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Katrina Dolores Weatherly (nee Walls), also known as Mrs. Weatherly and Grandma Weatherly, is the main villainess in 2012 anime film Scooby-Doo! A Girl Like Judy Reeves. She was voiced by Susanne Blakeslee, who also voiced by Mrs. Turner, Wanda, and Anti-Wanda in The Fairly Odd Parents.


She is beautiful, but also vain, arrogant, ruthless, hostile, unfriendly, antagonistic, self-obsessed, sadistic, hypocritical, and rude and always looking for various ways to draw attention to herself. She's also a closeted lesbian as she was engaged in a lesbian relationship with her previous victim, Jenny Zin (Grey DeLisle). However, Weatherly was skeptical of people finding out about their being lesbians and forced Jenny Zin to swore secrecy by telling her that her life depended on it and if word got out, she would be dead for sure.


Like her two grandsons, they all wear light green denim jackets.


She is the matriarch of the Weatherly family and is also the maternal grandmother of two grandsons and boss people around then Weatherly discovered that word got out about her relationship with Dr. Zin's daughter Jenny Zin and found out that Jenny Zin told Judy Reeves (Tia Carrere) about their relationship, she immediately turns cold, merciless, violent and ruthless against her lover, effectively ending her relationship with Jenny Zin. She also takes every opportunity to hunt Jenny Zin down and attack her both physically and verbally, such as punching her in the head with her fists, pulling her by her hair and then clutching her by her throat while pinning her up helplessly against a wall and screaming obscenities and blackmail against her. Then in almost in a complete change of persona (in which she attempts to hide her secrets from the student popularity by denying any such existing homosexuality in the past as to maintain her reputation), she chastises Jenny Zin for being a lesbian and bullies her for this with the help of her two grandsons. After this, she is with the help of her two grandsons proceeds to taunt, harass and push Jenny Zin to contemplate suicide, giving her death threats for being a lesbian (despite Katrina herself also being a lesbian, prior her marriage with Nancy Weatherly's first-born son Warren Weatherly), even mocking her of her beauty, her choice of makeup and her red-colored wardrobe, calling her a "communist motherfucker" and "stupid chink". Weatherly and her two grandsons then "out" the reluctant and scared Jenny Zin to the entire school and encourage everybody to dislike Jenny Zin for being "who she really is". Ironically, Weatherly herself is a closeted lesbian yet she abuses Jenny Zin for being a lesbian. Weatherly and her two grandsons even succeed in turning Jenny Zin against her friend/lover Judy Reeves by revealing that it was Judy Reeves who let the word out (even though this was really an accident) and the two lovers have an emotional, heartbreaking exchange of words in their fight, leading Jenny Zin to never talk to Judy Reeves ever again and eventually commit suicide despite Judy's attempts to help her.

In the film, she and her two grandsons relentlessly bully the titular main villainess Judy Reeves and mock her of her alleged sexuality as well as her lesbian relationship with her late best friend, Jenny Zin. Throughout the film, Weatherly and her two grandsons try to humiliate Judy Reeves to the point of suicide like they did before, going as far as to spy on Judy Reeves when she loses her virginity with her boyfriend and then out the news to the whole school and place sand from the beach in the girl's locker while chanting slut-shaming rhymes such as "stupid sand witch" continually at Judy Reeves in front of the whole school. When Weatherly (literally) pushes Judy Reeves one last time by shoving her into the swimming pool, it is revealed that Weatherly was the one responsible for Judy Reeves's friend/lover Jenny Zin committing suicide in the first place, though Weatherly denies this and puts the blame on the "innocent" Judy Reeves. Later on, Judy Reeves discovers this and tackles Weatherly in the women's locker room, punching her and kicking her continually. Weatherly doesn't put up much of a fight and reveals her cowardice by covering herself. When the fight's over, the principal and a school guidance counselor are seen pulling Judy Reeves and Katrina Weatherly apart during which, a bloodied and bruised Weatherly tries to attack Judy Reeves one more time, this time by punching her but fails and is left for ridicule with her horrified grandsons, much to herself and her grandsons' dismay.


Mary is a tall, beautiful Caucasian woman, with mint green eyes, and long dark brown hair tied in a high ponytail. She wears a lot of makeup, which mostly consists of heavy mascara, dark purple eye-shadows, and light purple lipstick. Her wardrobe is rather promiscuous, consisting of light blue mini dress, light purple stockings, light blue stiletto heels, sapphire earrings, and her infamous light green Violet Ribbon Crew denim jacket, one of which and her two grandsons all wear every day as part of their Violet Ribbon Crew anti-communist group.