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Tsubasamichi Jacqueline
Jacqueline Tsubasamichi
 Kanji 翼道ジャクリーン
 Romaji Tsubasamichi Jakuriin
 Alias Cure Angel
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
• Debuts•
 Anime Heartful Ange♥Pretty Cure
• Origin•
 Creator Larissa De Andrade França

Jacqueline Tsubasamichi (夜空 ホタル Tsubasamichi Jakuriin?) is one of the main Cures in Heartful Ange♥Pretty Cure. Her alter-ego is Cure Angel (キュアエンジェル Kyua Enjeru?).




Jacqueline is cheerful, patient, and graceful, with dreamy eyes and a soft voice. She possesses a dreamy and ethereal quality while maintaining focus and a strong work ethic.

Jacqueline has always admired ballet and holds onto her dream of becoming a graceful ballerina. She believes in the power of hard work and perseverance to achieve her goals. While she appreciates precision and detail, she also likes to express herself in a unique way, adding her personal touch to her performances.

She is known for her poise, flexibility, and strength, showcasing great independence and determination. Despite being a bit of a perfectionist, Jacqueline remains kind-hearted and supportive of her friends. She understands the importance of teamwork and values the bonds of friendship.

However, Jacqueline's character goes beyond her love for ballet. She possesses a kind heart, always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. She is known for her empathetic nature and her ability to see the beauty in others. Outside of ballet, Jacqueline enjoys exploring different art forms, such as painting and poetry, which allow her to express her creativity.

Throughout the series, Jacqueline's character development revolves around embracing her unique style while learning the value of teamwork and the strength that comes from unity. She inspires others with her determination and encourages them to pursue their dreams.

Jacqueline's journey as Cure Angel and her growth as a person parallel her pursuit of becoming a professional ballerina. With every challenge she faces, she learns valuable lessons about resilience, self-expression, and the transformative power of ballet.




Becoming Cure Angel[]

Cure Angel[]





  • Her appearance and personality were based on Angelina Mouseling from Angelina Ballerina, Jubileena Bing-Bing from Wreck-It Ralph, Mei Lee from Turning Red, Sugar Fruit Drops from Lalaloopsy, Girlfriend from Friday Night Funkin’, Ruby from Battle For Dream Island, Molly from Milly, Molly, Maggie Pesky from The Buzz on Maggie, Peg from Peg + Cat, One from Numberblocks, Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club, Phoebe Terese from The Magic School Bus, and Cassie from Sally Bollywood: Super Detective.
  • Jacqueline has a habit of humming "Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo" really, really softly, which became a recurring gag in the series.
  • Her mother is French, while her father is Japanese.
  • She weighs 65 pounds.
  • She is left-handed.
  • She doesn’t know how to swim.