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Kobi Ryuzaki is a Golden Child that was produced by Kazime Corp. During his training there he escaped after realizing the real goals of the organization and was constantly on the run from them for 5 years until he was 16. Once he moved to Japan he was trained even further by Takashi and is now a member of The G.C.L.T and their most powerful member.


Kobi is a lean young black man with black skin. He's of African-American and Japanese decent and has medium length black hair. He's almost never seen without a baseball cap of some type, usually his blue and white one. He's usually wearing a white t-shirt and a sky-blue coat on top. He also wears sky blue chinos and white sneakers with blue stripes. He also has brown eyes.


Kobi is a kind, cheerful and an otherwise content individual. Yoshi even remarked that he has the kind of feel that "makes you smile whenever he's scarily contagious". At the start of the series he had a knack for studying objects so he can replicate them in his spare time and he's also extremely competitive.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Enhanced Speed: Kobi (and practically every other Golden Child) can use their Nanites in order to boost Muscle output on the legs in order to increase running speeds. He can run at speeds of up to 200mph allowing him to keep up with most vehicles.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kobi can use his Nanites to boost the muscle output and even mass on his arms so his strength can increase. He's able to lift up things like large metal doors without much difficulty and can punch through solid steel.
  • Enhanced Stamina: With the Nanites in his blood Kobi can take in more energy than the average person and can therefore be able to do many things such as run and fight for more much longer than others.
  • Enhanced Vision: Kobi's vision is astoundingly great due to Nanite enhancement. He can see X-Ray, Infrared, UV and other types.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Kobi's reflexes are extremely good. He's able to dodge most attacks and predict people's attacks through body language. He's even been able to dodge automatic fire.


As he is a Golden Child, Kobi has the ability to construct, evolve destroy objects through the power of the Nanites that he produces from his N.I.C.R.O Core. Kobi himself specializes in the creation of jets and rockets and the evolution of everyday utilities such as USB's and glasses (he converted a 10GB memory stick into a 300gb memory stock while maintaining it's original shape).

  • Emergency Call Button: Kobi created a small black box with a red button on it that Yoshi can use in order to signal Kobi when the former is in trouble.
  • 300GB Memory stick
  • Wing Jets: Kobi uses his Nanites in order to add mechanical wings jets (similar to Alisa Bosconovich's from Tekken). They usually emit blue flames from the jet however, when in Rush Mode they turn Green.
  • Rocket Gloves: Kobi created special metal gloves that have rockets attached to the sleeve so that his punches are faster an harder.


Using his creations Kobi has developed a number of fighting techniques to attack opponents.

Normal Techniques[]

  • Blast off Punch: Kobi uses his rocket gloves to punch his opponent at high speed. Once his fist connects he then fires his hand off and it carries the opponent until it explodes. He then regenerates his hand.
  • Air Raid Kicks: Kobi creates rockets on his feet and does a low jump the air. He then does a rapid barrage of kicks using the rockets to speed them up. He finishes off with a quick kick to the chin. The speed at which he kicks does give the illusion that he has more than two feet.
  • Jet Twister: Kobi creates the wing jet on his back and he charges at his opponent. He then begins to spin with his fist stretched forward and delivers a drill punch at the opponent.
  • Jumbo Laser: Kobi learned this moved from Mr Sparks. He put's his fists together and forms a band jet engines on his wrists. They then spin and fire off a hot blue laser at the opponent.
  • Sidewinder Barrage: Kobi fires off a swarm of side winder missiles from the constructed rocket launchers on his wrist.
  • Turbine Takedown: Kobi constructs a massive turbine on the ground and turns it on. It causes a massive suction effect and sends the enemy flying towards Kobi. Once they are heading in his direction he quickly deconstructs it and sends a massive rocket glove enhanced punch at the opponent.
  • Saturn VI Smash: This attack is mainly used on large groups or even just a large enemy. Kobi uses the Nanites to construct and extremely large rocket fist for Kobi to use. He then activates it and charges at the opponent to cause a massively destructive punch.
  • Blast off Combo: Kobi once again punches the opponent and fires his fist which carries the opponent. However, instead of blowing up, the fist flies up into the air. Kobi then flies off after it and over takes it. He then punches the opponent again with another rocket fist and both fists propel the opponent down to the ground where they explode together causing double damage.

Rush Techniques[]

  • Rush Mode: Kobi developed this technique in order to keep up with faster enemies. Kobi makes that Nanites in his body to increase his blood flow. By doing this he increases the amount of nutrients going to key organs and this in turn increases his strength and speed. The N.I.C.R.O core within him also releases more enegery into the Nanites which can cause core complex constructs to be done faster. A side effect also being that the flames from the rockets turn blue from the usual red. The downside to doing this though is that once he ends the mode he cannot uses his Nanites for a while as they all burn out so he has to wait a while for his Nanite levels to increase so he can construct again.
  • Terminal Blast off Punch: Kobi does the exact same thing as he would for a rocket punch except this time the explosion would do twice as much damage and it would be colored blue instead of the usual red.
  • Orbital Strike: Kobi punches the opponent and sends them flying. He then follows up and overtakes the opponent with is Wing Jets. He then entraps the opponent by flying around the person in circles and punching them over and over again numerous times at hi speed. He then finishes off with a sharp kick to the face.