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Japanese High School or The Story of My High School Days in Japanese (僕の高校時代の話, Boku no kōkō jidai no hanashi) is a an anime/manga by So On and So Forth. Since this is currently a prototype, details are subject to change.


This story features parodies of anime character cliches as well as plots in stories.



Left to right: Junko, Otoko, Ukari and Mashika (will be updated to include more characters.

  • Otoko Shikuta - The protagonist. He is an ordinary high school boy who sits by the window in his class. He is defined by characteristics such as being a big eater despite being so thin, and not having much of a personality otherwise.
  • Junko Shikuta - Otoko's younger sister who acts way too grown up for her age, and occasionally has board meetings with her dolls. Her brother questions her unchildlike behavior. It's been noted her peers have ostracized her, causing her to have an existential crisis.
  • Ikari Supashi - A classmate of Otoko who has a crush on him, but doesn't want to show it for a myriad of reasons. She has bright orange hair and a fiery temper. She is a stereotypical tsundere.
  • Mashika Mizuna - A delicate girl, Otoko's senpai, and later Ikari's best friend. She is Ikari's polar opposite, being shy, soft-spoken, and sensitive. She usually wanted to try peaceful solutions even in situations that would call for otherwise. She is a stereotype of the helpless and extremely delicate female character.
  • The Gals - Three gyarus who hate Otoko for his high grades. One might have a crush on him.
  • Danryoku - A hyperactive lion-monkey hybrid whose origin isn't quite clear. It came to aid Otoko on an unspecified "quest". It takes things very literally, and occasionally, though no specific gender is given to it, likes to dress in girly clothing.

Secondary Characters[]

  • Otoko's Parents - Unseen, only mentioned. Have not appeared in until the end, where be they have been seen as cat/dragon-like beings.
  • Sandwich Guy - An overweight man that's always seen eating a sandwich. All the running gags with him involve eating his sandwich at strange times and dropping his sandwich, causing him to get upset.
  • Kami Hotaru - A crippled orphaned teen who is in foster care and another one of Otoko's classmates. Despite her tragic past, she manages to always remain cheerful.


  1. Introduction - Three modern day pirates, Huong, Cadao and An-Toan, attempt to abandon Danryoku after he makes their way to their ship and annoyed them, but decide they need him back after the Captain, Buu, gets the idea to sell him to a zoo, but he's already made friends with Otoko and his schoolmates; Mashika, a quiet, shy and polite girl and her hot-tempered best friend Ikari, who has a crush on Otoko, but won't admit to it. When the teens foil the pirates, this baffles police and the Navy alike.
  2. Gyarus
  3. Baseball
  4. Beach
  5. Otoko's Faithful Servant

Animation Cast[]

Please note that the voice actor listings are just ideas by the author


Character Seiyu
Otoko Shikuta Miyu Irino
Ikari Supashi Ai Kobayashi
  • Additional



Character Voice Actor
Otoko Shikuta Greg Ayers
Junko Shikuta Hilary Haag
Ikari Supashi Elizabeth McGlynn
Mashika Mizuna Stephanie Sheh
The Gals Colleen Clinkenbeard
Danryoku Jason Griffith


  • Troy Baker
  • Jason Liebricht