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Kiki, a Bad Witch in Training
Created by Kani Sakamoto
Writer(s) Kani Sakamoto
Director(s) Yukiko Takamoto
Fujiko Sakura
Satoshi Yoshihiko
No. of episodes ?
Music Kani Sakamoto (original composition)
Takeshi Kazakuro
Sayaka Okimura
Chiyori Sakamoto
Animation Studio Happun Animation
Network Levi Visionary Japan
English Network Levi Visionary

Kiki, a Bad Witch in Training (キキ、練習中の悪い魔女 Kiki, renshū-chū no warui majo?) is a magical girl anime originally created by Kani Sakamoto and produced by Happun Animation.


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The series stars titular Kiki Kichitsuki, a 12-year old girl who is unusually depicted as being selfish, bratty and low-tempered. Kiki is also known to constantly have an unfortunate life that her parents are always poor, preventing her family to escape Japan, which was her "biggest wish" ever since she began to feel hatred about her life.

Once the P.M.C.A. (Pythonic Miserable Child Agency) found her evidently categorized as a "miserable kid", the citizens of the Pythonic dimension give her a magic wand which will promote the discovered target into a witch apprentice—and a fairy boss named Roseus (ローシエーズ Rōshiēzu?), whose purpose is only in cases if the target might go too far with their magic or helping them doing advanced spells. Upon this major, uniquely fortunate discovery, Kiki decides to show her friends her new identity and boss, which most of them found very amusing that the P.M.C.A. are enforced to make them witch apprentices as well.

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