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Jasper Puaʻa
Jasper Pua'a
 Kanji ジャスパー・プアア
 Romaji Jasupā Puaa
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 15
 Hair Color Brown
 Eye Color Red
• Debuts•
 Anime Tropical Tales

Jasper Pua'a is one of the main characters of Tropical Tales.




Jasper is cheerful, brave, stubborn, and hates boredom. He lives by his own rules, and there is nothing that can stop him. He is described as free-spirited and with an endless appetite for adventure. Going wherever the flow takes him, Jasper values freedom above all else and strives to live his life according to his own rules and whims rather than the standards of those around him or for the sake of heroism and duty, never thinking twice about what other people say or think. Because of this, he does not see himself as a "hero". Owning to his love of freedom, he is also a very independent guy who is willing to live and die by his own rules. Jasper enjoys nothing more than adventures, traveling the world, and making new friends. He might seem a little narcissistic, and he loves receiving compliments, but he is a great friend that anyone can count on.





  • "Aloha! My name is Jasper Pua'a!"
  • "Howzit, hoa?"
  • "I'm a guy who loves adventures."
  • "You guys are a bunch of kooky-dooks!"
  • "Cheeee-hoooooo!"
  • "Sheesh! There always seems to be a lot of police around when you don't need them!"
  • "Watch out!"
  • "Maika'i loa!" (Awesome!)
  • "Auwe!" (Oh my!)
  • "What you see is what you get!"
  • "You lolo, brah!"
  • "Bummahs!"
  • "I never go anywhere without my fave pair of leather slippahs. That's what we call sandals or flip-flops in Hawaii."
  • "Looking this awesome takes effort."
  • "That's so lani!"
  • "Always stretch first!"
  • "Sunny days...That's all me!"
  • "HA! Now, THAT'S what I call a solid pre-workout routine!"
  • "Hana hou!" (Do it again!)
  • "Stop that complaining. You so irrahz, brah."
  • "Try respect the aina, ya?"
  • "Slow down, brah."
  • "Au'rite!"
  • "Hanapa'a!" (I've got it!)
  • "Easy, brah!"
  • "Aw, coconuts..."
  • "Whatevahs. We'll think about it until the time comes."
  • "I love horror movies. They usually make other people get all chicken skin, but I've seen scarier things than anything shown on the screen."
  • "A winner is one dreamer who never gives up!"
  • "No need to brag, but I'm basically the big kahuna around here."
  • "Whatevahs."
  • "The best way to predict your future is to create it."
  • "Wow! This...this is amazing!"
  • "E kala mai. I didn't mean to interrupt."
  • "Don't act all tantaran, this isn't a beauty contest."
  • " could I be so stupid?"
  • "We Hawaiians no need shoes - just slippahs!"
  • "Kuroko is quite a tita. If you make her mad, she buss you up."
  • "I think I got it right that time!"
  • "Aren't I akamai?"
  • "Rajah dat, Leimomi!"
  • "Eh, I don’t really care."
  • "Wow, an igloo on my island, that's odd!"
  • "Whew! I think I did okay..."
  • "Okay! That was fun...New, but fun!"
  • "Chee-hoo! I knew we could do it!"
  • "When it comes to romance, I'm undecided at the moment, but there's a certain French wahine who seems to have grabbed my attention."
  • "Healthy eating's important...but so is chocolate. Sometimes, anyway!"
  • "Mahalo plenty! I won't let you down!"
  • "Whatever I need to do to help my friends... I'll do it!"
  • "I'm so lucky to be part of my ohana!"
  • "Whew! Anyone up for surfing after this?"
  • "See you next time, kukunas. A hui hou!"



  • His character was based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Maui from the Disney animated film Moana.
  • He sometimes raises his eyebrows when acting cocky.
  • He has two pets, a parrot named Paina and a pig named Niu.
  • He has a keen interest in mathematics and chemistry.
  • Some of his favorite hobbies are skipping stones, collecting seashells, surfing, basketball, and skateboarding.
  • He loves cheesy horror and sci-fi movies.