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You see, Elliott is the best thing to happen to me.
Kouchu Misako (Tbe Dancer's Life)
Kouchu x Elliott


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Relationship debut

The Guys are Around (1993)

Kelliott (aka. Koulliott), or Ellivin (aka. Ellichu) (Japanese:コウエコ Koueko, or マエチュ Maechu) is a relationship between Kouchu and Elliott from Crystal Jewels series. Elliott and Kouchu are more cooperative to each other, especially they enjoy dancing, and hanging out with each other. Their best episodes are Elliott and Kouchu:Great Partners in Recital, Maeko and Kouchu:Great Partners in Action (banned from the North American airlines), and Elliott and Kouchu:Great Partners in Brawl. The writer of the series, Asuko Amanda stated that Elliott has feelings for Kouchu, and he admire him so much. Kouchu also has a common relationship with his close childhood best friend Elliott Mitoa.


How They First Met[]

In MB103, it was revealed that 14 years ago, Elliott sawed Kouchu at the arcade with his friends. He thinks Kouchu is cool and wanted to hang out with him, however, he found out that in the arcade fighting competition, he is competing against his team to win 1 million dollars. When the competition starts, several of Elliott's players got eliminated, except for him. Elliott was weeping, and Kouchu wanted to help the poor boy, but he's worried about his team. So he finally chose to help him. He told Kouchu that his father died and his mother was taking care of him alone. Kouchu felt sorry for him and decided to do one thing: tell him a secret. After Kouchu's team loses, Elliott's team won a million dollars. Kouchu was happy as well while the rest of his teammates are disappointed and mad at him. Elliott walks up to Kouchu and thanks him for making him feel good about himself, and decided to introduce himself to Kouchu. Kouchu did the same thing and they became fast friends. Kouchu's teammates also bullied Kouchu, but Elliott steps up and punching each of them. Kouchu thanked Elliott and he said he did it to save him. He and Elliott decided to become best friends.

Original Series[]

Season 1[]

  • The Guys are Around
    • Elliott meets up with Kouchu with Shauna and Sakuro by Justpip Town's Gardens. He reminded Kouchu's friends that they both first met at the competition at the arcade. He tells him he is going to enter the tournament and also reveals he has a brawler license. Elliott reveals he has a problem with his license. Kouchu was manage to help him with improving his license and Elliott happily thanked him and left.
  • I Have an Accident
    • Kouchu pulls Elliott away from the bullies who forces Sakuro to get hurt. He warned Elliott about the bullies and he left.
  • What's a Bigmouth?
    • After Elliott was dissapointed at Sakuro, Kouchu ran into him and apologize to Elliott about what Sakuro said about him
  • According to Roaracryst
    • After Roaracryst can't be found, Elliott appears behind Kouchu. When he told him Roaracryst needs his respect and love, the two characters shared their first hug on screen.
  • Have a Apple??
    • Kouchu was seen holding Elliott while he is in a doll state.

Season 2[]

  • Ways to Cry
    • Elliott determines to step up for Kouchu in front oof the judges, but they rejected his demand and forces him to leave. Kouchu said to them not to chase him away, but they did.
  • Getting away Justice
    • Kouchu appears at Elliott's house and saw him in girl clothes. He glared at him and asked his he's going out looking like that. Then, for a second he got an idea from him to get in the Splitteree Cup.
  • Let's Hope that This is News!
    • Elliott is one of the people to see Kouchu on TV.
  • Mage of Consort
    • After Elliott got paralyzed for sleeping in Electric Ivy, he wanted help from Kouchu. Kouchu saw that Elliott was paralyzed on the ground. He told Elliott he was going to get help, but Elliott doesn't want him to leave. When Kouchu got back, he lift up Elliott and carried him with his arms to his bed in his room. He left him

      Kouchu and Elliott hug each other

      there to get more potions. After causing all the trouble getting it, he went back to Elliott's house. He drank the potion and he was able to move freely. He thanked Kouchu with a hug and gave him his extra gold Crystal Ball.
  • Hero Without a Goal
    • When Shauna askes Kouchu who do you respect the most, Kouchu said that Elliott is his favorite best friend and he respect him the most.
  • The End's Magic
    • Shauna and Sakuro takes a dog-turned Kouchu to Elliott's house. Elliott awed at Kouchu and hugged him, and Kouchu blushed and enjoyed it. Shauna and Sakuro told him that he needs to keep him until the effect wears off. When Elliott went to sleep, Kouchu returned back to normal.
  • Laughing Spirit
    • They both met at the audition room with Sakuro. Kouchu tells Elliott about Sakuro's entertaining behavior and Elliott tells Kouchu that he likes to know about Crystal Monsters and likes to dance. Kouchu tells Elliott one day he would like to see him do so.
  • The Academy's Flame
    • Kouchu reminisce about when he and Elliott spends a final exam working together to pass for the Crystal Brawler license.
  • Roses in the Night
    • At the beginning of the episode, Elliott encounters Kouchu again and gave him a chocolate bar. While eating the chocolate bar, Elliott teaches Kouchu how to make an origami diamond. Kouchu was amazed at Elliott's talent and he appreciated it. After Elliott was finished, he gave Kouchu the origami, and Kouchu was happy about it.
  • The Scent's Wings
    • When Elliott saw a diskilled Birdono land on Kouchu, Elliott was eager to tell Kouchu how birds fly. He was able to instruct Birdono to do so. Although it failed, Elliott look depressed and Kouchu told Elliott that he doesn't need to be a jerk and told him he tried and that was okay. Later in the episode, Kouchu told him that there must be something wrong with Birdono's wings.

Season 3[]

  • The Cold Door
    • Kouchu tells the boy that he looks like Elliott.
  • Dancing Crystal Jewels Treader
    • Elliott arrives at the dance to see Kouchu. They both said hi to each other, and positively compliment on each other's suits. Elliott wants to ask Kouchu to dance, but there is a commotion caused by Marcy and Marukas. After almost ruining the party, Elliott was going to ask Kouchu to dance. Kouchu asked him first, and Elliott replied, "Okay". While dancing, Kouchu and Elliott looks happy with each other.
  • Moon in the Moonlight
    • Kouchu calls Elliott if he would like to camp with him and his friends, but he apologized to Kouchu that he got plans that day.
  • Crystal Jewels League Starts
    • Elliott went to the room and he was excited to see Kouchu's match in the tournament. Before the round started, he gets Kouchu's attention and wishes him good luck with a wink and a handshake.
  • Nothing in the Fowl
    • After calming down, Kouchu turns on the TV to see Elliott's match. After watching Elliott's match, Kouchu was happy for Elliott when he got on the Runner-Up title in the tournament.
  • Scent in the Empire
    • Elliott walks up to Kouchu in the shop and offered him perfume. Kouchu said he is okay, and Elliott told him he will smell nice. So he sprayed it on part of Kouchu's torso and Kouchu replied that it smells nice. He changes his mind and took it from Elliott and left.

Season 4[]

  • Rescue in my Destiny
    • Kouchu calls Elliott on the phone, but the phone railway line line got cut undercut right off due to the computer virus .
  • Shelter at My Destiny
    • Kouchu calls Elliott again and Elliott answers it. Kouchu tells Elliott he is at Jarbon Island and he wanted to wish Kouchu to return back safe. After he hang up, Kouchu was touched by Elliott.

Beyonds series[]

Season 5[]

  • Star with Strength
    • In the spider convention, Kouchu and Elliott was happy to see each other again once they saw each other. Elliott was eager to teach Roaracryst how to create pictures out of webs. Kouchu was thankful for Elliott, but he heard that Roaracryst wanted Elliott to teach him a stronger power. When Elliott said he cannot do that, he bids Kouchu goodbye and he left the convention.
  • Blossom in the Air
    • At the flower garden, Kouchu enters the flower garden and saw Elliott looking at flowers. He comes up to him and asked him what is his favorite flower. Elliott replied that he liked all of the flowers. Elliott told Kouchu he would look handsome with the red rose and picks up a blue Amaryllis and gave it to Kouchu to impress him. Kouchu said that it was beautiful and smiled about it. He thanked Elliott and said that it was sweet of him and left. Elliott looks at Kouchu as he leaves
  • Soliders and Giants
    • Kouchu ran into Elliott and wanted to show him his robot, Kouchubot. Elliott compliments it and Kouchubot hurts Elliott as he mistakens him as a threat. When Elliott is hurt, Kouchu calls the emergency room and took Elliott to the hospital. When Elliott wakes up, he saw Kouchu holding flowers. Kouchu askes Elliott if he's going to be okay, but he didn't reply and went back to his rest.
  • Creation of Magic
    • With the genie's powers, Kouchu wanted to read Elliott's mind. Elliott says hi to Kouchu, and Kouchu waved to him back. When he stands by him and try to do so, it failed.
  • Staff of Reality
    • When he sees Elliott playing Kouchu's video game, Kouchu revealed to him that he created the game. Elliott calls Kouchu "The Master of the Video Game", and Kouchu smiles.

Season 6[]

  • Kings of History
    • Elliott ran into Kouchu in the library and he said he wanted to help out with him. Kouchu let's Elliott help with Shauna and Sakuro. Kouchu and everyone walks and encounter the evil book-like Crystal Monster. Kouchu and the crew attacks the book. When the book is about to trap Elliott, Kouchu saves him by grabbing him by his arms and pushing him and himself to safety. Kouchu finally destroyed the book and everyone went out of the library. Elliott wants to thank Kouchu for saving him and said that when he and Kouchu are together, we'll always solve these problems. He smiled at him, Kouchu smiles back, and left.
  • The Private Looks
    • At the beginning of the episode, Kouchu and Elliott was playing card game together. When Kouchu wins, they both said good game, and they both shake hand. When Dustin arrives, he asked Kouchu and Elliott about his diary. Kouchu wanted to help Dustin, and told Elliott that he'll see him later and left.
  • Freezing Frigid
    • Kouchu arrives at Elliott's place and he saw him outside building a snowman. Kouchu said he wanted to help Elliott, and Elliott allows him to do so. When they are done building a snowman, Elliott reminded Kouchu of how they spent an evening building a snowman when they were younger. Elliott was looking at Kouchu and asked him to buy him a hot chocolate at the CrystalMart. Kouchu went to the CrystalMart, bought him a hot chocolate and said that it was delicious.
  • Convinced to Kouchu
    • Elliott was looking for Kouchu around CentralTown. When he finally found him, Kouchu told Elluott about his tricky gift. Elliott gave him extra money as a gift for buying his tricky gift. Elliott told Kouchu that he is rich and Kouchu was amazed at it. When Kouchu was looking at Elliott's money, Kouchu was surprised and told Elliott that he is going to go back and look for his gift.
  • High in the Sky
    • Elliott have convinced himself to teach Mooselette how brave to be and how fun it is to fly, and Kouchu was proud of his encouragement.

Season 7[]

  • Crystal Cave
    • Kouchu wants to call Elliott for his company to look for a way out, but Elliott apologizes.
  • Broken Promises
    • When Shauna tells Kouchu and Sakuro that writing love letters can be like "creating a beauty" in it, Kouchu thinks about Elliott, not by name, but referring to him. I had a friend like that, too.
  • Color Buisness!
    • Kouchu went to the factory to borrow Elliott's machine to reverse Roaracryst's effect. Elliott entered and saw Kouchu. He then stepped in and turned on the converter and turned Roaracryst from black to silver. Kouchu thanked Elliott with a hug, and left.

Season 8[]

  • Sealing Buddies
    • Elliott came to watch Roaracryst attack the Crystal Monster. He then compliments on Kouchu and his work with Roaracryst, and Kouchu replied with a thank you, and also said that he saw Elliott did well too (offscreen).
  • Begging for a Wig
    • Kouchu calls in Elliott to help Dustin look like a female person to get access in the ultimate driving exam. Kouchu and Elliott smiles at each other and hand shakes afterwards.
  • Kouchu Zooms In
    • Elliott sees Kouchu while he is tiny. Elliott told Kouchu that he would be able to grow him back with a machine that was created by his relatives. Elliott carried Kouchu to the room and tries to shrink him with the machine, and when he grew back, Kouchu hugs him. After that, Kouchu told his friends what a great friend Elliott was.
  • Tomboyed