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Hah! You think I'm going to take that from you? No. I know what you're capable of, so stop messing with me.

—To Heath Hasekura


Kouki Hamaguchi

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Kanji 浜口 皓木
Romaji Hamagūchi Kōuki
Age 16-17
Gender Female
Birthday April 16 (Aries)
Hair Color Cherry Red
Eye Color Gold
Height 167cm
Weight 52.16kg
Blood Type A
Personal Status
Status High-School Senior
Class C-2
  • High School Junior
  • Artistic Gymnast
Team Saisei
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Kana Ueda
Anime Episode 3

Kouki Hamaguchi (浜口 皓木, Hamagūchi Kōuki) is an artistic gymnast and second-year student at Saisei High School from Kitakyushu. She is voiced by Kana Ueda (Japanese).


Kouki is a teenager of average height with lightly tanned skin, red hair normally worn in a braid pulled over her shoulder and almond-shaped gold eyes.

She has a rather toned body, with her most prominent feature being her long nails and delicate hands, frequently blistered.


Exceedingly competitive in everything, Hamaguchi is an energetic individual who refuses anything besides what she perceives as her or anyone else's best, leading to a track record of high marks on anything she puts her mind to.

She has been known to have an extreme personality and sees going back on one's word akin to a crime. Although very considerate to most, she is only social with those she already knows, and a little shy otherwise.

Hamakou takes on more than a few stubborn traits, never taking precaution unless necessary to her, which leads to the complete disregard of most—if not all— warnings and advisory from others.

She is a shameless dreamer and wishes to be part of the group that wins enough gold medals for Japan to surpass China in numbers during the Olympics.


Kouki is a skilled gymnast, and as such, her parkour is good, but her recoveries are renowned as soft and extremely efficient. But because of her soft landings, her feet are so light on the ground that she cannot pivot properly and run quickly, giving an edge to runners like Takeru.


Bantaro Chiyomatsu[]

Reiji Suwa[]


  • "I think this might work. My enthusiasm, your actual skill."  — To Reiji Suwa
  • "Addict?! No, it's closer to enthusiast."— To Asuma


  • Motto Aishiaimasho
  • Yori Doryoku (a.k.a. Twenty One) by Qrabit


  • Likes: Tortilla chips, slasher flicks
  • Dislikes: Meatballs 
  • Her best subject is Social Studies
  • After Asuma defined her as a salt addict, Shizuma attempted to rehabilitate her
  • She is in the school’s Broadcasting Club, making extra money by placing ads
  • Her room is extremely spacious, but her closet is cluttered with collectable CDs