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Kanata Futaki
Name Kanata Futaki
Gender Female
Height 163cm
Weight 47kg
Size 80 / 57 / 82
Birthday October 13
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Yellow
Position Public Morals

Kanata Futaki (二木 佳奈多 Futaki Kanata) is the head of the girl's dormitory at the school  and She's the Secondary Antagonist of the First Half and the Protagonist of The Second Half of Season 17


Kanata is a girl at Cillian Darcy school and is the public morals chairman, which means when Haruka causes trouble, Kanata must run after her. To help Kanata, Kudryavka offered up her two dogs Strelka and Belka to patrol the school grounds and help in hunting down Haruka when she causes trouble.

Kanata is Haruka's twin sister, though this is only revealed later. She acts extremely cold to Haruka, although it is later revealed she is forced to treat Haruka coldly by her father, and actually made efforts to release Haruka from him. Kanata is annoyed at Cillian's close approach to her sister and often tells Cillian to stay away from Haruka, wondering why someone normal like Cillian would want to approach her twin. Since the only real difference between Haruka and Kanata is their eye color, Kanata uses this to her advantage when she impersonates her sister with colored contacts. Kanata cooks well, while Haruka does not, and this is one of the few ways to identify her when she is impersonating Haruka.

Barians Revenge[]

Kanata Appears after Yui's Betrayal on Her and Meet with Dumon Vector Alito Girag and Mizar and Shocked that Cillian is Nasch and Mikan is Merag who are Getting their Revenge on Lorcan and the Others for their Betrayals.


Kanata uses a Public Mortal Deck Features Number 11: Big Eye.