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Kingdom Stars is a Action RPG game developed and published by StanFord85. It features characters from games, anime, cartoon, adaptation of game series

Kingdom Stars
Name: Kingdom Stars
Ratings: *ESRB T

  • PEGI 12+
  • CERO: B
Creator: StanFord85
Platform: Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii-U, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation Vita and PC
Genre(s): Action RPG, Advneture
Release Dates: ???


Number of players: 1
Modes: Single player


The Game's ??? were based off of Kingdom Hearts Series

The story follows a young boy, ???, pushed into a battle against the forces of time darkness. To help him in his quest, he is joined by Stan Pines (young), Akame, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Neptune, Noire and other Cartoon and Anime characters.

The Kingdom Stars's universe is a compilation of levels, called "worlds", through which the player must progress. Thirteen worlds are accessible in the game, a fourteenth, l'Empire (from Akame ga Kill), Gravity Falls, Oregon (from Gravity Falls), Gem World, and The Planeptune being only visible during cutscenes, Princess is Connie. Other worlds are mentioned by several characters but can be visited by the player because they were destroyed by the Starless. Ten of the game worlds are based on the Cartoon and Anime universe, mainly on animated classics studio, the four others having been specifically created by Square for the needs of set1.


Kingdom Stars introduced substantial elements of action-adventure game in three dimensions in a view in the third person, the player leads a group of characters which he can freely modify the characteristics and compete with enemies during battles in time real. Furthermore, the game follows a linear story arc but still has many side quests. Finally, the player can also choose the order of some worlds that can explore.

World and Characters[]

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Game Modes[]

Story Mode

Free Mode

Shop Mode

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Crossover Stories[]

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