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Kim Possible (anime style)
JAB KimPossible004-1-
Format Anime series
Created by Meanfang, Manta-bee, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle
Writer(s) DVDice
Run time 30 Minutes
English Network The Right Stuf Network

Kim Possible (anime style) or otherwise known as Kim Possible Z is an anime rendition of the show formerly airing on the Disney Channel.


The show centers around teenaged crime-fighter Kim Possible and her faithful sidekick Ron Stoppable. Ron owns a pet naked mole rat named Rufus, who proves an excellent aid to Ron and Kim in their many battles versus Dr. Drakken and various other foes. Ron is also the main source of comic relief for the show. During the show, Kim and Ron progress through the high school, starting in tenth grade in the pilot episode Crush and ending with the graduation party in the final episode Graduation.

Together the duo fights various antagonists, most commonly Doctor Drakken, assisted by his henchwoman Shego, whose unsuccessful world domination schemes appear in almost every episode of the show. The other common villains are Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan, Señor Senior, Sr. and Jr., and Professor Dementor. Monkey Fist starts out as an Indiana Jones-like persona, but soon turns into a megalomaniacal practicer of monkey kung fu, a real-world fighting discipline supernaturalized and portrayed as mystical in the series. Duff Killigan is an overweight Scottish golf player who wears a kilt and attacks his opponents by exploding golf balls. The Señor Senior father and son duo are at first just extremely rich people owning a large resort island. However, they are inadvertently pushed into the evil business by Ron Stoppable. Senior, the father, is more business-oriented, as his son tends to exploit the evil ways for not-so-evil deeds, such as opening a personal disco. Little is revealed about Professor Dementor, an antagonist obsessed with world domination schemes like Doctor Drakken, his sworn enemy, although Dementor usually turns out to be more successful.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Kim Possible Chinami Nishimura Michelle Ruff
Ron Stoppable Mitsuaki Madono Johnny Yong Bosch
Rufus Ryo Hirohashi Maile Flanagan
Dr. Drakken Tōru Ōkawa Dave Wittenberg
Shego Aya Hirano Wendee Lee
Bonnie Satsuki Yukino Nancy Novotny
Wade Daisuke Ono Quinton Flynn
Tim and Jim Possible Junko Takeuchi Greg Ayres
Monique Akeno Watanabe Karen Strassman