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Kure Yakusha (呉 夜叉, Kure Yakusha; "Yakusha Kure") is a recurring character from Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?. She is the homeroom teacher of Class-A at Koyo Girl's Academy and a semi-regular member of Silverman's Gym. She is Single with no kids and still lives with her mother in a mountain house since she is a member of the Kure Clan, the most dangerous criminal clan ever.


Yakusha is a beautiful woman, with long black hair and a generally serene expression. She rarely opens her eyes, but when she does, her clan's trademark darkened eyes can be seen.


Yakusha is generally quite cordial and polite, but is sensitive to remarks and quips about her age, revealing her more menacing side when they occur. She also shows this side when anyone asks about her personal life, likely due to all the trouble that would occur if people knew she was trained as an assassin and that she works as one on the side.

She likes teasing others, like calling Rumika and Satomi the badonkadonk duo after they ripped their skirts.


She first appears introducing Zina to class A. She and Rumika go to Silverman Gym to return Satomi's gym card and end up joining the gym


Physical Abilities[]

Kure-sensei has been noted by Machio to have the physical conditioning of an athlete[3] and has shown that she is physically superior to her peers, much to the shock of the teachers and students of Silverman's Gym. She has also been shown to be good at mountain climbing. Her impressive physical abilities likely come from her clan's incredible genetics.