form 2)
Terehon long-distance calls telephone (form 1), public phone, answering machine (form 2) voice imitation, manipulates telephones through telephone lines (form 1), sonic ring, telephone headset flail (form 2)
Uffun adult magazines girl, bikini (form 1), candle, woman, bikini, whip (form 2) blows kisses to put men under her control (form 1), whip, shoots fire from her candles, explosive kisses (form 2
Koegawarin sore throat inhaler (form 1), inhaler, lozenges (form 2) sprays a mist which causes people to have sore throats (form 1), lozenge bombs, mist creation (form 2)
Kiradoku cruelty and unkindness black mist, bat (form 1), dark heart, gargoyle (form 2) shoots mists which cause people to become cruel and unkind (form 1), fire-breathing, black beams (form 2)
Megami Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty figurine (form 1), tiara, bridal dress, statue of liberty (form 2) shoots fire from its torch and absorbs suffering to grow larger (form 1), tiara boomerang, shoots fireballs from its torch (form 2)
Jaaku-santa Santa Claus Santa Claus, Christmas tree (form 1), sleigh, chainsaw, Santa Claus (form 2) shoots electricity to steal presents and attack enemies, changes buildings into Christmas Trees which steal presents (form 1), chainsaw arms, travels at fast speeds using jet boosters (form 2)
Hageru balding toupee (form 1), wig, Keukegen (form 2) balding inducement, manipulates wigs into removing people's hair and jumping on them to make them grow more hair (form 1), hair tentacles, hair net balls (form 2)
Suraromun slalom course traffic cones (form 1), drill, traffic cone (form 2) creates traffic cones and places them in the way of traffic to make it curve around the cones, cone drill arms (form 1), cone drill arms, cone-shaped beams from the mouth (form 2)
Fogetton being forgotten question mark (form 1), dragon, question mark ECG Machine (form 2) enters people's heads to make them be forgotten by others, telekinesis (form 1), electricity-shooting (form 2)
Yukikon mild winter snowball fights snowball, fox (form 1), snowman, 9-tailed fox (form 2) throws snowballs to freeze people (form 1), ice beams from its tails, snowball barrage from its arms, enhanced agility and speed
Desukurasshu cram school desk (form 1), pencil, desk, pencil sharpener, stationery (form 2) shoots beams from his pencil at people which cause them to do everything fast, lead bullets (form 1), attacks enemies with circular and X-shaped slashes from its pencil sword (form 2)
Sushizumen packed subway trains subway train (form 1), subway train, subway station, robot (form 2) captures people in its body to power itself, shoots electricity (form 1), shoots rails at enemies from its chest, throws its antennae like boomerangs (form 2)
Heru-byuti pop idols idol (form 1), idol, speakers, microphone (form 2) brainwashes people with singing, shoots sound-waves from her microphone (form 1), sound wave generation and manipulation, sonic blasts (form 2)
Gongon Night bell hanging shrine bell (form 1), shrine bell, demon, hand bells, bell hammer (form 2) sonic bell-ringing, bell hammer arms (form 1), traps enemies under bells to ring them with its hammer and make them confused, sonic shock wave generation via ringing (form 2)
Karaoke-kingu karaoke song karaoke machine (form 1), karaoke machine, CD player (form 2) sonic karaoke singing, steals people's voices and makes them speak in cat or dog noises (form 1), microphone flail, CD missiles, sonic voice (form 2)
Asu-dama Planet Earth Globe (form 1), Globe, planets (form 2) makes objects orbit around people, limb spinning (form 1), fire blasts, gravity manipulation, orbits objects around its body (form 2)
Kushamin pollen pine tree (form 1), pine tree, pollen panther (form 2) sprays pollen to make people sneeze (form 1), pollen blasts from its right arm, pollen breath, claws on its left arm (form 2)
Perapera excessive talking mouth (form 1), alligator, gong, mouth, voice recorder (form 2) causes people to talk endlessly, makes objects talk (form 1), bites enemies with its jaws, shoots sonic waves from the speakers on its shoulders (form 2)
Nekkura gloominess shadow (form 1), top hat, Brocken Specter, lens (form 2) teleports through people's shadows, makes people become gloomy (form 1), illusion manipulation, blade of darkness (form 2)
Sabiruda rust rusty screw (form 1), screws, nuts, bolts, washers (form 2) rust beams, rust touch (form 1), bolt bombs, screw-like sword, uses its body as a drill to tunnel underground (form 2)
Semikoron cicada cicada (form 1), cicada, speakers (form 2) sound resonation, sonic screech (form 1), generates sonic waves from its wings and speakers, shoots cicada missiles (form 2)
Torofin losing trophy (form 1), soccer player, trophy, referee (form 2) stops or slows enemies with red or yellow cards, red and yellow card throwing (form 1), explosive soccer balls, enhanced athletic skills (form 2)
Sachiraita spotlights searchlight , flashlights (form 1), floodlights, spotlights, searchlights (form 2) shoots light from its flashlight arms into the air to keep people awake, shoots heat beams from its searchlight eye (form 1), flashlight sword, light beams, hyper light beam from its searchlight eye (form 2)
Ibikingu snoring dream cloud, night cap (form 1), pillows, futon (form 2 throws pillows which cause people to sleep with loud snoring (form 1) fluffy body which stops attacks, pillow punch (form 2)
Dietton dieting dentures, knife and fork (form 1), diet foods, scale (form 2) suction breath, fork and knife arms (form 1), shoots beams from his bathroom scale eye, shoots diet food missiles, knife and fork sword (form 2)
Bankenda guard dog Orthros, Rottweiler, Doberman (form 1), Gate, Doberman, Rottweiler, Koma-inu (form 2) sonic bark which manipulates dogs into attacking people, fireballs from its two heads (form 1), extendable arms which can hit enemies, shoots its nails at enemies (form 2)
Benodusa jellyfish jellyfish (form 1), Portuguese Man-of-war, hat (form 2) shoots electricity from its tentacles to shock enemies, self-duplication (form 1), covers itself in an electrical shield, can regenerate itself if it is destroyed (form 2)
Okanimede crab fishing crab, metal (form 1), chainsaw, crab, scissors (form 2) underwater swimming and breathing, slices entire boats in half with its arms (form 1), shoots bubble missiles from its mouth, attacks enemies with its scissor and chainsaw arms (form 2)
Chubaba tuba music tuba (form 1), sousaphone player, sousaphone (form 2) destroys objects by resonating tuba music (form 1), uses its tuba as a cannon, emits sound waves which resonate and destroy buildings, shoots missiles from its tube-like arms (form 2)
Namerori lollipops lollipop (form 1), lollipops, ice cream cones, popsicles (form 2) gives out lollipops which place bombs on people's tongues that explode if people don't obey him, extendable tongue (form 1), lollipop rod, hypnotizes enemies with his lollipop rod (form 2)
Donburakko boat accidents submarine (form 1), submarine, whale (form 2) hovers in the air, dives into the sea, shoots torpedoes to wreck boats (form 1), torpedo barrage from the mouth, changes into a fireball to charge into enemies (form 2)
Goshippu scandal tabloids reporter, lips (form 1), newspaper, news camera, reporter (2) causes any scandalous news it writes to become reality, makes all lies true (form 1), attacks enemies with strobe flashes, uses a newspaper as a club, shoots newspapers at enemies (form 2)
Toshokanji library late fees library desk, scanner (form 1), bookshelf, filing cabinets, audio books (form 2) traps people inside of books and computers with the scanner on its head, creates sentient books to attack people (form 1), copies people's abilities with its bar code scanner gun, throws index card shuriken, manipulates books, dvds, cds, videos, and computers (form 2)
Kibachu mice mouse (form 1), rat, mousetrap (form 2) rat creation, rat manipulation (form 1), mouse trap creation, shoots electricity at enemies (form 2)
Goropikari thunder and lightning thunder cloud (form 1), x-ray machine (form 2) electricity zapping, shoots lightning which makes people look like skeletons (form 1), electric shocks (form 2)
Tomeokingu detention ruler (form 1), spider, rulers (form 2) teleports rule-breakers to a detention dimension which makes its ceiling fall on people who break the rules, (form 1), ruler sword (form 2)
Sakkanda soccer soccer ball, soccer shoes (form 1), soccer goal, soccer player (form 2 ) traps enemies in a soccer field dimension, soccer ball bombs (form 1), enhanced kicking, speed, and agility (form 2)
Korekutan trading cards trading card binder, trading card (form 1), Carddass machine (form 2) creates trading cards to summon past Jaaku beasts, trading card shuriken (form 1), shoots trading cards from its arms at enemies (form 2)
Dorobouda thief thief, bandanna, bag (form 1), crow, rubies, safe, mystery thief (form 2) uses its arms to vacuum people's important stuff in its body, shoots sacks to cover enemies (form 1), flight, red eye beams, takes out anything it needs from the safe on its chest (form 2)
Hedorian sludge sludge puddle (form 1), toxic waste drum, Hedorah (form 2) slings toxic sludge, emits fumes which wither flowers (form 1), toxic goop spraying, sludge balls (form 2)
Bakarakuji lottery loss lottery ticket (form 1), smart ball machine, garapon machine (form 2) throws balls which give people winning lottery prizes, creates tissues which cause people who lose to become sad and cry a lot (form 1), Smart-ball machine gun, bell hand which rings to create sonic waves (form 2)
Ozojin cleaning mop and bucket (form 1), vacuum cleaner, elephant (form 2) cleaning tool animation and manipulation, attacks enemies with brooms and water buckets, cleans rooms improperly (form 1), sucks items inside of its vacuum arms and blows them out its trunk as rubbish (form 2)
Kauda bargain sale cow, shopping cart (form 1), shopping cart, bulldozer, cash register, cow (form 2) shoots beams which create lower prices that people fight for to cause confusion, charges enemies with its shopping cart-like body (form 1), bulldozer blade, eye beams, charging (form 2)
Koshon engine breakdown wrench (form 1), toolbox (form 2) uses its wrench arms to shoot beams which make everything break down (form 1), right arm which changes into a drill, a circular saw boomerang, or a pair of pliers (form 2)
Charichirin training wheels on bicycles bicycle (form 1), motorbike, Ghost Rider (form 2) enhanced speed, causes bikers to become under its control by hitting them with its chains (form 1), enhanced speed and agility, changes into a motorcycle form with spiked wheels to attack enemies (form 2)
Daiokishi dioxin pollution gas mask, smoke (form 1), factory (form 2) chemical smoke spray, smoke blasts (form 1), shoots smog from its smokestack arms to rust objects (form 2)
Hansokugatcha technical fouls in sports whistle, referee (form 1), live table, boxing gloves, whistle, referee (form 2) foul inducement by ringing his gong, rocket boxing gloves (form 1), sonic whistle, wrestling moves (form 2)
Gamu-gamu chewing gum chewing gum package (form 1), gumball machine (form 2) gumball bubbles which cause everything to stick (form 1), gumball machine gun arms, spits out sticky bubble gum puddles (form 2)
Biyoshin haircut barber's pole, hairstylist (form 1), barber's pole, Scissors, Hair clippers, Shaver, hairbrush (form 2) gives people hairstyles that change their personality, hair styling tool manipulation (form 1), scissors arm, hair clipper arm which shoots spikes (form 2)
Kadoron bank account problems credit card (form 1), bank, debit card (form 2) shoots bank cards into ATMs to make them spew money, bank card shuriken, ( uses credit cards to read information to improve combat (form 1) sucks money and jewels inside of its body, spits out coin bombs (form 2)
Handora reckless car driving steering wheel, face-hugger (form 1) engine, Xenomorph Alien (form 2) manipulates vehicles, uses its transmission to make vehicles accelerate or decelerate, uses its handbrake to stop vehicles (form 1), shoots heat rays from its arms, energy beams from its mouth, and piston missiles from its back (form 2)
Mogurikera moles mole, mole cricket, scoops (form 1), Mogera, drill, catfish (form 2) tunnels underground to create earthquakes and make buildings sink, enhanced jumping and tunneling (form 1), drill nose, excavator arms which throw mounds of dirt, shoots its drill nose at enemies (form 2)
Chakkujippa pants fasteners zipper, beanbag, fly (form 1), Zipper, buttons, jester (form 2) places zippers on objects to zip them open or shut, places zippers on people's mouths to silence them (form 1), extendable zipper arms, beam which shoots buttons to fasten enemies or objects, button blasts (form 2)
Arama car alarm car keys (form 1), heart, conductor, car alarm (form 2) flight, shoots a beam which causes car alarms to go off (form 1), uses its conductor's baton to manipulate cars and make them honk and set off their alarms loudly, shoots sonic waves from the car alarms on its shoulders (form 2)
Gekibaka spicy foods red pepper, ghost (form 1), ginger, wasabi, Tabasco sauce (form 2) shoots a spicy spray which makes any food become unbearably spicy, intangibility and invisibility (form 1), red pepper bombs, wasabi beams (form 2)
Dizerin diesel DD51 diesel (form 1), railroad tracks, DD51 diesel (form 2) tears up entire roads and changes them into rails, shoots black smoke from its mouth (form 1), attacks with its railroad track arms, emits smog from the smokestacks on its shoulders (form 2)
Hinodazaina tacky clothing spotted necktie (form 1), tie rack (form 2) shoots beams which make people's clothes look tacky, spits neckties from its mouth (form 1), spits neckties from its mouth, uses its arms as whips and lassos (form 2)
Burandobae flies fly, flyswatter (form 1), horsefly, flyswatters, spray can (form 2) uses a flyswatter to change objects into flies, flight (form 1), summons swarms of flies, twin flyswatter arms, flight, acid-spitting (form 2)
Gominasai littering trash can (form 1), garbage truck, trash cans (form 2) spews garbage and sludge from its mouth (form 1), garbage consumption, garbage bullets from the mouth, a pair of rusty claws (form 2)
Aironda irons iron (form 1), steam iron, curling irons (form 2) travels along the ground to flatten anything in its way, steam-shooting, curling iron pincer tail (form 1), heated curling iron pincers, mouth missiles (form 2)
Kusamushiri weeding garden, weeds, sphere of dirt (form 1), carnivorous plant, garden hat, weeds (form 2) throws seeds which cause power-draining weeds to appear on whatever they hit, seed blasts (form 1), solar beams and seed missiles from both arms (form 2)
Tereshopu tv shopping mania cell phone, catalogs (form 1), tv, radio, catalog (form 2) orders objects from various companies and creates missiles to distribute them anywhere (form 1), materializes objects from tv commercials to attack enemies or use as weapons (form 2)
Wata-amen cotton candy cotton candy machine (form 1), cotton candy machine, cotton candy bags (form 2) shoots beams which change everything into cotton candy (form 1), uses its two cotton candy sticks to knit nets out of cotton candy, shoots cotton candy blobs from its mouth (form 2)
Koboresuki spilled drinks soda bottle (form 1), soda bottle, sukiyaki, sausage, curry rice (form 2) shoots beams which cause food and drinks to spill out of their containers (form 1), rice blasts, soda shot (form 2)
Royadon imprisonment cage, crab (form 1), jail, spotlight, prison warden, handcuffs (form 2) captures enemies in his claws and traps them in cages (form 1), cage mace which traps people, electric handcuffs, shoots lasers from the spotlight on his shoulder (form 2)
Neddoga internet videos webcam, internet video screen (form 1), screen, chameleon, dislike buttons internet video screen (form 2) creates internet videos which hypnotize people, traps enemies inside of his body to make them become part of its own videos (form 1), pause, fast-forward, and rewind beams, thumbs-down missile, electric beams from the mouth (form 2)
Furogami baths open-air bathtub, tongs (form 1), bathtub, wooden tubs, golden basins (form 2) turns into an open-air bathtub and captures people in order to wash and scrub them clean, attacks with its claws (form 1), sprays hot water from its claws, generates geysers of boiling water at enemies (form 2)
Tenpuku capsized rowboat shark, fishing lure (form 1), rowboat, oars, compass (form 2) uses its hook tail to capsize any kind of boat without being seen, enhanced swimming and biting (form 1), extendable oar arms used to hit enemies, uses its compass for telekinetic attacks (form 2)
Poppukon burnt popcorn corn, cornstalk (form 1), popcorn popper, popcorn kernels (form 2) uses the extendable vines in its hair to feed people popcorn which pops in their belly to cause distress (form 1), shoots popcorn bombs from its arms, sprays a barrage of popcorn from its mouth (fiorm 2)
Guguronda internet search search bar, magnifying glass (form 1), magnifying glass, computer, pharaoh (form 2) shoots beams from his magnifying glass which interfere with internet searches, enhanced intelligence and computation (form 1), uses its magnifying glass to refract the sun's rays to shoot heat rays, binary beam (form 2)
Odoitazura Jack-in-the-box present, crackers (form 1), jack-in-the-box, clown, cracker (form 2) shoots beams at doors which cause frightening jack-in-the-boxes to scare people if they open them, party cracker bombs (form 1), attacks enemies by changing its own arms into scissors, punches enemies with its extendable arms, enhanced jumps via his extendable legs, opens up his box to reveal a head on a spring and head-butt enemies (form 2)
Kurumiwaru ballet practice tutu, toy ballerina (form 1), nutcracker soldier, tutu, walnuts (form 2) enhanced spinning, shoots tutus on people which make them do ballet moves (form 1), cracks walnuts and spits the shells at enemies, enhanced ballet dancing, sword (form 2)
Deteiken eviction notice eviction notice, off-limits tape (form 1), barrier, wanted poster, wire mesh (form 2) shoots beams which teleport all the occupants of an entire building outside, then cover them with barbed wire and shutters to make re-entry impossible (form 1), barrier sword, shoots beams from its wanted poster face at enemies (form 2)
Shattansu paparazzi disposable camera, tripod paparazzi (form 1), old camera, lens, digital cameras (form 2) shoots photos of people to make them rampage, beams from its camera head (form 1), throws flash bombs at enemies, traps enemies in photos (form 2)
Sushitaberuna sushi-eaters Nigiri-sushi, seaweed (form 1), sushi roll, Yunomi cups, wasabi, soy sauce bottles (form 2) extendable seaweed arms, eats sushi to grow (form 1), soy sauce spray, wasabi tear gas bombs, sushi bombs (form 2)
Kabushikki economical decline pie chart, line graphs (form 1), pie chart, line graphs, graph chart, projector (form 2) manipulates stocks and prices in order to either cause price inflation or bring companies out of business, extendable line graph arms (form 1), shoots light beams from its projector head, uses its line graph arms to grab, jab or whip enemies (form 2)
Suppaida sour foods lemon, lemon battery.(form 1), lemonade pitcher, lemon squeezers, spider, wires (form 2) creates lemonade which he sprays on foods to make them sour, shoots electricity from its wire tentacles (form 1), sprays electric lemonade from its mouth, throws lemon slice boomerangs, grabs and shocks enemies with its wire tentacles (form 2)
Koyominda vacation time flip calendar (form 1), calendar, locks, chains (form 2) manipulates calendars to eliminate holidays and vacations or attack enemies (form 1), holiday-based energy beams, shoots calendar pages at enemies (form 2)
Otomorashii headphone sound leakage MP3 player, Headphones (form 1), MP3 player, earphones, smartphone (form 2) leaks loud music from its headphones to cause noise pollution (form 1), earphone flail, music note bombs (form 2)
Onarappa whoopee cushions whoopee cushion (form 1), skunk, trumpet, whoopee cushion (form 2) sucks up garbage in its mouth and transforms it into a disintegration gas which it sprays from its arms (form 1), stench gas emission from the mouth, shoots beams from its arms which disintegrate solid matter, sonic blast (form 2)
Omochanashi toys toy box (form 1), teddy bear, jack-in-the-box, doll, cymbal monkey (form 2) crawls on four legs, emits tentacles to steal toys and trap them in its body (form 1), menko shuriken, spinning top bombs, surprise boxing glove on the head (form 2)
Rimotoron hidden tv remote tv remote (form 1), tv, tv remotes, garage remotes (form 2) shoots beams which hide important objects to make them become hidden to others, rewinds and fast-forwards real life, makes enemies stop in mid-air (form 1), remote control arms, remote control symbol barrage (form 2)
Harapekon food shortage slow cooker (form 1), pot, fork, knife, pepper (form 2) bites enemies to make them become ravenously hungry (form 1), fork and knife arms, egg bombs, pepper spray (form 2)
Shitagusan poison ivy poison ivy leaves (form 1), poison ivy vines, Rafflesia (form 2) disguises itself as a potted fern and shoots a gas which causes rashes (form 1), shoots rash gas from its flower-like head, emits vines to strangle or whip enemies (form 2)
Bakugyo piranhas Pac-man sprite, fish (form 1), Opah fish, moon, Pac-man sprite (form 2) enhanced devouring, sends out scales which change objects into copies of itself, shoots people with a beam which turns them blue in order to eat them and make their eyes return home to regenerate (form 1), enhanced speed, devouring, shoots pellets which transform into smaller copies of itself
Menkorian Menko aka Pogs menko card, hole punches (form 1), menko cards, hammers (form 2) shoots pog shuriken, uses its hole punch arms to create more Menko cards, enhanced pog tricks (form 1), sprays pogs from its mouth, uses its hammer arms to flip over enemies and menko cards (form 2)
Risaikuron recycling bin, recycling logo (form 1), recycling plant, recycling bags, wheels (form 2) takes old trash items and devours them to convert them into swords or ray guns, enhanced weapon proficiency, recyclable item manipulation (form 1), right-mounted arm cannon, scans vehicles to transform itself into a copy of them (form 2)
Horuman manholes manhole cover (form 1), Rocky Wrench from the Mario series, manhole covers, pressure sprayer (form 2) generates lids which create holes that lead to other places, rolling (form 1), water sprayers, manhole shuriken, teleports itself through manhole portals (form 2)
Mezamashin alarm clocks alarm clock (form 1), digital alarm clock, octopus, siren, chicken and dog puppets (form 2) loud noise generation to induce insomnia, extendable arms which shoot sound waves (form 1), emits loud sound waves from its chicken and dog puppet-tipped mechanical tentacles, siren beams, digital number beams (form 2)
Shidijuku scratched CDs CD case, CD (form 1), Jukebox (form 2) CD shuriken, creates CDs which destroy CD players, radios, and jukeboxes, CD skates (form 1), CD shot, heat beam-shooting music note scythe (form 2)
Pasutaron Napolitan Plate of Napolitan (form 1), Flying Spaghetti Monster (form 2) uses his forks to change people into Napolitan pasta and eats them, spaghetti tentacles (form 1), flight, meatball blasts, uses its spaghetti tentacles as whips (form 2)
Sekisupia milkshake shortage milkshake, ET (form 1), milkshake, Shakespeare, straw (form 2) uses its straw to suck up milkshakes to grow, shoots milkshakes (form 1), shoots milkshakes on people and objects to dissolve them, and then uses its straw to suck them up, sprays milkshakes from the straws on its arms (form 2)
Nikkinikki diary diary, pens (form 1), journal, wizard, ballpoint pen (form 2) scans for secrets and materializes them into reality, pen arms which shoot ink (form 1), shoots magic spells from its ballpoint pen wand (form 2)
Ryokinda tollbooth tollbooth, barriers (form 1), toll gate, highway (form 2) creates toll gates steal money and go after people who haven't paid their tolls, barrier arms (form 1), coin blasts, body tentacles which change people, cars, or objects into coins (form 2)
Sentakukingu laundry washing machine (form 1), washer-dryer, hoses (form 2) sprays water from its mouth, water-shooting tentacles (form 1), sprays wet clothes and water from its arms, traps enemies in its body to spin them around (form 2)
Yogazan volcano model volcano (form 1), Mount Fuji , salamander (form 2) makes volcanoes become active with its jackhammer arms, shoots volcanic rocks from its head (form 1), sprays lava, magma, and volcanic ash from the volcano on is back, sprays fire from its mouth (form 2)
Akawai baby Kewpie doll (form 1), Bat, dress-up doll, karakuri doll (form 2) hypnotizes people into taking care of it instead of their children, feeds on attention to grow (form 1), whip, beam-shooting rattle (form 2)
Enogun art class paints, paintbrushes (form 1), palette, paintbrushes (form 2) paints things which come to life, flings paint (form 1), drains color from objects, multiple paint tentacles which shoot paint at enemies, (form 2)
Pandoro panty raid underpants (form 1), Pants, Bancho (form 2) shoots beams which cause peoples pants to fall down, elastic arms (form 1), enhanced fighting skills, fiery bat (form 2)
Ikasaman cheating playing card (form 1), squid, playing cards (form 2) card game proficiency, x-ray vision to see his opponents' hands, changes people into playing cards (form 1), tentacles which change into swords, shoots trading card shuriken from its beak-like mouth (form 2)
Chokin-hakai saving money piggy bank (form 1), piggy bank, Zhu Bajie, pig (form 2) sucks in money to grow, shoots beams to change people into pigs (form 1), cash rake, nose coin bombs (form 2)
Tsunamida tsunami tsunami, water waves (form 1), water tower, surfboard, waves, buoys (form 2) water blasts, tsunami-generating surfboard (form 1),  water absorption, whirlpool shot, water manipulation (form 2)
Shapenda pencil sharpener electric pencil sharpener (form 1), hand-crank pencil sharpener, drills (form 2) sharpens pencils to spray pencil shavings everywhere and grow, spits pencil shavings (form 1), drill and claw arm, devours buildings in order to sharpen them, shoots pencil shavings (form 2)
Shimimori silverfish silverfish (form 1), silverfish, bookmark (form 2) gains knowledge from devouring books, disguises himself as an illustration (form 1), manipulation of paper and books, projects illusions of fairy tale villains to attack for him
Amefurin rainfall umbrella, rain cloud (form 1), Kasa-bake, umbrellas (form 2) flight, rain inducement, creates rain clouds which cause people to become depressed (form 1), enhanced jumping, umbrella arms which can be used as drills and shields (form 2)
Boroborogin old rags dust cloth, dragon (form 1), rags, monster (form 2) shoots gases which cause people's clothes to turn to rags (form 1), extendable rag arms, manipulates rags, wraps enemies in futons (form 2)
Ososhikingu funeral processions hearse (form 1), altar, grim reaper, candles, hourglass (form 2) enhanced speed, hearse disguise, swallows coffins to empower itself (form 1), scythe, blows out his candles to end their lives, shoots sandstorms from its mouth. (form 2)
Haikanda leaky pipes pipes (form 1), faucet, pipes, water hoses (form 2) sucks people's items inside of pipes as well as people, uses its pipe arms to transport people and items to different places (form 1), extendable pipe tentacles, eye beams, water-shooting (form 2)
Tosutoron burnt toast toaster (form 1), oven (form 2) shoots toast missiles, shoots fire which causes all bread products to burn (form 1), fire-breathing, throws bagel boomerangs (form 2)
Disukun bootleg CDs cd player, jack plugs (form 1), frisbee thrower, boxer, cd player (form 2) sound blasts, shoots beams which convert people and objects into data disks (form 1), disk chakrams, data beams (form 2)
Gesuidon sewer blockage manure tank (form 1), manure spreader, hoses (form 2) sprays manure on objects from its arms (form 1), discharges manure from its mouth to cover enemies, shoulder-mounted sewage blasters (form 2)
Sunabaka sand sand, bucket, toy shovels (form 1), sandbox, hourglass, shovels (form 1) changes things into sand, sand-pit creation, sand puppet creation, shovel arms (form 1), sand cannons on the shoulders, sand guns, sand tunneling (form 2)
Waraina laughter gourd, feathers (form 1), hyena, badges (form 2) flight, shoots ticklish winds which make people laugh and then sucks them in its gourd-like body to make them unable to laugh (form 1), sonic cackle, flight, laughing gas from the fingers (form 2)
Yakubuttsu drugs capsule, duck (form 1), pill bottle, pills (form 2) flight, shoots beams which inject food and drinks with addictive drugs (form 1), pill bombs, capsule missiles from the mouth (form 2)
Netabaren movie spoilers marquee, (form 1), movie theater, movie screen, movie cameras (form 2) shoots beams which cause people to blurt out spoilers for movies which haven't come out yet, letter projectiles (form 1), light beams from its movie camera head, releases various items from its movie screen belly (form 2)
Gorubaggu golf golf balls, golf clubs (form 1), golf bag, golf clubs (form 2) takes out golf balls from its mouth and uses its golf club arms to hit them into people and enemies (form 1), attacks enemies with its golf club arms, spews barrages of golf balls from its mouth (form 2)
Supurinkuran sprinkler fire sprinklers (form 1), springs, sprinklers, flower (form 2) sprays water from its head which causes holes to appear (form 1), sprays acidic water from its head and shoots soundwaves from its mouth (form 2)
Dokunoko poison mushrooms toadstool, Goombas from the Mario series (form 1), Mushroom, Toad from Super Mario series (form 2), shoots toxic spores which cause happiness, sadness, or anger, mushroom cap boomerang (form 1), shoots fire, throws mushroom gas bombs, poison breath (form 2)
Toueikingu broken projector video projector, Viper Probe droid from star wars (form 1), film projector, tripod, film (form 2) projects screens to trap people in horror-based dimensions filled with illusions of monsters and communicate with people (form 1), illusion generation, film tentacles, teleports through screens it creates from its projector head, laser pointer swords (form 2)
Dongura whack-a-mole game whack-a-mole machine (form 1), mole, whack-a-mole machine (form 2) uses his hammer to drill holes and place people inside of them in order to use them in a human whack-a-mole game (form 1), summons Diglett-shaped moles to fling enemies into the air, attacks enemies with its large hammer (form 2)
Hosekingu expensive jewelry diamond ring (form 1), diamond, jewels, diamond rings (form 2) shoots rings which give people headaches if they don't steal jewelry for it to eat (form 1), jewel gauntlets, light beams from the eyes, enhanced spinning (form 2)
Mizudeppodon water guns water gun (form 1), squid, water guns (form 2) sleep bullets, moisture absorption (form 1), pressurized water bullets, water machine gun arms (form 2)
Konbinian convenience store bar code scanner, convenience store worker (form 1), cash register, scanner (form 2) shoots a beam from his scanner to change people into food (form 1), canned juice bombs, bottle missiles, bar code scanner lasers (form 2)
Gurimari sold-out cakes cake (form 1), boxed cake, candles, forks (form 2) cream blasts, transforms cakes into an army of cake soldiers (form 1), strawberry missiles, shoots fire from his candle arms (form 2)
Minakamisuki water-skiiing personal watercraft (form 1), motorboat, water skis (form 2) uses cables to latch onto people and pull them through the water, extendable hydrofoils used to jump over obstacles (form 1), outboard motor arms which can be used to create whirlpools, enhanced speed and water-skiing (form 2)
Densenki downed wires electrical wires, Tangela from Pokemon (form 1), generator, transformer, wires (form 2) manipulates electrical wires into wrapping and shocking enemies, hits enemies with its electrical wire arms (form 1), shoots lightning from its fingers, generates electrical storms to shock enemies (form 2)
Haijakkudon bus hijacking seen on TV shows Sentai warrior, wrench arms (form 1), Sentai combined mecha (form 2) enhanced speed and agility, vehicle-driving expertise, uses his wrench arms to hack into vehicles and control them (form 1), splits into five cars, merges into a giant mecha, attacks with a claw and drill (form 2)
Metaru-taiga scrap metal tiger, garbage disposal (form 1), car crusher, excavator arms (form 2) metal consumption, bites enemies with its jaws, shoots scrap metal from its mouth (form 1), punches and bites enemies with its excavator arms, compacts garbage into cubes and throws it at enemies (form 2)
Akumuda bad dream sheep, nightmare cloud (form 1), pillow, baku, sheep, pajamas (form 2) uses pillows to create nightmares and gradually bring people under its control, horn shot (form 1), pillow bombs, creates sheep which make people fall asleep, illusion manipulation (form 2)
Jaaku-netto internet outages and blockages computer mouse, mouse (form 1), router, antenna, nets (form 2) inserts its tail into servers to hack into the internet, creates cursors to drag objects and enemies (form 1), electric nets, internet wave beams (form 2)
Kamanga chemical spill beakers, flasks (form 1), chemistry set, acid (form 2) sprays acidic chemicals on buildings to dissolve them (form 1), shoots acid from its arms, mixes chemicals in its body to produce laughing gas, tear gas, and poison gas (form 2)
Ijimesuki bullying bullying school girl (form 1), shadows, finger puppets, bullies (form 2) calls people names which knock them across the room, attacks enemies with her pigtails (form 1), extends shadowy tentacles to grab enemies, changes itself into a hand to bash opponents, sonic mocking laughter (form 2)
Shadankingu railroad crossing railroad crossing (form 1), Nurikabe, railroad crossing (form 2) creates walls to block off railroad crossings, shoots beams from its traffic light eyes (form 1), wall creation, railroad crossing cannon hands, barrier sword (form 2)
Arashimasho internet troll laptop, angry faces (form 1), computer, cellphones, laptops (form 2) types on its keyboard to alter people's words on websites and cellphones into rude ones, attacks enemies with angry faces (form 1), uses a keyboard gun as a weapon (form 2)
Toranpetton trumpet music trumpet (form 1), tubas, trumpets, trumpet mute (form 2 uses its trumpet mouth to produce music which produces headaches, shoots music notes which emit sonic waves to make people ramgage (form 1), creates music from his tuba-like shoulder which hurts people's ears, lasers (form 2)
Hanbaka fast food hamburger, fries (form 1), fast food bag, chicken nugget cases, straw cups (form 2) creates fast food which causes addiction, shoots beams which turn anything into fast food (form 1), french fry shot, milkshake glue, hamburger bombs (form 2)
Wappanage ring toss iron rings (form 1), rings, ring toss game, genie (form 2) creates iron rings to seek out and confine people (form 1), throws iron ring shuriken, splits into several smaller rings to attack enemies from all sides (form 2)
Rokuronendo pottery clay (form 1), potter's wheel, clay (form 2) spits sticky clay from his mouth and burns people covered with the clay to change them into statues, changes into different objects to hide from enemies (form 1), enhanced spinning, clay duplicate creation clay-dough sword which extends into a clay-like whip to capture enemies (form 2)
Kamenoten barnacles barnacle (form 1), mass of barnacles (form 2) places masses of barnacles on ships to corrode them with toxic gas, sprays fire from its head (form 1), fire-breathing, extendable arms, shoots fire from the barnacles on its body (form 2)
Dengunekka mosquitoes mosquito, syringe (form 1), mosquito coils, Kayaributa (form 2) flight, makes people itch with its proboscis, manipulates mosquitoes with a buzz from its wings (form 1), toxic mosquito repellent gas from the mouth, mosquito coil shuriken (form 2)
Shinna paint thinner paint thinner bottle (form 1), paint thinner, paintbrush (form 2) sprays paint thinner from its mouth to drain color from people, objects, animals and buildings (form 1), paintbrush which flings acidic paint thinner at enemies (form 2)
Sangosan bleached coral elk coral, Corsola from Pokemon (form 1), various kinds of coral, humanoid (2) shoots beams which change people and buildings into bleached coral, shoots coral spikes from its mouth (form 1), changes its arms into coral swords to attack enemies, telekinesis from its brain coral head (form 2)
Hikkoshin moving away hermit crab, moving truck (form 1), coconut crab, house (2) changes into a moving truck, shoots beams which make objects grow legs and move (form 1), roof-tipped drill arms, uses its house-like body to drill into the ground for ambush attacks (form 2)
Hokaira arson lighter, Heat Man from Megaman (form 1), poly tank, lighter, gas nozzles (form 2) sprays lighter fluid on objects and breathes fire to ignite them, floats in the air, has extendable arms (form 1), shoots fire from its arms, flight, fireballs from the mouth (form 2)
Hachinozu hornet's nest hornet's nest (form 1), hornet's nest, hornet (form 2) releases sentient hornet swarms which can change shape and invade people's bodies to cause them pain (form 1), attacks enemies by shooting stinger missiles from its arms and honey bombs from its mouth, enhanced flight with the wings on its back (form 2)
Kandzumen canned foods (hard to open) tin can, shark (form 1), cans, cardboard boxes (form 2) swims in the sea and underground to eat people and change them into tuna cans (form 1), canned goods bombs, arm-mounted soup cannon (form 2)
Sunakkuda high-calorie snacks potato chip bag (form 1), pocky boxes, potato chip bags, soda bottles (form 2) creates high-calorie snacks to fatten people, potato chip shots (form 1), Pocky sword, potato chip bag grenades
Bero-tan Akanbe gesture floating face, hands (form 1), ghost, tongues, Akanbe face (form 2) does the akanbe gesture to instantly freeze people in place (form 1), Attacks enemies in a way similar to the moves Lick and Astonish from Pokemon, intangibility, flight, can turn invisible (form 2)
Banpakka bumper cars bumper car (form 1), bumper car, robot (form 2) splite itself into 5 to bump enemies, takes control of vehicles by bumping into them (form 1), changes into a bumper car-like form to hit enemies, rapid punches, charges into enemies to bump them (form 2)
Kokei-chizu maps map (form 1), map, dinosaur (form 2) makes everyone go the wrong way (form 1) map-based maze creation, arrow shots (form 2)
Shimeshime store closure Closed sign (form 1), door, locks, keychain (form 2) uses his key as a weapon, shoots beams which cause chains and locks to appear over businesses and houses and eject them (form 1), keychain flail, door knocker arm (form 2)
Undosuki exercise treadmill, (form 1), jogger, treadmill (form 2) shoots beams which cause treadmills to appear under people's feet and force them to run, enhanced speed (form 1), enhanced speed and agility, changes into a tank-like form to shoot dumbbell missiles (form 2)
Furafurawa pollen flowerpot, daisy (form 1), daisy, flowerpot, brambles (form 2) shoots pollen which makes people sneeze and get congested (form 1), extendable bramble arms, shoots spiky thorns, heads can be used as circular saws (form 2)
Suijira water shortage straw, whale (form 1), blimp, whale, water tanks (form 2) uses his straw to suck water from pools and make liquid rise from their cointainers into his mouth (form 1), water tank missiles, water blasts (form 2)
Oishinbo gluttony pot, chef (form 1), cooking utensils, stockpot (form 2) sucks up any and all ingredients in his pot-like belly and uses a spoon as a weapon (form 1), uses pepper shots, a giant knife, and veggie bombs as weapons, shoots fire from his mouth (form 2)
Danputora illegal dumping dump truck (form 1), dump truck, dekotora, robot (form 2) dumps trash on the streets (form 1), shoots garbage from its arms (form 2)
Arigataiya Buddhist services Buddha statue (form 1), octopus, (form 2) grants people's wishes with cards, absorbs wish points to grow (form 1), attacks enemies with tentacles and beams (form 2)
Keisatsusan police police helmet, police officer, whistle (first form), riot officer, police car, pepper spray (form 2) uses a whistle to trap people's arms in handcuffs and force them to do punishments based on their crimes, attacks enemies with sonic whistles (form 1), is armed with a riot shield and club, sprays pepper spray from its mouth (form 2)
Gesen-oban video games video game controller, game console (form 1), arcade game, whack-a-mole game, air hockey, crane game (form 2) shoots nodes onto games and people to control them at will (form 2), attacks enemies with a crane claw and hammer arm (form 2)
Agefuraia fried foods deep-fryer (form 1), chicken nuggets, french fries, deep fryer (form 2) sprays flour on enemies and electrocutes them to cover them in a fried coating (form 1), flight, chicken nugget bombs, french fry missiles (form 2)
Pachin-pechangon pachinko pachinko machine (form 1), pinball machine (form 2) creates addictive pachinko games, pachinko ball blast (form 1), springy legs, springy mace-tipped arms (form 2)
Mushaboruto power surge ceiling light (form 1), samurai, electric sockets and plugs (form 2) latches onto electrical devices to take control of them, creates lightning arms to grasp objects, telekinesis (form 1), electric sword, covers itself in an electric shield (form 2)
Dokuroda shovel loaders shovel loader (form 1), skull, robot, snow shovels (form 2) enhanced shoveling, enhanced speed (form 1), headlight beams, uses its snow shovel arms to throw buildings away (form 2)
Boringa bowling bowling ball, bowling pins (form 1), bowling shirt, bowling sneakers, bowling ball (form 2) changes people into bowling pins and changes into a bowling ball to ram into them (form 1), bowling pin juggling, detachable head which can be thrown and return to its body (form 2)
Keitaida cell phone outage pair of cellphones (form 1), giant cellphone (form 2) shoots waves which cause cell phones to malfunction, electricity (form 1), cellphone manipulation, electric beams (form 2)
Yakinikuron tough meat cartoon meat, meat tenderizer (form 1), Teppanyaki grill, steak (form 2) shoots meat sauce from its mouth to make meat become hard to chew, attacks with its meat tenderizer arms (form 1), sprays oil from its mouth, wields a meat tenderizer as a weapon to change everything into meat, oil-shooting nozzles (form 2)
Gyatchaguren crane game crane game claw, UFO (form 1), crane game machine (form 2) flight, grabs people to turn them into toys (form 1), extendable claws, mouth-based grenade launcher (form 2)
Baburu-daio bubble wrap bubble, bubble wrap (form 1), humanoid, bubbles, bubble wrap (form 2) bubble wrap manipulation, changes the ground into bubble wrap (form 1), wraps enemies in bubble wrap, bubble wrap balls (form 2)
Pechangon demolition company car crusher, shear claws (form 1), wrecking crane, construction worker (form 2) uses its jaws to crunch everything apart (form 1), attacks enemies with a hammer and wrecking ball arm (form 2)
Tamagoron unbreakable eggs egg, mayo bottles (form 1), egg cutter, fried eggs, egg cartons (form 2) shoots beams which make eggs unbreakable, sprays mayo to make people slip (form 1), egg bombs, egg yolk blaster (form 2)
Owaruina bad ending fairy godmother, fairy tale book (form 1), wolf, books, wizard (form 2) ending alteration, shoots stars from its wand (form 1) uses its wand to bring evil fairy tale characters to life to attack enemies, shoots magic spells (form 2)
Okutonpasu singing jellyfish, music note (form 1), musical score, octopus, (form 2) extracts people's voices inside of his body to make them sound like musical instruments (form 1), music note tentacles, musical staff shot (form 2)
Jamareda jammed radar radar detector, antenna (form 1), bat, radar tower (form 2) shoots radar beams to take control of airplanes and jam radar (form 1), flight, shoots radar beams to stop enemies temporarily (form 2)
Shabonba soap and shampoo shampoo bottle (form 1), soap, crab, shampoo bottle (form 20 sprays slippery soap, shoots shampoo to blind people (form 1), bubble blasts, bubble shield, acidic soap shot (form 2)
Baiorinto violin practice violin (form 1), cello, bass, viola, music notes (form 2) emits violin music which makes people fall asleep (form 1), plays its body to create terrible violin music which creates sonic waves and hurts peoples' ears, uses a violin as a sword (form 2)
Pearenda divorce scissors, heart (form 1), two-headed parent, bouquet (form 2) uses a pair of scissors to make people break up with each other, scissor shots (form 1), bouquet wand which shoots beams, uses a necklace as a whip (form 2)
Dokadokan fireworks firecracker (form 1), fireworks cannons (form 2) attaches fuses to objects to change them into firecrackers (form 1), fireworks blasts, electric fuse whip (form 2)
Anahoruda potholes jackhammer (form 1), drill, construction hat, excavator (form 1) uses his jackhammer to make cracks in the road (form 1), excavator arms which bite enemies and scoop dirt to throw at enemies, hides itself under its hat (form 2)
Kenbanki piano practice piano, music sheets (form 1), keyboard, grand piano (form 2) hypnotic piano music, piano key shooting (form 1), music note shooting, creates illusions of disasters to make opponents explode, fire-breathing (form 2)
Nopperaman identity theft Nopperabo, trench coat (form 1), Nopperabo, mannequin (form 2) duplicates people's appearance to frame them for various crimes, self-duplication (form 1), vacuum arms which swap people's faces, mouth beam (form 2)
Hakubenjon potty training swan toilet (form 1), swan boat, swan toilet, peacock (form 2) sprays toxic fluid from its mouth, flight (form 1), liquid poison shots, feather shuriken (form 2)
Manzaida comedy harisen fan, pufferfish (form 1), microphone, comedic duo (form 2) freezes people with bad puns, slaps enemies with its fan (form 1), fish boomerang, attacks enemies with frozen breath (form 2)
Sachikkuda overtime work monitors, bills (form 1), office building, bills, monitors, boss (form 2) teleports people to its office and brainwashes them into working overtime all day and night, shoots beams from its monitor (form 1), throws business card shuriken, uses a whip as a weapon (form 2)
Gochamanda messy room rubbish bag (form 1), trash bag, demon (form 2) shoots beams which make messes, eats rubbish to grow (form 1), trash spewing, mess manipulation, garbage tentacles (form 2)
Dobutsura escaped zoo animals wolf (form 1), cages, zoo, ticket kiosk (form 2) uses a roar to make zoo animals escape and rampage, manipulates zoo animals (form 1), sonic roar, retractable claws, enhanced strength, ticket shuriken (form 2)
Tetsuwanan fur trappers steel trap, teddy bear (form 1), grizzly bear, winter hunter, speakers, bear trap (form 2) creates copies of itself which teleport people to a cage on the back of its body, attacks with its jaws and claws (form 1), shoots snowy particles which cause anything to stop moving, shoots tar bullets from its shoulders, extendable claws (form 2)
Gororora road roller which was blocking traffic road roller (form 1), rollers (form 2) uses its roller to make everything flat as paper (form 1), enhanced speed and ramming attacks (form 2)
Konchuna insects monstrous insect (form 1), bug display, bug catcher, net (form 2) shoots beams which change everything into bugs, flight (form 1) uses a net as a weapon, summons insects from its bug display body (form 2)
Makkuro crows scarecrow, crow (form 1), scarecrow, pumpkin (form 2) flight, manipulates crows (form 1), pumpkin bombs, spins on one leg to attack enemies (form 2)
Robotton malfunctioning robot industrial robot (form 1), Tinplate robot (form 2) uses diamonds to transform machines into robots under its control (form 1), uses a buzz-saw and flamethrower as weapons, enhanced durability (form 2)
Pittobura mad dog pit bull (form 1), pit bull, pet cage (form 2) venomous jaws which cause dogs to rampage, devours cats and smaller dogs with his jaw, enhanced tracking (form 1), sprays dog food bowls from its mouth, attacks with its claws (form 2)
Yubiposuton mail delay letter, stamps (form 1), postbox, goat (form 2) sends cursed letters which transform people into stamps, spits stamps from its mouth (form 1), uses a mailbox staff to shoot letters, letter manipulation (form 2)
Ogoedasu tornado siren siren (form 1), loudspeaker, sirens, lips (form 2) sucks up people's voices to store in its body and release sonic waves (form 1), emits loud noises from its mouth to destroy music, uses the volume knob on its chest to adjust the level of its voice (form 2)
Burudozan bulldozer bulldozer (form 1), bulldog, bulldozer (form 2) uses its bulldozer blade to level entire cities, charging (form 1), attacks enemies with its twin front loader arms, backhoe tail which grabs opponents (form 2)
Gomupachinkon rubber band-slinging rubber bands (form 1), slingshot, rubber bands (form 2) slings rubber bands at enemies (form 1), creates rubber band ball bombs which cover enemies in rubber bands, slings people anywhere with rubber bands (form 2)
Bokunaya sheep sheep, flute (form 1), shepherd, ram (form 2) plays his flute to manipulate sheep to go in front of people and make them fall asleep, rams enemies (form 1), shoots his horns at enemies, sends of bits of his wool to summon sheep monsters to fight enemies
Acharin archery bow and arrow (form 1), crossbow, hunter (form 2) shoots arrows which cause objects to explode, enhanced marksmanship (form 1), arrow machine guns, shoots an arrow missile from its crossbow-like body (form 2)
Uchiwaru paper fans paper fan (form 1), electric fan, paper fans, tengu (form 2) flaps itself to blow freezing winds (form 1), uses its electric fan arms to spin into enemies, has a fan-like body which blows enemies away (form 2)
Imananji deadlines clock, turtle (form 1), wristwatch, hand, various clocks (form 1) shoots beams at people which make them go faster and speed up their perception of time (form 1), time flow manipulation, fast-forwarding and rewinding time, clock hand missiles (form 2)
Jihankingu broken vending machine vending machine (form 1), vending machine, trash cans, benches (form 20 dispenses soda cans which reverses people's personalities, coin shooting (form 1), shoots cans from its arms (form 2)
Rapputoron plastic wrap platsic wrap box (form 1), aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes (form 2) wraps everything in plastic wrap (form 1), spark-shooting, wraps enemies in aluminum foil (form 2)
Mochimochin mochi Usu and kine (form 1), Kagami-mochi, kine (form 2) uses his hammer to change objects into kagami-mochi (form 1), hammer arms, changes the city and the ground into mochi (form 2)
Shingomushinn jaywalking traffic light (form 1), traffic light, road, pedestrian signals (form 2) shoots beams which stop cars and people in place, creates crosswalks (form 1), shoots beams from its signal cones which stop and start people and statues, triple-color light beams (form 2)
Noizugazon tv static digital tv (form 1) Ghost girl, badger, digital tv (form 2) creates TV static to give people headaches, transfers static to other televisions (form 1), creates TV images to attack enemies, shoots ghost beams at enemies (form 2)
Serotepa tape scotsh tape roll (form 1), sellotape dispenser, duct tape rolls (form 2) wraps people's eyes or mouths in duct tape, enhanced speed (form 1), attacks enemies with whips made of tape to spin them like tops, wraps enemies in duct tape (form 2)
Saiba-debiru computer viruses computer worm (form 1), computer viruses, trojan horse (form 2) self-duplication, scans insecurities and weaknesses to create copies of them (form 1), shoots electricity from his spear to disable electronics, summons small computer viruses to attack enemies (form 2)
Shatekingu losing at a shooting range shooting range (form 1), machine guns, shooting range, reticle (form 2) sniper rifle which changes people into festival prizes (form 1), machine gun arms, places cross-hairs on targets which create explosions to eliminate them (form 2)
Baramakingu pork-barrel spending car (form 1), dollar bills (form 2) enhanced speed and driving skills, sucks up money to grow bigger (form 1), dollar bill shuriken, paper money manipulation (form 2)
Usokki liars lie detector (form 1), tree, lie detector, heart (form 2) shoots beams which force people to always tell the truth, no matter how it harms others (form 1), traps enemies in electric pods, extendable arms, shoots electricity from its arms (form 2)
Sorigami shaving razor blade (form 1), shaving cream, disposable razor blades (form 2) throws razor blade boomerangs from its arms (form 1), shaving cream spray which sticks enemies in place (form 2)
Omikujira worst misfortune Omikuji omikuji box (form 1), omikuji slip form 2) changes all good fortune slips into worst misfortune slips, uses a stick as a sword (form 1), fortune slip shot from its arms (form 2)
Takedakeda bamboo bamboo shoot (form 1), bamboo grove (form 2) bamboo shoot missiles, throws seeds which transform into bamboo shoots (form 1), bamboo creation and manipulation, bamboo stick which can be used as a blowgun which shoots bamboo shoot bombs (form 2)
Kikan-tomare train delays locomotive (form 1), locomotive, robot, coaches (form 2), coal and water consumption, enhanced speed and ramming attacks (form 1), charge attack, smokescreens from its funnel, shoots coal and fire from its mouth (form 2)
Hiyo-gakari high prices scales (form 1), calculator (form 2) alters numbers by shooting beams at objects (form 1), attacks enemies by shooting number beams (form 2)
Jettokosutan roller coaster roller coaster (form 1), centipede, roller coaster (form 2) creates its own roller coaster track to go through people''s houses and wreck them (form 1), wraps enemies in its roller coaster coils (form 20
Denchigirei low battery battery, wires (form 1), vampire, car batteries, charger, jumper cables (form 2) bat wings, electricity-sucking, flight (form 1), energy-draining mouth tentacles, electricity-shooting, flight (form 2)
Kopikopi copy machine misuse copier (form 1), printer, copy machine (form 2) scans objects or people to create copies of them, shoots papers from its arms (form 1), shoots beams from its eye, generates duplicates of itself, paper sword (form 2)
Nisekon counterfeit money dollar bills, coins (form 1), fox, dollar bills (form 2) throws cash which makes people greedy, coin-shooting (form 1), coin bombs, paper money shuriken (form 2)
Binbon poverty Binbogami, bindle stick (form 1), rags, cardboard box, Binbogami, bindle stick (form 2 ) balls which make people poor, bindle stick hammer (form 1), rag manipulation, rag tentacles, beam-shooting stick (form 2)
Tsumamiguin food-snatching takeout box, chopsticks (form 1), sausages, salad, hands, chopsticks (form 2) uses its extendable chopstick arms to steal food and eat it to grow larger (form 1), chopstick swords, sausage bombs (form 2)
Shatora broken model space shuttle space shuttle (form 1), astronaut, rocket ship (form 2) flies around and shoots missiles to destroy space-related objects, retractable claws (form 1), space shuttle missiles, weightlessness inducement (form 2)
Kunjon fumigation fumigator (form 1), pesticide sprayer, gas mask, fumigator, dog, (form 2) sprays toxic fumigation mist from its arms which attracts pests instead of repelling them (form 1), enhanced hearing and agility, arms which can change into pesticide sprayers, drills, or electric net guns (form 2)
Hashiriyan street-racing hubcap, turtle (form 1), Formula 1 racer (form 2) shoots beams from its eyes which place engines and wheels inside of houses to make them go fast, flight (form 1), changes into a race car-like form and drives quickly, turns its tire-like arms into swords (form 2)
Yurukyaran mascot characters pincushion (form 1), cat costume (form 2) shoots beams on mascot costumes to bring them to life and make them become under its control (form 1), claws, zips its costume to defend itself, absorbs kinetic energy and shoots it at enemies (form 2)
Saikenshiya bills ghost, death mask, coin (form 1), money bag, bogeyman (form 2) intangibility, telekinesis, devouring money to grow bigger (form 1), money manipulation, coin bombs (form 2)
Chushan parking violation parking meter (form 1), parking curb, parking meter, citation, parking boot (form 2) shoots parking violation tags which make cars disappear, manipulates cars (form 1), parking boot claw, parking ticket shooter (form 2)
Harouinna halloween pumpkin (form 1), Jack-o-lantern, grim reaper, weenies, lantern (form 2) changes people into monsters, shoots blue fireballs (form 1), weenie scythe, fire beams from his mouth, lantern body which projects people's worst fears.
Supureda aerosol sprays spray can (form 1), airbrushes, sun, graffiti artist (form 2) sprays objects to make them become thick and then explode (form 1), shoots multicolored beams, twin airbrush arms which spray enemies (form 2)
Ganbotsuki cave-in mine cart, miner, dynamite (form 1), mine cart, pickaxes, headlamp (form 2) rides a minecart which extends its wheels into legs, throws dynamite to cause cave-ins (form 1), pickax arms, headlight beam, shoots dynamite missiles from its mouth (form 2)
Netojaaku Network Security Computer, phone (form 1), Server, Password bars (form 2) creates remote access trojans which take control of computer access privileges unless they type in a certain password or get a code from their phones (form 1), creates barriers which are password-protected, emits viral beams which take control of machines
Warudoran Eldran Akudama, Eldran Creates copies of previously-beaten Jaaku beasts.