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Jewelpet the Movie: Eh! The Discussion About the English Dub?! (映画ジュエルペット え!英語吹替についての議論!? Eiga Juerupetto: E! Eigo fukikae ni tsuite no giron!??) is a 2017 Japanese magical girl/military film based on the Jewelpet series. The film was directed by Hideo Kurosawa, written by Sōji Yoshikawa and produced by Ryōsuke Ōno (TV Tokyo) and Daisuke Sekiguchi (Warner Bros. Japan).

The film debuted in Japanese theaters on Star Wars Day 2017 and in North American theaters on August 1, 2017.


Set after the events of Jewelpet: Magical Change, in Jewel Land, the Jewelpets have an argument about English dubs and a visit from the United States Army and their fighter jets and planes that they used during World War II.

But not as long as three humans Akari Sakura, Momona and Airi Kirara protect the Jewelpets and must escape the clutches of the United States Army.



Original characters[]

  • Kumiko Izumi as Tomoko Chino
  • Nobuhiko Kazama as Mitsuaki Chino
  • Josh Keller as David Fox, the leader of the United States Army whose goal is to make the Jewelpets surrender or destroy them.
  • Howard Colefield as Kevin Fox, brother of David Fox and a US Army soldier.
  • Laurier Tiernan as William Fox, half-brother of David Fox and Kevin Fox.
  • Maxwell Powers as Arnold Campbell, a US Army soldier.
  • Jeff Manning as Owen Rogers, a US Army soldier.
  • Misty Lee as Abby Stewart, daughter of deceased WWII veteran Dave Stewart.
  • Mark Hamill as Kai Thomas, a US Army soldier.
  • Harrison Ford as Andrew Dean, a US Army soldier.
  • Rumiko Varnes as Alina Sims
  • Bianca Allen as Erin Lewis
  • Christelle Ciari as Heather Cunningham
  • Harrison Ford as Liam Sawyer, a US Army soldier.
  • Barry Gjerde as Thomas Sawyer, father of Liam Sawyer and a US Army soldier.
  • Kelvin Barnes as Stanley Ross, an Australian-born US Army soldier.
  • Eric Kelso as Eric Oates
  • Eric Kelso as Jack Kelso