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The Keydarien Core is the source of all life and imagination. The core itself is a portal that allows people to go to diffrent worlds. Not many humans know about this place (and for good reason) those who do know about it are to keep it secret from the rest of the world. So the humans built the Pure Heart church (somewhere in the real world) that acts as a portal that takes humans directly to the core. The core itself also acts as a place of punishment, as there is a mineral feild where criminals are forced to havest the crystals that are used to fuel the core (these criminals were slave traders who made their living off the suffering of others. Keydareins always belive in the term "an eye for an eye"). There is also the vault found at the bottom of the core, where criminals where taken to this large, empty room filled with bright light. One inside there is no comming back out. The beings that live in the core the Keydareins (also refer to as "the pure hearts" which is where the church got it's name from) are nice, kind hearted people who always greets travelers that arrive. The core is always under heavy protection, because if the core is destroyed, then all life will die.