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"I won't disapoint my father, don't you understand?! I will become the best warrior! I'll do whatever it takes!" -Kane Darwin

Kane's exact face and hair

Full Name

Kane Darwin

Current Aliase



Prince Kane, The Dark Prince, Young Prince, Fresh Prince of Hell Air, God of Ignus Terra, Rage Demon, Kane Luciousson, The Undisturbed Warrior






Half Demon, Half Asgardian


Young Eternities, Ignus Terra, Asgard


Kane and his younger siblings were born to the deceased former anti-hero and king of Ignus Terra Luke Darwin and Asgardian Goddess of Love Freya. As a child, he always tried to impress his father who wasn't always there for him and spent very little time with him. When he was 6, his father left to sacrifice his life to save the multiverse, but Luke had asked of his wife not to tell the kids of this. Kane and his siblings grew up fatherless as Princes and a Princess of the former Hell Ignus Terra (now a kingdom to house demons under Luke's command). Kane, as the firstborn, is heir to the throne but is too young to rule in the eyes of the queen i.e his mother. Freya is afraid the pressure of being king will result in heavy influence on his young mind and cause him to be stressed and repeat the actions of the former king. Kane grew up believing his father left them for no reason and abandoned his family. This caused Kane to be naturally very angry and gain a short temper. Although he still wants to become the best and impress his father dispite this. But he is still in denial that his father left for no reason as he loved them very much, he wants to find out what happened to his father while also keeping a promise by becoming a good king and warrior. He doesn't want to let him down so he strives to become the best warrior and become very powerful like his father was. He thinks being the best will help him ascend to the throne. He kept himself very distant from his family as he trained in Ignus Terra, Asgard and on Earth. On Asgard, he met and trained with Thor, Thor liked Kane's intentions and drive so he granted him control over Mjolnir and joint ownership. Kane can summon Mjolnir instantaniously but has less control over it than Thor. Odin accepted this as Odin allowed Luke to temporarily weild Mjolnir to kill Nex. When his mother saw that his warrior side was poisoning his mind, she sent him to a school on Earth to become a normal human (dispite not being human at all) and live a normal teenage life. She also brought an apartment on Earth so he won't be affected by going to Hell everyday after school. He believes his mother doesn't understand him and is trying to keep the throne from him, which she is but not like he thinks. Therefor he still acts as a warrior and, in secret, dons the identity of an anti-hero named Eradicate and fights to be the best hero out there by eradicating all that threatens Earth.



Kane's warrior tattoos that he has on both his arms

Kane is considered a very handsome man by many people, Agardians, demons and even humans. This is largely because he's the son of the goddess of love, making him handsome in the eyes of many. He has a mix of blonde and brown short hair and light blue eyes. He is very abnorminaly muscular and toned for his age due to his intense physical training and being a demon allows you to stress your body to gain strength no matter the age. Although he has a charming smile, he can strike fear into his enemies when he's angry. He can look very pissed off at times and if he is pissed off enough, he goes through varies physical changes. He has two forms: his regular human looking form and his demon form. His demon form appears only when enraged. When in demon form, his height and body shape stay the same. He gains small claws at the tips of his fingers, not sharp nails, claws. His bones become more visible and he gains slighty bigger muscles. His eyes change to completely black (although he can do this at will) and his skin colour changes to a dark blood red-brownish colour. His hair appears less blonde, more black but still has traces of blonde in this form. His teeth are sharper and he generally looks way more frightening. His wings are like big bat wings attached to his back at armpit height. They are the same black-red colour as his skin except they don't have to appear in his dekon form and can sprout at will. The skin is the first to change followed by the eyes then the rest when he enters the form. He has pitch black tattoos on his arms, both identical, that he got to show he's a warrior. He is 5'11" but still looks tall from far away. He weighs 170 lmbs due to muscle mass.

AGV Race Suit Bullet

His costume as Eradicate


His Super Hero Mask that he wears with his costume

His regular clothing, which he wears everyday to school, is a short sleeved black t-shirt which an unzipped grey hoodie over it, denim jeans and black sneakers. He does't always wear the hoodie and his muscles are outlined through his shirt. He also wears leather black fingerless gloves but only sometimes. He wears a black backpack when he goes to school which be keeps basic things and essentials in. As Eradicate, he wears a race suit (picture, but without the white parts and words) that he made himself with a regular race suit, the suit looks padded underneath to resemble abs and muscles but it's actually just his own muscles. His powers work through the suit instead of ripping through it and the gloves contain little slits on each finger tip for his claws to extend from. The same small slits are on his back to allow his wings to sprout from. The slits only open when the claws/wings extend and aren't visible before or after they appear. He also wears a mask (picture, except without the circle design), so in total his entire body, exept his eyes and up, is covered. The costume isn't bullet proof so it is prone to scratches, holes ect. He repairs the costume himself and keeps it in his backpack. He wears the costume over his clothes if he's in a hurry but removes his jacket and shoes before hand.


Kane is an arragont, high tempered young man. He thinks of himself better than others and more important. This is one of his major flaws but his absolute flaw is his temper. He is angered very easily and houses plenty of rage which he unleashes on his enemies and even allies. His anger is a force to be reckoned with. He tends to over exaggerate people's mistakes and shouts at others too often. He cusses people and swears a lot; this makes it hard for him to gain friends. Dispite this he shares a soft spot and cares deeply for his two younger siblings, and will never shout at a person he falls for, making it pretty clear who he likes and not. Dispite his rude nature Kane is an excellent team worker and fighter. He believes a proper battle is won with trust and respects great fighters. He loves to have a friend he can openly cuss without destroying the relationship and can practise fights with. He loves a good fight and has no problem mercilessly beating an opponent. He has great pride and courage and will never break a promise. He is a man of his word and is always striving to be better and better. He hates being second to a more powerful force. He will eradicate all in his way.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kane is part Asgardian, part Demom. He is half God, half Devil. He should not be underestimated. He uses a combo of Asgardian/Demon warrior skills along with Asgardian magic and Demonic physiology powers to fight. Because Kane is not a full demon and is a young demon, he hasn't got the full powers of a full demon, especially not the powers of a demon king such as his father.


  • Claws: Kane's demon physiology allows for him to willingly form claws that are sharper than blades. They can easily tear through flesh and scratch through the toughest of metals.
  • Enhanced Durability: The combined durability of an Asgardian body and a Demon body grant Kane a body that can withstand multiple bullets, knifes and energy blasts before even a scratch shows and allow him to take a huge beating to bring him down.
  • Healing Factor: Kane's healing factor isn't that impressive, he can heal from lost fingers and near fatal wounds in days and cuts in hours. He could potentially regain lost limbs in weeks too. He can also survive through fatal situations way longer than regular people by slowly healing keeping him from dying easily from an instakill.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kane is a very strong warrior. He can benchpress a couple tons and toss cars with ease. He can even flip trucks over and run through walls without reducing his speed. He has the strength of the average Asgardian.
  • Demon Wings: Kane, as a Demon, can sprout wings from his back that allow him to glide. He can't truly fly, only for very short periods of time. He can flap his wings for bursts of speed through the air. He can travel with his wings and chains in a similar fashion to the Just Cause 2 "grappling hook-parachute" combo.
  • Hell Fire: Kane has access to the ever-burning devastating flames of Hell. He hasn't got full manipulation of them, but is immune to them. He can control them to use to reinforce his melee attacks by imbueing his body parts/weapons with the fire. He can generate an infinite amount of the fire and can throw fire balls or create flame hits that insta-kill weakened enemies. The fire can be controlled to not kill but just cause pain. The flames can burn in all conditions no matter how extreme and can burn just about anything (including by-products such as ash and fire-proof objects), although Kane is too young to make flames anywhere near that intense.
  • Demonic Magic: Kane is a user of a mix of Asgardian magic and Demonic powers called Demonic Magic. He isn't very experienced and only knows a few powers. He can create dark shields, drain soul energy, shoot desintergrating blasts of dark magic, summon mjolnir/Death's scythe/an infinite amount of chains, mind control people to a certain degree and a few other spells that he hasn't learned.
  • Hell Lightning: Kane can summon destructive Hell Lightning that kills everything that unfortunatly got in it's path. He summons it via Mjolnir from the sky and can then shoot it out at the enemy. He can shoot it out without Mjolnir but this causes great strain and can kill him. The lightning can be used in combo with other forms of lightning and can be stored in the hammer as if Mjolnir was a battery. He can shoot it out in a steam, smash the hammer with the lightning powering the attack and also imbue his chains with the lightning. The lightning is black with a red-orange outline.


  • Chain Combat: Kane is a master in a special fighting style developed in Ignus Terra. It involves using chains as melee weapons in a range of attacks. Kane can imbue the chains with fire on lightning to give different effects. Kane trained for 6 years straight 24/7 with this form of armed combat and has made it his favourite method of attack. He can generate an infinite amount to use in combat.
  • Brute Fighting Style: Kane prefers fighting hand-to-hand with basic very strong punches and kicks. He doesn't use H2H much over his chains but uses it during fights when he's not Eradicate.
  • Battle Experience: Kane is very experienced in Asgardian war tactics due to spending a year there when he was 14. He is a very good stratigist, coming up with battle tactics in seconds for him and his teammates. He is very well at working in teams so hd includes others in his plans and attacks.
  • Chain Swinging: When Kane was still a child, he used to play by swinging with chains similar to Web Swinging and has become pretty good at scaling buildings and cities with ease like this.


  • Enchanted Chains: These specific chains were forged in Ignus Terra in a pool of lava, and enchanted with demonic magic, thus making them stronger than regular chains. They were enchanted by the strongest magic users in Ignus Terra and Asgard making it nearly indestructable. They can't be destroyed by regular physical attacks, only a very powerful energy attack. It is much more deadly than a blunt blow of a regular chain hit and can be imbued with elements. Each link of the chain is 5 cms long aprox. and at the end of the chain is a grappling hook like object. It can hook onto anything without piercing it and the chains can be thrown in unreal ways. They can be commanded as if they were alive to grab people or do whatever Kane asks of them, just as if they were another limb, and are connected to his mind. The chains can act in unrealistic ways such as defy gravity and move at unrealistic speeds. They can grow out of Kane's body and be stiff or normal. They can grow to an infinite length, disapear, be disconnected at will or carry the same weight Kane can carry.
  • Death's Scythe: Passed down from Death to Luke, this was granted to Kane personally by his father Luke to show how proud he was of him. Luke hoped Kane would use it when he became king, and as such stored it away in an armory because Kane was only 5 at the time, but Kane decided he needed it a little earlier. The scythe can manipulate souls and command the dead and also cut through anything. It's enchanted to be unique and cannot be cloned, copied or used by anyone the user doesn't allow for it to be used by.
  • Mjolnir: Owned by the God of Thunder Thor Odinson, this almighty weapon was forged in the heart of a dying star. It was borrowed by Freya until she returned it to Thor. When Kane met Thor, Thor allowed him to weild Mjolnir and have joint ownership. He uses this to shoot Hell Lightning out by absorbing it from the sky. The hammer amplifies the lightning and can do a range of heavy attacks and even grant flight. He can only use the main basic attacks of Mjolnir due to inexperience but has the strength to create devistating blows with the hammer. This can be attached to the end of a chain via the strap to use as a mase type weapon. Mjolnir can be teleported from Asgard to Kane anytime, anywhere UNLESS Thor needs it.


  • Kane made his first kill at age 8 to a Bilgesnipe
  • Nearly every girl in his school falls for Kane but he doesn't notice or gives a shit
  • Kane has a pretty good rep at school being the most ripped kid there (dispite hardly being there for long)
  • Kane stole his super suit from the local sports wear store
  • Kane defeated a at age 14
  • Kane was trained by Thor for a short amount of time
  • Death's scythe is Kane's only object left to him by his father
  • His Demon Form increases his stats to an unknown multiplier that increases to a seemingly unlimited number
  • Kane has only been in his Demon Form 3 times
  • Kane is the strongest of his siblings
  • Kane was given a key to Sage's apartment but threw it in a pool of lava as he saw no use for it
  • Kane has been arrested numerous times
  • A suprisingly large amount of people recognise Kane as a Prince of Ignus Terra and see him as royalty dispite never meeting him before
  • Kane used to be addicted to depressant drugs but soon quit
  • Kane is inspired by Kratos from the God Of War franchise
  • Kane sometimes talks to himself and his dead father when he's alone
  • Kane was originally bald
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