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Kikyo Hokubo (保久保桔梗 Hokubo Kikyō?), also spelt as Kikyou Hokubo, born as Kikyo (or Kikyou) Sabaku (沙漠桔梗 Sabaku Kikyō?), is one of the main protagonists of the ToriToriPi series.

Kikyo Hokubo
Kikyo Hokubo
 Kanji 保久保桔梗
 Romaji Hokubo Kikyō
 Alias Red Mami

Desert Cardinal Card Holder

 Nickname Big Sis

Ms. Kikyo

• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 19
 Hair Color Cherry Red (Normal)

Maroon (Transformed)

 Eye Color Brown
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Bird Club
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Saba Hokubo (Mother)

Kuno Sabaku (Father)
Suu Hokubo (Younger Sister)

• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Gun Magic
 Weapon Rifle
• Origin•
 Creator Tomoe

She is the elder sister of Suu, and the holder of the Desert Cardinal Card (砂漠の枢機卿?)


Kikyo has short cherry hair with curly bangs and gray hairbows with white lining and a traditional Japanese flower accessory and brown emotionless eyes.

As a Magical Girl, she has a red skirt with black tips, and her top is a long-puffy-sleeved salmon-colored shirt. In between her skirt and her top, she has a black corset-like clothing garment. She also has a small black hat with white fur, and black and red ankle length boots.



Kikyo makes her debut in the anime series ToriToriPi, in an unnumbered episode. She showed off her ability for the first time in Russian Roulette, as her ability has the same name as the Unnamed episode that she debuted her ability in.

Her ability, Russian Roulette (ろーしゃん・ろーれっと Rōshan Rōretto?), allows for the user to control someone's body, like a voodoo doll. Kikyo mostly uses her ability to kill/control others whenever shes in danger.

She used Russian Roulette to kill her sister, Suki, and Tori's former girlfriend in the bad endings of ToriToriRonpa: Red and ToriToriRonpa: White.

She also used her Russian Roulette skill in some video games she was in.


  • Her Character Designer thought of her looking like Mami in magical girl form, but with long hair and a red color scheme. Her creator nicknamed her Red Mami.
  • Her and Kikyo's names are based on the Japanese names of the Desert Cardinal and the Northern Cardinal.