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Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: Soshite Shinwa no Otometachi is an anime adaption based on the android game of the same name staring Hazuki Kurumi as the main protagonist. She became a normal St.Cherine Student after defeating Zelucifer and lives a normal life, but changed after this happenend. As Kurumi walked in front of the Castle. Lilica came running to tell her that new villains are causing trouble again. After Kurumi came close to the pink light, she started having a odd feeling that she transformed into White Angel. Kurumi has to help Haruka and Aoi with the Violet sisters Tesla and Nine, Jucharis Mistilteinn and Eris Astadir.......The Opening Theme 'Color of Tears' will be sung by Saori Sakura. The Ending Theme 'Sugar Ripple' will be sung by Saori Sakura.



Hazuki Kurumi[]

Minazuki Haruka[]